International Symposium on Non-Thermal/Thermal Plasma
Pollution Control Technology and Sustainable Energy,
St. John’s Newfoundland, Canada
June 21-25, 2010
ISNTPT-7 Program:
June 21st
June 22nd
June 23rd
June 24th
June 25th
Session I
Session IV
Session VI
Session VII
Session VIII
PM Control
Water Treatment
Plasma Assisted
Combustion and
Fuel Reforming
Session II
Panel Session I
Waste Treatment
Next generation
Round Table
Discussion I
Session III
Session V
Session VIII
Session IX
Biocontamination Combustion
and surface
Pollution Control
Studies and
Closing Remarks
MONDAY JUNE 21, 2010
Welcome Address: 9:00-9:20
Session I: Particulate Matter Control: 9:20-11:00
I-1: J. Zhu, X. Zhang, Y. Zeng, and K. Yan, Fine particle charging with DC and pulse
power source
I-2: J. Colenbrander, D.W. Ewing, and C.Y. Ching: Investigation of a dust flow
separator type electrostatic precipitator for diesel engine particulate matter control
I-3: T. Yamamoto, T. Mimura, S. Asada, and Y. Ehara: Diesel emission control using
EHD-Assisted electrostatic precipitator combined with plasma processes
N. Zouzou, B. Dramane, and E. Moreau: Effect of a filamentary discharge on the
particle trajectories in a plane to plane DBD precipitator
I-5: D. Brocilo, J.S. Cotton, E. Dela Cruz, G.D. Harvel, D.W. Ewing, M. Bardeleben and
J.S.Chang: Plasma oxidation of diesel soot deposition.
Coffee Break: 11:00-11:20
Session II: Solid Waste Treatment: 11:20-12:30
II-1: T. Inaba, N. Kunimoto, O.L. Li, and Jen-Shih Chang: Waste cell phone recycling by
thermal plasma techniques
II-2: B. Ruj, J.S. Chang, O.L. Li, and G. Peitsch: Thermal plasma treatment of cellphone waste: Preliminary Result
II-3: T.C., Wang, N. Lu, J. Li, and Y. Wu: Roles of carrier gases on pentachlorophenol
degradation in soil by pulsed electrical discharge plasma
II-4: M. Hrabovsky, M. Konrad, V. Kopecky, M. Hlina, T. Kavka, O. Chumak, A.
Maslani, and G. Van Oost: Plasma aided Gasification of Biomass and plastics using CO2 as
Lunch: 12:30-14:00
Session III: Bio-Contamination and Surface Cleaning: 14:00-15:20
III-1: S. Liman, E. Odic, M.J. Kirkparick, A-M. Pointu, Decontamination of the Inner
walls of small diameter tubes by nitrogen afterglow plasma
III-2: E. Odic, E. Comoy, C. Dehen, B. Dodet, M.J. Kirkpatrick, M.S. DuBow, and J-P.
Deslys: Remote exposure of protein contaminated surfaces to an atmospheric pressure
DBD effluent: Application to prion-contaminated surfaces
III-3: J. Chen, J. Jiantao, H. Pan, and Y. Shi: Plasma oxidation of malodorant using DBD
corona discharges with activated carbon fibers
III-4: S.Ono and M. Yamada: The effect of the oxygen radical density in the ultra high-speed
hydrophilization treatment of super engineering plastics using atmospheric pressure microwave
Coffee Break: 15:20-15:40
III-6: H. Yasuda, Y. Tanino, K. Takashima, and A. Mizuno: In situ DNA extraction from
bacterial spores distributed on Agarose gel using atmospheric pressure cold plasma
III-7: T. Nakajima, Y. Tanakan, H. Yasuda, H. Kurita, K. Takashima, and A. Mizuno:
Bacterial inactivation and approach to new gene transfer technology using plasma torch
III-8: G. Z. Qu, G-F. Li, J. Li, N. Lu, Y. Wu, and D. Li: Study on characteristics of high
frequency dielectric barrier discharge for removal of organic pollutant adsorbed on
activated carbon
III-9: K. Takaki, R. Yamaguchi, H. Kofujita, K. Takahashi, Y. Sakamoto, M. Narimatsu,
and K. Nagane: Effects of pulse voltage stimulation on fruit body formation in Lentinula
Edodes cultivation
Welcome Reception: 18:00-19:30
Session IV: Water Treatment: 9:00-10:40
IV-1: T. Izdebski, M. Dors, and J. Mizeraczyk: River water remediation using pulsed
corona, pulsed spark or ozonation
IV-2: Y. Huang, H. Yan, Z. Zhang, S. Li, and K. Yan: Load impedance analysis and energy
partition of pulsed discharge in water
IV-3: J. Li, D. Zhang, N.Lu, G.F. Li, and Y. Wu: Effect of catalysts on degradation of
organic dyes in water by gas phase surface corona discharge plasma using water electrode
IV-4: X. Wang, N. Shi, X. Zhang, and L. Lei: Discharge characteristics of line-water electrodes
without metallic cathode
IV-5: Y. Yamada: Electrical charging characteristics of the hetero layer film for reducing
water-borne paint contamination in electrostatic rotary atomizers
IV-6: L. Benetoli, B. Cadorin, I. De Souza, and N. Debacher: Effect of solution
temperature on Methylene Blue degradation in glow corona discharge reactor
Coffee Break: 11:00-11:40
IV-7: K. Yasuoka, K. Sasaki, R. Hayashi, A. Kosugi, and N. Takeuchi: Degradation of
Perfluoro compounds and F- recovery in water using discharge plasmas generated within
gas bubbles
IV-8: O.L. Li, Y.Guo, Z. He, and J.S.Chang: Gaseous by-products from pulsed arc
electrohydraulic discharge treatment of contaminated stormwater ponds
PANEL SESSION I: Next Generation Plasma Water Treatment Techniques:
Chair: K. Yasuoka 11:40-12:30
Lunch: 12:30-14:00
Session V: Combustion Generated Pollution Control: 14:00-15:20
V-1: W.Chen, X. Zhang, S. Li, and K. Yan: Oxidation of concentrated ammonium sulfite
with streamer plasma
V-2: N. Osawa, K. Suzuki,T. Tsukakura, A. Taniguchi, Y. Sakamoto, Y. Yoshioka, and R.
