Public Hearing
Clean Water Act
Section 401 Water Quality Certification
Windsor Point Part II
March 9, 2010
Purpose of Public Hearing
To receive public comment about proposed
impacts on water quality prior to making a
permit decision.
401 Water Quality Certification
Section 404 Requirement
Required for activities that involve the
discharge of dredged or fill material into
waters of the U.S.
Regulates impacts on Water Quality
General Project Information
Applicant: Ontario Land Company (formerly
Oster Homes)
Location: approximately 125 acre parcel,
west of Stoney Ridge Road, North Ridgeville
Project Description: Complete remaining
development of the Windsor Point residential
sub-division, Phases 1 -7
Project Location
Applicant: City of Avon Lake
Location: Miller Road Boat Launch
Project Description: construct a two course
concrete block courtesy docking wall within
the protected side of an existing stone
Water Quality Impact Analysis
Preferred Alternative: the first choice of the applicant;
This option will result in impacts to the water resource.
Minimal Degradation Alternative: applicant’s
proposed absolute minimum impact to the water resource that can
be made and still meet the applicant’s specific requirements.
Non-degradation Alternative: what can be done that
will result in no impact to the waters of the state. This may be either
a “no build” option or a modified project design resulting in no
On-site Water Resources
~ 12.9 acres total
1.3 acres non-forested and 11.6 acres forested
0.9 acre Category 1 and 12.0 acres Category 2
~ 2,503 linear feet (LF) total
Stream #6 -1,516 LF intermittent headwater; forested corridor
Stream #7 - 987 LF intermittent headwater; forested corridor
Alternatives Analysis - Impacts
Amount Developed
285 homes on ~105. 6 acres
8.7 acres wetlands
(0.31 acres ATF)
1,682 LF stream
(1,225 LF ATF)
282 homes on ~103 acres
No Impact
7 acres wetlands
(0.31 acres ATF)
1,682 LF stream
(1,225 LF ATF)
234 homes on ~ 91.6 acres
0 acres wetlands
0 LF streams
Locations: On-site Water Resources
Proposed Mitigation
Stream Impacts
Preserve 1,682 linear feet of Quarry Creek, Beaver
Creek Hunt Club, Amherst
Wetland Impacts
Restore 14.4 acres of wetland at Charlemont
Reservation, Lorain County Metroparks;
Preserve un-impacted wetlands at Windsor Point
4.2 acres for preferred alternative
5.9 for minimum degradation alternative
Off-site Mitigation Areas
Location: Proposed Stream Mitigation
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Location: Wetland Mitigation Site
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Next Steps
Written Public Comments accepted through March
16, 2010
Ohio EPA reviews/considers all information and
written comments
Ohio EPA makes decision regarding the Section
401 Water Quality Certification
If permit is issued Responsiveness Summary is
distributed to ACOE regulatory section, Applicant,
and all Interested Parties
By the close of business on March 16 2010, submit
written comments to:
Ohio EPA – Division of Surface Water
Attention: Permits Processing Unit
Lazarus Government Center
P.O. Box 1049
Columbus, Ohio 43216-1049
Fax: (614) 728-5299
E-mail: [email protected]
Please reference
Ohio EPA ID # 083394 on comments
My Contact Information
Lauren E. McEleney
Division of Surface Water
50 West Town Street, Suite 700
Columbus, Ohio 43215
(614) 644-2865 – office
(614) 644-2745 – fax
[email protected]
Public Information Contact:
Kristopher Weiss
Public Interest Center
50 West Town Street, Suite 700
Columbus, Ohio 43215
(614) 644-2160 – office
(614) 644-2737 – fax
[email protected]

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