Earthworks Sp. z o. o.
Paszkówka 34-113 , Sosnowice 192
Sales office:
*Kraków tel. +48 - 012 - 383 - 06 - 62
*Warszawa tel. +48 -022 -382 -12-10
NIP : 551-248-32-57
Regon : 120413479
ING Bank Ślaski o/Kraków
ul. Św. Tomasza
[email protected]
We EarthWorks Sp. z o.o., are a building
Company established by persons who had gained a several
year experience while working for different international
corporations that dealt with earth works and general building
investment contracts. Our Company started to develop its
potentiality from purchasing of new machines and engaging
specialized engineering personnel.
At present, we are engaging about 40 employees. EarthWorks
have a quite good potential that enables us to carry out earth
work contracts in a huge scale as a subcontractor. We
guarantee competence and reliability in dealing with your
investments and ensure you punctual, solid and professional
execution of various works.
The scope of services rendered by our Company is as follows:
ground macro and micro levelling
strip mining and land reclamation
civil engineering
road-making and preparatory works
construction of substructures and foundations, soil stabilizations
demolition and dismantling works
humus removal and soil replacement
foundation excavations works, making of substructures for industrial flloors
pave works, building equipment hire
Rental and lease of heavy construction equipment:
 Excavator
 Backhoe loader
 Compact excavator
 Bulldozer
 Road rollers
 Graders
Solid and loose material transport
 Dump trucks
 Trucks
 Semi-trailer trucks
Heavy equipment hauling
 Low-suspension trailer up to 25 tonnes
 Whole-length traioler up to 17 metres
Construction of a production and storage hall complex for
the Dąbrowa Górnicza Glassworks
Lowering of the groundwater level for the duration of the
Humus stripping
Land macrolevelling
Excavations 45000 m3
Backfilling 12500 m3
Soil replacement 43000 m3
Roadworks (KR5) on the area of 18755 m2
Construction of a production and storage hall in BielskoBiała
Lowering of the groundwater level for the duration of the
Humus stripping on the area of 15000m2
Land macrolevelling 15000m2
Excavations for foundations and backfills 30000 m3
Foundation under industrial floor 4200 m3
Soil replacement
Soil stabilisation 18200 m2
Roadworks (KR3) 19000 m3
Construction of a motorway on the Grójec-Białobrzegi
Humus stripping 48000 m2
Excavations of the volume of 387033.7 m3
Linear embankments 441100 m3
Soil replacement
Soil stabilisation on the area of 307000 m2
Construction of a production and storage hall for
"Wheelabrator" in Września
Lowering of the groundwater level for the duration of the
Humus stripping 16026 m2
Land macrolevelling
Excavations for foundations 32800 m3
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