Sales Training
Financial Backing / Long Term Investment
• New Director of Sales & Operations Manager
• Purchase of Fixtures from Suppliers
• Implementation of New Computer System
• Development of New Products and Features
New Manufacturing Facility in Pomona, California
Support Through Experience and Contacts
• Use of Marketing Contacts for Assistance with
Website Development and Advertising
• Use of Banking Contacts for Leasing Program
Supplier to Allied Laundry Lines
• Newly Formed Distributor Group
• Provides Industrial Line of Products
• Covers Entire U.S. and Canada
• Group Synergies Provide High Quality
Customer Support
• Customer is Backed Locally – Not by
Distant Manufacturers
• Competitive Equipment Pricing
New Logos
New Website
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New Advertising
Allied Contract
Allied Contract
Stand Alone
200-lb. & UP
The Best Industrial Dryers Made.
 Most Industrial Sizes Offered by ANY Dryer Manufacturer
 Industrial Strength, Throughout – Same High-end Components
and Material Thicknesses Used from the Smallest to the Largest
Capacity Model
 Wide Array of Features and Options
 Tumble Green™ Design, Improves on Efficiency, NOx & Sound
Emissions and Ease of Use
 Flexible Design Allows for Several Structural Variations to Meet
the Needs of Each Installation
 Tremendous Resources
 On-Line Savings Calculator (R.O.I.) and Build-Your-Own CLM (Quote Request)
 Group Resources from other Allied Laundry Lines Distributors
 Experienced CLM Staff Providing Superior Distributor and Customer Support
Six Industrial Sizes
Dryer Models
“GP” = Gas Pass-Through “TG” = Tumble Green “SP” = Steam Pass-Through
2-Door, 1-Way Tilt
105 cu ft / 65” dia. Basket
2-Door, 1-Way Tilt
105 cu ft / 65” dia. Basket
2-Door, 1-Way Tilt
105 cu ft / 65” dia. Basket
140 cu ft / 65” dia. Basket
165 cu ft / 70” dia. Basket
194 cu ft / 80” dia. Basket
264 cu ft / 80” dia. Basket
321 cu ft / 92” dia. Basket
Standard Pass-Though Configuration
Standard Features
 Sophisticated Color TouchScreen Display
 96 Programmable Formulas
 Built-in diagnostics for
problem detection
 Text in English, Spanish or
 Simple Operation
 Select “Choose Dryer
Program” then Select the
Program #.
Command III
Dryer Control
Standard Features
Rotating Door
Seals directly to the rotating basket – BEST door-to-basket seal.
Eliminates product damage caused by static doors.
Eliminates need for face plate seals that require constant adjustment.
After the cycle, the Revolving door is lifted to the top leaving a fully
unobstructed opening.
Standard Features
Standard Features
MAXON - Full Flame Spectrum Modulating Burner
 Forced-Air Burner with Combustion Air for Efficient & Powerful Heat Production
 Command III PLC Precisely Controls Modulation and Temperature
 Flame Turns into Drying Chamber to Avoid Pulling of Flame into the Basket
Standard Features
 Simple and Compact
 Gas management is
handled through a
unique ‘Dungs’
valve arrangement
 I.R.I. or CSA
Gas Train
Standard Features
Basket Drive
Easy Access to All Drive Components
Simple Belt-In Pulley Design is Easy to Maintain
Unique Airbag System for Continuous Belt Tension
Optional – Soft-Start or Variable Speed
Standard Features
10 Gauge
1.29 mm
1.63 mm
2.05 mm
2.59 mm
Round Basket Perforations Help
Prevent Damage to Buttons & Zippers
Standard Features
Cross Axis
CLM’s Cross-Axis Airflow brings dry hot air
into the basket in a continuous jet stream
from front to back, moving from top to
bottom, for the best air-to-goods penetration
possible. Yields best production & efficiency
Standard Features
Cross Axis
CLM’s Cross-Axis Airflow also allows the
basket support rollers to be mounted outside
of the heated chamber.
Advantages of
externally mounted rollers include less heat
on the rollers, themselves, for longer service
life, full maintenance access from the dryer
front & rear and the elimination of wearable
seals around each roller, as found on some
competitive models.
Standard Features
Coming Soon
 Entire Structure Around Burner is Hinged
 Gives Full Access for Cleaning or Maintenance
 Permits Cleaning of Lower Plenum
Blower Access
Tumble Green
“TG” Features
Variable Speed Drive
Option for “GP” & “SP” Models
Step 1:
Allows the basket rotation speed to
be programmed for products of
varying weight.
Step 2:
Provides a rotation speed change
during the cycle to prevent lighter
goods from clinging to the inner
basket as they become dry.
