Good Morning,
My name is Rosita Moyles and I am here today from
JM Food Services, in Navan ,Co. Meath and
participant in the STEM Project.
Being asked to speak today was an extremely nerve
wrecking thought, however I felt that the STEM
Project and all their team members did such a good job,
that it should be considered an honor to be asked to
speak here today!
So I will start by telling you a little about JM Food
Quality Products Straight
from the Manufacturer!
JM Food Services
How we began …
We are a family lead business by John and Rosita Moyles. Having trained as a chef in
Cathal Brugha Street, John worked passionately and energetically within the food service
industry. As Johns reputation as a quality chef grew, local businesses began asking him to
produce and supply quality meals to their establishments. Word of mouth spread and before
long, the family garage was converted and a busy production of quality from ‘first principal’
food began. With the ever growing demand for our quality food, JM Food Services and our
concept has evolved to today being well renowned for quality, value for money catering
In 2004 we moved from the garage to our well equipped, smooth running factory unit in
Mullaghboy Industrial Estate. Now employing 28 local personnel and incorporating all
locally sourced produce, JM Food Services even through tough years and hard times, with
our drive has gone from strength to strength, supplying local shops, bars, restaurants and
catering for outside events. All our food is produced in house, additive free, from fresh
locally sourced ingredients. Our expansion has continued over the years to include, four
secondary schools and two primary school canteens, where we have successfully implemented
a healthy eating campaign. On a daily basis we provide a hot meal along with a salad bar in
all of the schools, thus assisting the children in achieving five portions of fruit and
vegetables per day.
Quality Products Straight
from the Manufacturer!
What We Do ..
Our Goals
• Quality Products
• Value for Money
• Convenient
• Excellent Customer
• Exceptional Taste
Fresh, fresh, fresh
"The only way to do great work, is to love what you do" (Steve Jobs)
and here at JM Food Services we love what we do. Our purpose is to
provide superior quality home cooked meals, delicatessen and bakery
products to all of our customers every time. Whether its a corporate
catering event, a school canteen or in our retail store, Simply Honest
Food Hall, we continually and consistently achieve excellence in our
field. We like to think that we have that extra special something.
In 2013, Meath County Council, drew our attention to this new initiative.
Immediately we were keen to:
• Monitor and reduce our Environmental Impact
• Improve our operating efficiency.
The Stem project offered two options to businesses to choose from:
• Savings
• Systems
We choose ‘Savings’, as a small family run business we felt this was the
most appropriate for us.
Each business was assigned a designated Environmental Officer, ours was
Daniel Hughes. Daniel was a great help and helped identify cost savings in
the areas of:
• Energy
• Waste
• Water
The Project aims to save a business on average £2,850 / €3,420 per year in these areas.*
*Identified savings based on an annual resource spend of £20,000 or more.
Initial Assessment
This baseline assessment covered the activities and services of JM Food Services Ltd
operating n Mullaghboy Industrial Estate, Navan, Co. Meath.
The Baseline Environmental Assessment questionnaire and a site inspection were completed
5th June 2013 by Dan Hughes and Therese Hamill.
Key Area’s Applicable to JM Food Services:
Air Emissions
Following our assessment we were give list of targets and objectives.
For example –
• Measuring and monitoring of water usage. Reduce water Consumption.
• Improve on recycling.
• Reduce/remove excess charges on electricity bills.
We found this extremely helpful and a beneficial exercise that can be
used on an ongoing basis.
UKAS accredited Inspection body Tarian Inspection Services carried out
an Environmental Management System inspection audit. Which we
proudly passed.
As a team we at JM Food Services, have definitely learned from taking part
in the Stem Project.
We are much more conscientious and aim to continue the systems we have
implemented as a result of the Stem Project.

Rosita Moyles JM Food Services and STEM