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GLOBO - Group Introduction
GLOBO is an international leader and technology innovator delivering mobile, telecom and ebusiness software products and services
GLOBO is a public company listed on London Stock Exchange (LSE:GBO) since 2007, with offices in
GLOBO’s Mobile Platforms and Services are
currently offered to more than 14 MNOs, in 18
countries and serve more that 1.4 Million
customers on a monthly basis.
Globo Plc.
New York
Headquarter Athens
GLOBO Mobile has already established a strong
presence in Asia, Europe, Middle East, Latin America
(LATAM), Africa with several commercial launches
already in place, continuously developing its
international footprint.
Affiliate Sao Paulo
Affiliate Buenos Aires
GLOBO – Awards
Over the last 3years, GLOBO’s international activities have benefited from growing
industry recognition, of its technological innovation and business strategy, reflected in
business awards won:
•Top Western European Telecom Innovator
•Top 500 European Growth Companies
•Top UK and Global R&D performing companies
Partners Overview
Our partners
Introducing Infotrend Innnovations
About Company
• Infotrend Innovations Co. Ltd is a worldwide Information Technology
organization founded in 1997 in Nicosia, Cyprus. It covers worldwide regions
with emphasis on the markets of Middle East, Asia and Africa, where most of
our business is targeted and generated from.
Company Profile
• Infotrend Innovations has a strong presence in Middle East and Africa through
local resellers serving a big number of clients in different market segments
including Telecom, Banking, Government/Enterprise Sector and nongovernmental organisations(UN). Since 2003, the company has established a
local office in Africa handling more effectively and efficiently projects in the
• Deep international experience in:
– Telecommunications Companies(CYTAVodafone Cyprus, MTN-Cyprus
Zamtel-Zambia, TNM-Malawi, Angola
Telecom, Movicel-Angola, PrimetelCyprus, Ethiopia Telecom)
Product Overview
GO!Enterprise Server®
Our Approach to Enterprise Mobility
The new era in Enterprise Mobility
Easy to use…
Cost efficient…
Solution to mobilize any business
operation and build apps that can run
on any mobile device for employees or
customers use
What is GO!Mobile Reach
GO!Enterprise Server with the GO!Mobile Reach offering allows to Develop your mobile strategy for
reaching large audiences
GO!Mobile Reach is the ultimate solution in choosing a Mobile Application Platform, that allows you
to mobilize all your business processes on all devices, yet can deliver a best-in-class strategy at a low
Total Cost of Ownership (TOC).
What makes GO!Mobile Reach so different
Reaching you audience through the Mobile channel can
become simpler, more efficient and cost effective with
GO!Mobile Reach
• Addresses all mobile devices – cross platform solution
• Connects to any back-office system that needs access on the
mobile (via WEB service, SOAP, REST protocols, RSS and
Database connectivity)
• Separates personal from business data
• Enables users to be self-sufficient via an easy to use
• Provides a total secure environment
• Enhances end-user experience via native clients approach
• On time to market with rapid development
• Empowers mass distribution to large audience
• Helps to maintain a cost effective solution
GO!Mobile Reach Components
GO!Development Studio is a cross platform solution that enables business mobile applications
GO!Mobile Administration Environment insulates enterprises from the administrative overload
caused by diverse mobile operating systems and multiple mobile applications, while enabling them to
enhance existing applications and meet the changing needs of their audience
GO!Mobile Client provides a single point of interaction for accessing business information over a
secure gateway.
GO!Development Studio
Design once…Deploy to everyone
GO!Development Studio is a cross platform solution that greatly simplifies the
Design, Deployment, Distribution, maintenance and administration of enterprise
mobile applications.
GO!Development Studio provides enterprises the capability to integrate backand systems and mobilize any business operations
GO!Development Studio reduces application management. Code reusability,
security frameworks and synchronization makes applications management more
efficient, rather than developing multiple custom applications
GO!Development Studio
• allows enterprises to embrace mobile device trends without compromising
• provides an easy, flexible and powerful environment to build native mobile
applications across different mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Phone,
BlackBerry, HTML5, J2ME).
GO!Mobile Administration Environment
Deploy and Manage your mobile apps from a single
point of administration
Over the air management & administration
Provides administrators the capability to update
existing mobile applications and deploy new services and
features remotely, from a central platform.