Includes a “Soft Start” for the Basket
Drive Start-up and Reverse
Tumble Green
“TG” Features
3-Port Door
Option for “GP” & “SP” Models
View Material Drop Through 3-Rounded Ports
Tumble Green
“TG” Features
Improved Burner
Option for “GP” Models
High Efficiency Lox NOx Burner with
35% reduction in NOx emissions and
25% higher turn-down ratio
50:1 Turn Down Ratio (GP model has 40:1)
Tumble Green
“TG” Features
Outside Air Makeup Duct
EnerClad™ Insulation Package
Option for “GP” Models
For Connecting Inlet Air Ducting to the Dryer
Exclusive EnerClad™ Insulation Package
Heavy layer of specially woven insulation
Wrapped with a vapor barrier with zero permeability
Cuts both low and high frequency sounds
Significant reduction in radiant heat levels
Tumble Green
“TG” Features
High-Angle Tilt
Option for “GP”& “SP” Models
Adds 5-Degrees to Standard Tilt Angles
Basket Panels
Optional Features
Baskets Available with Removable “Steel” or
“Ceramic Teflon Coated” Panels
Special Baskets
Optional Features
Stainless Steel Material & Small Perforations
are Available for Special Applications
Optional Features
Radiant Heat
Heat Reduction Paint
Applied to Combustion Chamber
Holds Heat In / Significantly Reducing Ambient Heat
Less Ambient Heat Means Greater Efficiency
Helps to Preserve a Cool Work Environment
Optional Features
One Door, Two-Way Tilt
Tilt Back to Load
Tilt Forward to Unload
* Slightly Reduces Basket Volume
Single Door
Optional Features
Industrial Risk Insurers (I.R.I.)
I.R.I. is an Equipment Qualification with No Formal Label or Certificate. To Meet
the Specification the Dryer Must Include the Following.
 Second Gas Blocking Valve
 High & Low Gas Pressure Switches
 Vent Valve to Atmosphere
C.S.A. Inspection & Approval (Approval Label)
C.S.A. inspects each machine during testing in our factory. Once approved, a CSA
label is applied to the machine, either for the U.S. or for Canada.
Optional Features
Controller Link
This Communication System Links all Dryer Controls Together
to Allow Formula Sharing and One-Time Formula Editing
Optional Features
Automatic Load
and Unload
For Automated or Semi-Automated Shuttle Systems
 Dryer Tilts Back, Opens Door and Rotates Basket to Accept Shuttle Load
 After Load Period, the Load Door Closes and Dryer Tilts to Run Position
 Formula Runs and Dryer Discharges, Automatically
Optional Features
Door Guard for
Chain Hoist
Protects Door Edges from Chain Hoist in the Open
Optional Features
Roll-up Door
Now Available for all CLM Dryer Models
- Load Door Rolls Up Over the Dryer Top
- Improved Access for Sling or Shuttle
- Decreases Shuttle Aisle Space Requirement
Optional Features
Dry Type
Lint Collector
 Stainless Steel Body & Screen
 Automatic Lint Blow-Down
 Air Reservoir – Dryer Mounted –
Reduces Burden on Plant Compressed
Air System
 Water Spray – Over Heat/Fire
 Side Mount or Floor Mount Styles
 Interfaces Directly with
MicroCommand Control – Eliminating
the Need for Timers or Relays
Flexibility of Design
One or Two Doors
Exhaust Front or Rear
Control Panel Left or Right
MicroCommand III or Softrol
Variable Lint Collector Positions
Online Resources
Online Resources
Online Resources
Online Resources
Dryer Basics
Dryer Replacement Info.
Fabric Temperature Info.
Prod. & Effcy. Data
Other Products
Manual Shuttle
 CLM manufacturers one of the best shuttle conveyors
(loose goods or cake) made for manual operation.
 Choose to walk beside the shuttle or ride on a platform
from dryer to dryer.
Competitive Dryers
(Milnor M310)
- Not a True Industrial Machine – Commercial Grade
- High/Low Fire Gas (CLM is modulating)
- Atmospheric Burner (CLM is forced-air)
- Burner Rated at Only 1.1 mil. btu/hr (ours 2.5 mil)
- 106.5 Cu. Ft. Basket (almost our 250-lb dryer size)
- Est. Fuel Usage = 2800 btu/lb. of H2O Removed (CLM 1700)
- Est. Production = 14-lb. H2O Removed/Min. (CLM 19-lb.)
- Est. Heat Time = 25-min. (terry-full load)
(CLM 15-min.)
Braun 123H
- Old Design – Updated only by New Control
- Rear Trunion Drive – One-Door Only
- High/Low Fire Gas & Atmospheric Burner
- 123 Cu. Ft. Basket (our 350 (140GP) is 140 Cu. Ft.)
