Dear <Name>
Re: Invitation to Visit <Name of School>
I am pleased to invite you to our School as an Academic Visitor from <enter dates of visit>.
<Name of Supervisor> has agreed to be your co-ordinator during your visit. As such I would
recommend you discuss your plans with him/her.
In accordance with the UK’s Immigration Rules for Visitors an academic applying for a 12
month visit visa (standard) must be highly qualified within their own field of expertise; and
currently working in that field at an academic institution or institution of higher education
overseas. An academic, who is employed by an overseas institution and is carrying out
the specific permitted activities in these Rules, (along with their spouse or partner and
children), may be granted a visit visa of up to 12 months.
I confirm that the purpose of the visit is to allow you the opportunity to carry out research for
your own purposes during sabbatical leave from your institution.
I confirm that the purpose of the visit is to allow you the opportunity to take part in formal
exchange arrangements with UK counterparts.
I am pleased to inform you that Cardiff University’s Research Committee OR the School has
approved an honorarium of £XXXX to be made available to support your proposed research
visit. OR I note that you have been granted financial support for the visit from (NAME of
funding body) in the sum of £XXXX. Thank you for providing a copy of the awarding letter to
me. OR I note that you will be on sabbatical leave and your University has confirmed that
you will continue to receive your salary. Thank you for providing the letter from them
confirming this.
We will make arrangements for access to IT and Library facilities, and a desk space will be
set aside for you. Bench fees will not be charged. OR Standard Bench fees of £XXX will be
You may need to apply for an entry visa to enter the UK. The type of visa would be
“Standard Visitor”. To apply, please go to this webpage:
Standard Visitor visa - GOV.UK
(The Standard Visitor visa has replaced the Business Visitor visa, including visas for
academics, doctors and dentists.)
Please also see this page for information on supporting documentation:
Please note that Academics coming to undertake research (12 month visa) will need to
provide a letter from their current employer on official headed paper, detailing the period of
their sabbatical, exchange or outlining the research to be undertaken; and also this letter
from the UK host organisation confirming the arrangements for your research or exchange.
If you need an entry visa, you should check the visa when it is received. It is important to
make sure that your personal details are correct; that it correctly states the purpose for which
you want to come to the UK and that it is valid for the date on which you want to travel. If
there is anything wrong with the visa, you should contact the visa application or visa section
By 1 August 2015 all non-EEA/Swiss nationals applying from overseas for permission to stay
in the UK for more than 6 months will be issued with a Biometric Residence Permit (BRP).
Further information is available here: Get a biometric residence permit (BRP) - GOV.UK .
Such individuals will be issued with a 30 day visa in their passports (called a vignette).
If you are issued with a vignette, this is valid for 30 days from the date you said you would
arrive in the UK. You must enter the UK within the permitted 30 days and you must collect
your Biometric Residence Permit within 10 days of your arrival in the UK from a designated
Post Office in Cardiff. If you fail to do so, you may be subject to a financial penalty or
cancellation of your leave.
Please note that upon your arrival in the UK you will need to visit our Human Resources
Department (10th floor, 30-36 Newport Road, Cardiff) to enable them to verify and take a
copy of your passport and to authorise a University Identity Card. Please notify us of your
residential address in Cardiff on your arrival and of any changes to your address during your
stay in the UK. If your visit ends prematurely, please notify us before you leave the UK.
If you need to open a UK Bank account, you will usually need to provide evidence of your
identity and current proof of your UK address. If you are opening the account in person,
banks will usually accept your passport as proof of your identity. Proving your address in the
UK may be more difficult but the following documents may be acceptable: a tenancy
agreement, or a letter from the University confirming the reason for your visit to Cardiff
University and confirming your UK address; (the Human Resources Department can supply
this for you on request.) The bank may also want to see proof of your previous or
permanent address in the country that you come from. Your national identity card or driving
licence may be acceptable for this purpose. The bank may ask for your written permission
to get a reference about you from a bank or financial institution if you have an account in the
country that you come from.
As banks’ requirements vary, the documents that can be accepted may differ from bank to
bank. You should take with you as much information as you have available and note that
they normally only accept original documents, not copies.
Please note that as a Visitor you must have sufficient funds to cover all reasonable costs in
relation to their visit without working or accessing public funds. This includes the cost of the
return or onward journey, any costs relating to dependants, and the cost of planned activities
such as private medical treatment.
In the meantime, I hope you have a pleasant journey to Cardiff. If you have any queries
about the visit (Name of member of staff) will be the main point of contact within the School
and (Name of HR Manager) will be your Human Resources contact.
Yours sincerely
Name of Head of School

Invitation letter to Academic Visitors