Hanaoka: Increase in removal rate of Nitrogen Oxides from diesel exhausts by a
combination of UREA-SCR and ozone injection
V-3: P. Qiao-Yuan, B. Min-dong, and B. Min-di: Study of SO2 removals from flue gas using
radicals injecting technology by strong ionization discharge
V-5: M. Wang, T. Zhu, W. Fan, and H. Wang: Effects of reaction conditions on Hg
oxidation by non-thermal plasma
Coffee Break: 15:20-15:40
V-6: C. Ming-gong, T. Takashima, and A. Mizuno : Removal of NO with non-thermal
plasma assisted catalyst modified activated carbon from coal
V-7: M. Okubo, T. Kuroki, T. Kuwahara, and Y. Kannaka: Development of nonthermal
plasma emission control system for super clean diesel engine (Recent status report)
V-8: K. Urashima, M. Ara and J.S. Chang: NOx removal characteristics of corona
radical shower with ammonia and methylamine radical injections
Session VI: Plasma Assisted Combustion and Fuel Reforming 9:00-10:40
VI-1: M.Pham, J-M Tatibouet, and C. Batiot-dupeyrat: Direct hydrocarbons formation from
CH4 and CO2 by non-thermal plasma
VI-2: T. Hammer, T. Kishimoto, and J. Verleger: Plasma control of methane-air premix
combustion in a swirl burner
VI-3: J.S.Chang, V. Lakhian, D. Brocilo, G.D. Harvel, D.W. Ewing, M. Watanabe, H.
Matsubara, H. Hirata, S. Matsumoto and P. Fanson: Fuel reforming characteristics of a
compact electrohydrodynamic atomization - flow stabilized pulsed corona discharge
radical shower system
VI-4: M. Kano, G. Sato, and S. Iizuka: Conversion from carbon dioxide to organic
materials by RF impulse discharges with hydrogen
VI-5: L. Nina, B. Mindong, P. Qiaoyuan, and C. Wenyan: Hydrogen enrichment via methane
reforming by strong ionization discharge
Coffee Break: 10:40-11:00
VI-6: N. Hwang, M. Hur, K-T. Kim, S.J. Kim, and Y-H Song: Effect of current-voltage
characteristics on plasma reforming
VI-7: Y. Kim, L.A. Rosocha, Y.D. Korelev, C. Cassarino, and T. Frambes: Near-zero
emissions combustor system for syngas and biofuels
VI-8: K. Arabi, O. Aubry, A. Khacef, and J-M Cormier: Hydrogenated liquids and
hydrogen production by non-thermal plasmas
Lunch: 12:00-13:00
Session VII: VC and PFC Control 9:00-10:30
VII-1: J.Chen, J. Jiang, H. Pan, and Y. Shi: Removal of dimethylamine and dimethyl sulfide
from gas streams with dielectric barrier discharge plasmas
VII-2: S. Chunlian and L. Meiduo: Grafting polymerization of methyl methacrylic acid with
corn stalk adopting micro-steam discharge technique
VII-3: B. Blin-Simiand, S. Pasquiers, F. Jorand, L. Magne, and C. Postel: Plasma kinetic
involved in the removal of formaldehyde by a DBD discharge in mixtures of atmospheric
VII-4: X.Tang, Z. Zhang, and K. Yan: Adsorption-discharge and catalysis hybrid process for the
dilute VOCs destruction
VII-5: X. Zhang, W. Chen, J. Zhu, W. Feng, and K. Yan: Aerosol formation and
decomposition of dilute benzene derivatives by AC/DC corona discharge
VII-6: F. Fada, H. Jiong, Y. Lixian, L. Liping, F. Mingli, W. Junliang, H. Bichun, and Y. Daiqi:
Heterogeneous products and formation mechanism of toluene decomposition by dielectric barrier
Coffee Break: 10:30-10:50
VII-7: X. Fan, Y. Wan, and T. Zhu: Removal of low-concentration formaldehyde in
confined space by DC corona discharge plasma
VII-8: H. Chen, H. Lee, C. Huang, M.B. Chang, S.J. Yu, and S.N. Li: Abatement of C3F8 via
combination of plasma and adsorption (CPA)
VII-9: H. Kim, B. Han, S.J. Kim, and Y.J. Kim: Removal performance of toluene, p-xylene
and ethylene using a plasma-pretreated biotrickling system
Lunch: 12:10-13:30
VII-10: V. Sarron, O. Aubry, A. Khacef, and J-M Cormier: Experiments and modelling
VOCs removal in a DBD reactor