Remote Wipe
Enables administrators to “freeze” a device - which
is useful if there's a good chance the device might be found or wipe the data from the container remotely in order to
preserve business confidentiality.
Increase productivity
Gives systems and database administrators the
ability to monitor performance on the systems and services,
they are accountable, helping them to be more productive
White label approach fits your audience
GO!Mobile Client
GO!Mobile Client provides a
single point of interaction for
accessing business information
over a secure gateway.
Without the hassle of setting up
and installing multiple mobile
clients, each one performing
different tasks, you can
significantly reduce cost and
security overheads for the
GO!Mobile Reach Benefits
For OmanTel
Easy to use environment.
Single point for Applications Design, Deploy, Distribution and Management
Design to one, distribute to everyone
Potential interoperability between different services
Single point of managing Security
Low cost of operation (monitoring, managing, maintaining, updating)
Time to market Fast and secure deployment process
Improves return on investment made in the past
Reduced S/W development costs for every application, across devices
For Customers
Native Client Experience for all different Mobile Operating Systems
Access to OmanTel services through a user friendly environment
Access from different devices (smartphones, tablets)
Easy adaptation of new OmanTel services and features via existing application
Single point of action for all services
Protecting Enterprise Data
Separating personal data from business data
Manage effectively from a single point
Exercise Total Security
Protecting Enterprise Data
Consider separating personal data from business data: As an added security measure,
manage enterprise data in one area of the device and encrypt and password protect only that area
Personal Data
Corporate Data
Personal Data are not accessed by enterprise
Corporate Data accessed ONLY via the
GO!Enterprise mobile client
Customer feels free to have personal data on
the same device
This leads to more efficiency
All transactions are recorded to
Administration environment
Copy / paste of corporate data is prohibited
Protecting Enterprise Data
Exercise Total Security further more
All data information
exchange is handled by
Server side
LIS Compliant
No information exchange
is required to take place
via GLOBO’ Server
OTA communication is
based on SSL protocol is
fully compliant with
regulatory authorities
and Lawful Interception
Quality Assurance
International QA Certifications
GLOBO’s Information Security and Quality Assurance frameworks are fully
compliant with international best practices
ISO 9001
ISO 27001
GLOBO’s S/W development policies and procedures are subject to regular internal and
external evaluations and audits
Proposal for OmanTel
Project phases
Phase 1
Phase 2
Integration of OmanTel Apps with
GO!Mobile Reach*
Deployment of additional mobile
Deploy Omantel apps to iphone,
ipad, Blackberry, Android, Windows
Phone 7.5
English & Arabic languages
GO!Mobile Reach Licenses with
version upgrades, maintenance and
* According to existing application offered by OmanTel without any requirements specifications document available.
** Arabic support for Android & Windows Phone as per mobile phone operating system release
Project Plan to OmanTel
Phase 1
• Integration of Omantel Apps to GO!Mobile Reach.
• Cross mobile devices support : iphone, ipad, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone 7.5.
•All necessary content (including images and html text) is provided by OmanTel and included in the application as is. Any further graphics
work should be defined by OmanTel and cost estimated by us and added to the final cost.
•Cost of business analysis of existing OmanTel Apps is minimal as we consider that no app re-engineering is required.
•Web Services are already implemented by OmanTel, mobile app will just consume it
•Data sources are already available for consumption by the application
•When the application requires registration/authentication of the user we assume that the Service is already implemented by OmanTel,
mobile app will just consume it
•Symbian OS is not supported.
•Arabic support for Android & Windows Phone 7.5 as per mobile phone operating system release. For Android it is expected to be
supported in 3.0 version and for Windows Phone Microsoft reports that Arabic is coming in the second half of 2012
•Any file accessed and used by the mobile application (e.g. pdf reports) will be provided by OmanTel’s back end application
COST for Phase1 : $120.000 USD
Overall Project Cost
Phase 1
Phase 2
$120.000 US Dollars
New Services development and integration
cost will be based upon a Techno economic
analysis as per OmanTel requirements
Duration 6.8 calendar months
(based on 23 working days per
Cost:$120.000 USD
$40,000 US Dollars per server installation per year
Applies after the completion of Phase 1
Note: Hosting or hardware costs are not subject of this proposal
Thank You
Lambros Smirneos
Sales & Distribution Manager
[email protected]
T: +30
GLOBO Mobile
67 Ethnikis Antistaseos Street