Take the Mystery out of SBA Loans
Michael Foutch
Economic Development Specialist
U.S. Small Business Administration
How do we help entrepreneurs?
Technical assistance and counseling
Government contracting
Disaster assistance
So why small business?
Small Business Administration
Small business plays a vital role in Nebraska’s economy
• Big businesses (greater than 500 employees) in the state shed
nearly 84,000 jobs from 2002 to 2008
• Over the same time, Nebraska saw an increase of 50,000 new jobs
from small businesses
• Half of all jobs in the state come from small businesses
• Women-owned small businesses grew 14% from 2009
SBA Nebraska District Office
In Fiscal 2012, we helped Nebraska entrepreneurs:
Get financing:
Obtained $156 million through 441 loans
Win federal government contracts:
8(a) disadvantaged firms and veteran-owned small
businesses won tens of millions in contracts
Create jobs:
SBA loans directly led to Nebraska firms hiring 2,000 new
people, and helped keep 6,200 people
So how can the SBA help my small business?
SBA Guarantee Loan Program
Guarantees the loan for the bank
Allows them to diversify their portfolio
Helps start-ups and businesses with little collateral
get a longer term on their loan
Every bank in the state can do business with the
Interest rate is capped
No balloons, no demand feature
SBA Guarantee Loan Program
Some restrictions apply
No passive investments
Can’t use an SBA loan to buy investment properties to fix up and
flip, or apartment buildings and mobile homes
No businesses which benefit primarily from gambling or
prurient interest
Can't use SBA funds to pay down delinquent taxes
Nor to reimburse small business owner for funds already
Non-profits aren't eligible
7(a) Standard Loan Guarantee
Up to $5 million loan
Can use for expansion/renovation, new construction, purchase land or
buildings, equipment purchase, leaseholder improvements, working capital,
debt refinance, or purchase a franchise
25 years for real estate acquisition or construction; 10 years for any other type
of loan.
Fixed maturity with no balloons
85% guarantee for $150,000 or less, 75% for more than $150,000
Variable rates are capped as follows:
o Less than 7 year term, rate is NY prime plus 2.25%
o More than 7 year term, rate is NY prime plus 2.75%
Fixed rates are capped between 6.75% to 7.25%
Fees for borrowers usually ranging from 2% to 3.75% for term loans.
Servicing fee of 0.55% for the lender
SBA Express Loan Guarantee
• Revolving lines of credit up to 7 years, or term loans similar to 7(a)
• Guarantee only 50% on $350,000 or less
• Rates are capped as follows:
o Less than $50K, NY Prime plus 6.5%
o More than $50K, NY Prime plus 4.5%
• Faster turnaround, streamlined process
• Must be a proven 7(a) lender and be approved to use Express
Patriot Express Loan Program
• Revolving lines of credit up to 7 years, or a term loan
similar to 7(a) provisions.
• $500,000 maximum loan size
• 85% guarantee for $150,000 or less, 75% for more than $150,000
• Interest rate caps same as 7(a)
• Small business must be owned and controlled by a veteran or
spouse of a veteran (51% percent or greater ownership)
• Higher guarantee, faster turnaround than 7(a), streamlined process
Small Loan Advantage
• Streamlined process based on SBA Express paperwork and
process but for all lenders
• $350,000 guarantee
• 85% guarantee for $150,000 or less, 75% for more than $150,000
• Interest rate caps same as 7(a)
• Perfect for lenders who want an easier way to get small businesses
the capital they need
• No SBA loan experience required
CAPLines Program
• Exciting way to finance small business working capital needs
• $5 million guarantee, same guidelines as 7(a)
Use contract, purchase agreement and receivables as collateral
Contract Loan Program is used to finance material, labor, and overhead needs
for a specific contract or contracts.
Seasonal Line of Credit Program is used to support buildup of inventory,
accounts receivable or labor and materials above normal usage for seasonal
Builders Line Program provides financing for small contractors or developers to
construct or rehabilitate residential or commercial property.
Working Capital Line is a revolving line of credit that provides short term
working capital.
Excellent way for a small business looking to do contract work with
the federal, state or city government
504 Loan Program
Designed as an economic development program to support
small business growth
Helping communities with
• Business expansion
• Job creation
Provides long-term, fixed-rate, financing for acquisition and/or
renovation of capital assets.
Lender generally provides 50%
SBA generally provides 40% financed through CDC
Current rate is 4.17% for SBA portion
Borrower downpayment between 10-20%
Microloan program
If you’ve been turned down by a bank, these offer small
loans for start-ups and existing business up to $50,000
• Community Development Resources (CDR)
(402) 436-2387
• Rural Enterprise Assistance Project (REAP)
Nebraska is one of the nationwide leaders in microloan financing and was
the fifth-largest in the country in FY12.
Microlending in the state grew 42% from $1.25 million in FY11 to $1.78
million in FY12.
Small Business Administration
Where do local businesses go to start?
SCORE Central Nebraska chapter
Call 308-865-5675
Business plan advice and one-on-one mentoring
Start-up workshops
Make an appointment today!
Nebraska Business Development Center
• Business consulting, 308-865-8344
• Start-up, exit planning, management and technical
assistance with financial projections
Small Business Administration
• There are federally-backed loan guarantees for small businesses
• SBA guarantee for loans up to $5 million
• If you’ve been turned down by a commercial lender, microloans
may be available up to $50,000
• Our resource partners can help you
Start with SCORE for free mentorship and one-on-one counseling
Follow up with NBDC for your business plan
• Don’t let this be the end of the conversation!
[email protected]

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