H.Kim, and A. Ogata: Catalyst screening for the VOC decomposition using
adsorption and oxygen plasma
VII-12: A. Vandenbroucke, R. Morent, N. De Geyter, and C. Leys: Plasma-catalytic
decomposition of TCE
Coffee Break: 14:50-15:10
Session VIII: Fundamental Studies and Advanced Measurement
Techniques 15:10-16:50
VIII-1: F. Song, G. Tang, C. Xu, and S. Wang: Research on inversion algorithm of
measurement for low concentration of SO2 in gas based on DOAS technology
Z. Zhang, Z. Yu, J. Wang, and J. Zhao: Measuring electron density of
plasma using the optical fibre emission spectrum and discharge current
Y. Nakagawa, Y. Teramoto, F. Morigaki, R. Ono, and T. Oda: Laserinduced fluorescence measurement of OH rotational temperature in atmospheric-pressure
pulsed corona discharge
VIII-4: B. Dong, O. Guaitella, and A. Rousseau: Distribution of electric charges on the
dielectric surface in an atmospheric surface DBD
L.Oukacine, J-M. Tatibouet, J. Jolibois, and E. Moreau: Ionic wind effect
on the chemical reactivity
Y. Kinoshita, K. Takashima, A. Mizuno, Continuous Measurement of Atmospheric Ionic
Z. He, Z. Song, Z. Du, J. Qu, Y. Yin, Y. He, Decomposition of Benzene in Air by dielectric
barrier discharge
V. Kovacevic, B.M. Obradovic, A. Jevremovic, L.J. Jocic, M.M. Kuraica, and J. Puric,
Electrical and Spectral characteristics of water falling film DBD in Nitrogen and air
B. Dojcinovic, G. Roglic, M. Kraica, B. Obradovic, J. Puric, M. Natic, T. Tosti, D.
Manojlovic, Degradation of 4-chlorophenol high concentration using water falling film
DBD reactor
H. Yan, Y. Huang, Z. Zhang, S. Li, and K. Yan, Comparative study on pulsed arc
discharge and pulsed corona like discharge in water
J. Zhu, X. Zhang, Y. Zeng, K. Yan, Fine particle charing with DC and pulse power source
X. Wang, X. Zhang, Z. Wang, L. Chen, W. Gao, T. Lan, L. Lei, A novel cylindrical wettedwall discharge reactor with metal-water electrodes
B.R. Locke, K-Y. Shih, R. Burlica, Formation of Radial and Active Chemical Species in
Electrical Discharge Plasma in the Presence of Liquid Water
FRIDAY JUNE 25, 2010
Session VIII: Fundamental Studies and Advanced Measurement
Techniques 9:00-10:20
Y. Teramoto, Y. Fukumoto, R. Ono, and T. Oda: Observation of streamer
propagation under atmospheric pressure pulsed positive and negative corona discharges
M. Jugroot: Simulation of plasma and gas dynamics in microplasmas
F. Holzer, R. Kohler, U. Roland, E. Stelter, and F.D. Kopinke: Principal
limitations in homogeneous gas phase chemistry in non-thermal plasmas
Coffee Break: 10:20-10:40
Session IX: Advanced Reactor, Power Supply and Processes 10:40-12:20
IX-1: Z. Zhang, X. Zhang, G. Deng, X. Ren, and K. Yan: A nanosecond pulsed power system
based on a novel pulse forming network
IX-2: V. Goujard, and J-M Tatibouet: A new concept of high flow rate non-thermal plasma
reactor for air treatment
IX-3: M. Malik, and K. Schoenbach: A novel pulsed corona discharge reactor based on surface
streamers for diesel exhaust remediation
IX-4: A. Katatani, and A. Mizuno: Generation of ionic wind by using parallel flat plates with
IX-5: J. Jolibois, N. Zouzou, J-M. Tatibouet, E. Moreau: Large-scale surface dielectric
barrier discharge type reactor: effect of the electric wind on the conversion effectiveness
IX-6: T. Namihira, D. Wang, T. Matsumoto, S. Okada, and H. Akiyama: Different discharge
phenomena between general and nano-seconds pulsed discharges
Lunch: 12:20-13:30
ROUND TABLE DISCUSSION I: Plasma Assisted Combustion and Fuel
Reforming 13:30-15:00
L. Rosocha: An overview of plasma-assisted combustion: History and applications
Closing Remarks: 15:00-15:30

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