Code 8242 Surface Ship Torpedo Defense (SSTD)
In-Service Engineering Services Procurement
Pre-Solicitation Conference
NUWC Division Newport
Undersea Collaboration & Technology
Outreach Center (UCTOC)
June 18, 2013
• Introduction and Ground Rules
• Disclaimer Statement
• Anticipated Procurement Strategy
• Technical Requirements
• Conclusion/Wrap-up
Introduction and Ground Rules
• Introduction of NUWCDIVNPT participants
• Intent of Pre-Solicitation Conference
• Encourage competition by:
– Providing technical information for potential offerors
to better understand the technical requirements
Facilitate Prime and Subcontracting opportunities
– Ensure all potential offerors receive and have access
to the same information
• Technical “Q&A” is encouraged
– Q&A will be answered either today or via SeaPort-e Portal
– No questions about the current contract or incumbent
contractor will be answered
Introduction and Ground Rules
• All attendees recommended to sign-in (this is voluntary)
• Please silence cell phones and pagers
• No personal recording
• Q&A will be recorded and posted to the SeaPort-e Portal
• This briefing and the attendees list will be posted to the SeaPort-e
Portal, and via SENEDIA, NCMA and AFCEA distro
• DO NOT directly contact NUWC technical code after today - all
further dialogue will be accomplished via the Q&A feature on the
SeaPort-e Portal
• Technical requirements contained in this briefing are presented as
a summary
– Full/updated technical requirements will be provided in the Request
for Proposal (RFP)
Disclaimer Statement
• Remarks today by Government officials involved in
the Surface Ship Torpedo Defense (SSTD) InService Engineering Agency procurement should
not be considered a guarantee of the Government’s
course of action in proceeding with the acquisition
• The informational briefing shared today reflects
current Government intentions and is subject to
change based on a variety of circumstances
• The formal solicitation, when issued, is the only
document that should be relied upon in determining
the Government’s requirements
Anticipated Procurement Strategy
Surface Ship Torpedo Defense (SSTD) in-service engineering tasking
currently accomplished under FISC contract N00189-04-D-0004,
awarded June 2003, will be modified and tasked under this new
contract. Additional SSTD tasking will be included as well.
SeaPort-e Task Order, Zone 3, Norfolk
– Prime
– Sub
Anticipate three (3) year Period of Performance
– Base year plus 2 option years
Anticipate Full and Open Competition
Anticipated Contract Type: CPFF
Other Direct Costs (ODC’s) anticipated to be in the neighborhood of
25% - 45% of total cost
Organizational Conflict of Interest (OCOI) clause applies
Clearance Level: SECRET (IA requirement)
Anticipated Procurement Strategy
• Estimated Schedule:
– RFP Release: July 2013
– Proposals Due: 30 days after RFP release
– Award Date: December 2013
• Work Locations
– Norfolk, VA
– Various shipyards, US and foreign naval bases, and
other government locations
Anticipated Procurement Strategy
• Government Facilities
– Government provides facilities for 1-2 on-site people
• Contractor Facilities
– Facility for pre-fabrication of ship modifications in
support of GFE system installations
– Warehouse facility certified for SECRET storage
– Facility security clearance required: SECRET
• Government Furnished Materials/Equipment/
Information (GFM/E/I)
– Provided in solicitation
Technical Requirements
SSTD System Descriptions
Torpedo Warning System (TWS)
Towed torpedo defense system
Installations on surface ships including aircraft carriers & logistics ships
Estimate ~2 installations annually; historically ~25 ton installation
AN/SLQ-25 Nixie
Towed torpedo countermeasure
Installed on over 170 USN surface ships & sold to many foreign military customers
Historically 1 major USN upgrade and 10-15 system removals and/or repairs annually
Historically 40-80 foreign repairs annually (minimal travel)
AN/SLQ-61 Light Weight Tow
Towed torpedo countermeasure
Installations on Freedom and Independence Class Littoral Combat Ships
Estimate ~4-8 backfits; forward fits planned to be accomplished by LCS prime shipyards
Emergent Surface Ship Torpedo Defense Systems similar to those above
All systems consist of: electronics cabinet(s), winch, deck handling equipment, tow cable, tow body
Work on all systems includes: SHIPALTs, TEMPALTs, Troubleshooting, Repairs, and Upgrades
Concurrent installation and fleet support tasking expected
Tasking Overview
Surface Ship Torpedo Defense (SSTD) Engineering Services:
– Installation of GFE systems including engineering and fabrication/assembly of
support infrastructure
Prefabrication to minimize ship disruption during installation
Hull cuts, below-waterline implementations, hot work
– In-service system maintenance, troubleshooting, overhaul, & groom/repair tasks
– Documentation and logistical support
– Operating Material and Supplies (OM&S) control
Unclassified and classified material warehousing
Continuous tracking and reporting
– Land-based and at-sea testing support
– Training military personnel on SSTD systems
Anticipated Tasks
SHIPALT and TEMPALT System Installations, Removals,
Upgrades, and Maintenance
– Conduct pre-installation ship checks and plan shipboard work
– Create new and modify existing drawings & Technical Data Packages
– Prefabricate materials and support equipment for shipboard work
– Perform installation, removal, upgrade, and maintenance work
– Conduct operational tests on systems, components, & interfaces
• Fleet Support Services (Afloat and Shore-Based)
– System and equipment evaluations
– System, equipment, and interface checkouts, testing, and
– Document and verify system and equipment configurations
Anticipated Tasks
• Life Cycle Technical and Engineering Services
– Generate and maintain technical information and reports
– Generate, review, evaluate, and analyze Engineering Changes
(ECs) for impact
– Calibrate and track test and installation equipment
– Maintain firmware and firmware documentation
– Generate and maintain Management Information Systems (MIS)
documentation and graphics
– Troubleshoot failures, develop cost assessments, and perform
work-around(s) or system fixes
• Spares Testing, Repair, and Replacement
Anticipated Tasks
• Integrated Logistics Services (ILS)
– Generate, review, update, and maintain documentation
– Update and maintain plans and drawings
– Track and analyze system and equipment faults and failures
– Attend program evaluations and conduct audits
– Design, assemble, ship, and stage material for installation and
maintenance kits
– Generate and maintain a Reliability, Maintainability, Availability and
Quality (RMA&Q) database
– Generate and implement a spares plan
• Warehouse Operations
– Setup and maintain a warehouse facility (up to SECRET storage)
– Package, ship, track, and receive material
Anticipated Tasks
• Initial, Factory, and Follow on Training
– Generate system training material using Sharable Content
Object Reference Model (SCORM)
– Hold training sessions for SSTD systems
– Setup, operate, and maintain two training classrooms (Norfolk
and San Diego)
• Information Assurance (IA) System Certification
– Generate naval messages
– Perform IA inspections
• Program Technical Support Services
– Report program progress and status using performance metrics
• Thank you for your interest in the SSTD ISEA procurement
• Ensure that you are on the attendees list
• This briefing and the attendees list will be posted to the
SeaPort-e Portal, and via SENEDIA, NCMA and AFCEA
• “Q&A” (today’s and any subsequent), will be posted to the
SeaPort-e Portal
• DO NOT contact today’s participants
– All further dialogue will be accomplished via the Q&A feature
on the SeaPort-e Portal

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