- Est. Fuel Usage = 2600 btu/lb. of H2O Removed (CLM 1700)
- Est. Production = 15-lb. H2O Removed/Min.
(CLM 19-lb.)
- Est. Heat Time = 22-min. (terry-full load)
(CLM 15-min.)
Competitive Dryers
Braun 300PT
- Newer Design but Not Well Received – Not a Good Performer
- Modulating Gas System
- Forced Air Burner
- 119 Cu. Ft. Basket (our 350, Model 140GP, is 140)
- A Lot of Whistles & Bells – Expensive Features Std.
- Est. Fuel Usage = 2200 btu/lb. of H2O Removed
- Est. Production = 15-lb. H2O Removed/Min.
- Est. Heat Time = 22-min. (terry-full load)
Competitive Dryers
Braun 500 PT
450-550 lb.
- Newer Design – Went through several versions
- Braun uses this Model for 450-lb. & 600-lb. Requirements
- Stainless Basket with Removable Panels is Standard
- Pull-out Blower replaces their old swing-out style
- Variable Speed Basket & Blower are Standard
- Offers Coaxial Duct Option – expensive to install – little benefit, if any
Ex. Heating 30 degree air to 400+ degrees takes same energy as heating
50 degree air to 400+ degrees (no benefit, as found with heat
- Modulating Gas System
- Forced Air Burner 2.8 btu/hr
- 165 Cu. Ft. Basket (our 450 = 165 our 600 = 194 Cu. Ft.)
- A Lot of Whistles & Bells – Expensive Features Std.
- Est. Fuel Usage = 1950 btu/lb. of H2O Removed (CLM 1700)
- Est. Production = 17-lb. H2O Removed/Min.
(CLM 19)
- Est. Heat Time = 20-min. (terry-full load)
(CLM 15-min.)
Competitive Dryers
450-550 lb.
Jensen DXT 450 - New Design – Copied Challenge Airflow / Braun Drives / CLM Basket Coating
- 165 Claimed Basket Volume (expect is 15-20 cu ft less) (CLM
- Swing-out Blower (CLM has Full Access Blower)
- Modulating Gas System
- Forced Air Burner 2.5 btu/hr (Requires Heat balance – difficult)
- Axial Airflow brings air in from only two locations – uses expensive
Teflon seals, front & back, that require constant adjustment
- Rollers protrude into drying chamber – hot, hard to get to, need
seals around each dryer that wear and cause inefficiencies
- A Lot of Whistles & Bells – Expensive Features Std.
- Worked Hard on Efficiency, but Gave Up Productivity
- Est. Fuel Usage = 1700 btu/lb. of H2O Removed (CLM 1700)
- Est. Production = 17-lb. H2O Removed/Min.
(CLM 19)
- Est. Heat Time = 20-min. (terry-full load)
(CLM 15-min.)
Competitive Dryers
ADC 464
Milnor M460
450-550 lb.
- Upgraded Commercial Design (very cheaply made compared to CLM)
- 175 Claimed Basket Volume (CLM 450 = 165 cu ft)
- Thin Gauge Stainless Basket Std. (CLM 10-ga High Strgth
- Hi/Low Gas System (CLM is Modulating)
- Forced Air Burner 2.8 btu/hr
- Simple 6-program control cannot modulate burner - cheap
- Est. Fuel Usage = 2200 btu/lb. of H2O Removed (CLM 1700)
- Est. Production = 15-lb. H2O Removed/Min.
(CLM 19)
- Est. Heat Time = 25-min. (terry-full load)
(CLM 15-min.)
Contact Dave Smith, CLM, for more competitive data and product comparisons.
Other Products
Vacuum Feeders
Vacuum Spreader/Feeder For
Tabletops & Other Large Items
Vacuum Spreader/Feeder For
Sheets & Other Large Items
5-Lane Vacuum Spreader/Feeder For
Napkins and Other Small Items
Ironer Controlled Variable Speed
Operator Controlled Vacuum
Other Products
4’ Wide Mats Bottom Discharge
4’ Wide Mats Return Discharge
5’ Wide Mats Bottom Discharge
5’ Wide Mats Return Discharge
 Variable Speed Belt Drive
 Lace Free Belt Design – No Mat Snags
 Fully Guarded for Safe Operation
Mat Rollers
Other Products
SPF-1 High Speed Small Piece Folder
Folds Up to 36” X 64” Towels
French Fold in Halves
Programmable Formulas
Stacks to Preset Count and Advances
Optional Return-to-Feed Conveyor
Towel Folder
Thank You Allied Distributors!!