Knowledge, Skills and Abilities for Elementary Mathematics Instructional Leader
An Elementary Mathematics Instructional Leader specialization may be added to any
TSPC Basic, Standard, Initial or Continuing Teaching License upon completion of the
requirements and qualifications found in this rule.
To be eligible for the Elementary Mathematics Instructional Leader (EMIL) specialization,
the licensed teacher must have all of the following:
The Commission-approved Multiple Subjects Examination;
Three complete years of teaching mathematics as verified by a Professional Educator
Experience Form (PEER) or other verifiable experience if obtained out of state; and
Demonstrated competency in the following Elementary Math Specialist (EMS)
standards as determined by a program approved to offer the Elementary Mathematics
Instructional Leaders specialization as evidenced by completion of:
(A) Twenty-four quarter or sixteen semester hours of a TSPC-approved Elementary
Mathematics Instructional Leader program; and
(B) An EMIL practicum working with a range of students and teachers.
Elementary Mathematics Instructional Leaders specialist standards include:
Content Knowledge: EMIL professionals must know and understand deeply the
mathematics of elementary school as well as how mathematics concepts and skills
develop through middle school. This knowledge includes specialized knowledge that
teachers need in order to understand and support student learning of elementary
Pedagogical Knowledge for Teaching Mathematic: EMIL professionals are expected
to have a foundation in pedagogical content knowledge (PCK) (Ball, Thames, &
Phelps, 2008). This section is informed by and draws upon the 2003 NCATE/NCTM
Program Standards: Standards for Elementary Mathematics Specialists.
Leadership Knowledge and Skills: EMIL professionals need to be prepared to take on
collegial non-evaluative leadership roles within their schools and districts. They must
have a broad view of many aspects and resources needed to support and facilitate
effective instruction and professional growth.
Approval of any EMIL program must satisfy the full set of standards including specific
objectives which may be found in the publication: Standards for Elementary Math
Specialists: A Reference for Teacher Credentialing and Degree Programs; a publication of
the Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities for Elementary Mathematics