Wesfarmers Limited
Sustainability in Action
A presentation to the Asia Pacific Sustainability Summit
Perth, Western Australia
Thursday 23rd August 2012
Cameron Schuster, Sustainability Manager, Wesfarmers
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Wesfarmers - Sustainability in Action
Presentation Outline
• Scope of operations
• Our approach to sustainability
• Some highlights of our progress:
– Economic
– Environment
– People
– Carbon/Energy
– Community & Society
• Future opportunities & challenges
• Summary
Wesfarmers - Sustainability in Action
Scope of operations
• ASX listed company with operations
in Australia, NZ, UK & logistics in
South/East Asia
• Approximately 202,000 employees
• Over 490,000 shareholders
• FY12 revenue $58.1 AUD billion;
EBIT $3.55 AUD billion and NPAT
$2.12 AUD billion
• Over 3,400 retail stores
• Retail, Resources, Chemicals
Energy & Fertilisers, Insurance,
Industrial & Safety supplies
Portfolio of leading brands
Retail Businesses
Industrial Businesses
Wesfarmers - Sustainability in Action
Our approach to Sustainability
8 Operationally autonomous divisions
Within the WES governance and ethical framework
we structure our approach to sustainability around:
– Economic
– Environment
– People
– Carbon/ Energy
– Community and Society
– Responsible Sourcing
Reporting and transparency
– 15th year of Sustainability reporting & external
assurance (some Divisional Reports also)
– Carbon and Water Disclosure Projects
– Dow Jones Sustainability Index , Forest
Footprint Disclosure Project, London
Benchmarking Group and other similar
reporting/index processes
– Reconciliation Action Plan
– Various legislative reporting
– Investor/analyst presentations & other surveys
– Role of Wesfarmers Board & Audit Committee
Wesfarmers - Sustainability in Action
Some highlights of our progress in FY 11 and 12
– Approximately 202,000 staff in Australia/ New Zealand
– Focus on shareholder value over the long term
– FY12 Payments to governments $1.50B AUD (ex GST)
– FY 12 Net Capital Expenditure $2.35B AUD
– FY 12 wages and salaries >$7B AUD
– FY 11 Value added by WES >$12B AUD
– Governance & regulation
– Total water use 12.6Gl with significant conservation
efforts in Resources & WesCEF
– >240,000 tonnes consumer/retail waste recycled
– $90M environmental expenditure inc energy efficiency
– Palm oil, seafood products stewardship, timber
Wesfarmers - Sustainability in Action
Some highlights of our progress in FY 11 /FY 12
– LTIFR FY09 13.06; FY10 10.95; FY 11 12.8 FY 12 10.9; FY
10TRIFR 49.3 (R12); FY 11 TRIFR 40.9 FY 12 43.15(R12);
– >57% of staff are female, occupying 26% of
management/supervisory positions;
– Training & development 2.2M hours recorded training
Carbon and Energy
– FY11 Greenhouse emissions 6.35Mt (Scope 1,2 and 3) - (NGER Act
Scope 1 & 2 in Australia 5.04 Mt); FY 12 reduces
– FY11 Energy use 33.8 PJ; FY12 reduces with asset sales and energy
– Challenge is carbon caps & RET this decade
– Major emission sources are electricity, N2O, CSM and CO2
– Focus on emission reduction and energy efficiency
– Energy efficiency is a major focus; Coles & refrigeration; Bunnings
lighting & micro generation; WES Chemicals AN plant design;
distribution centres; logistics & supply chains
Wesfarmers - Sustainability in Action
Some highlights of our progress in FY 11/ FY 12
Community and society
– Community partnerships developed across
– FY11 $77.6M including $33.8M direct contribution
– FY 12 $70M approximately in total
– Australia & New Zealand community crises 10/11
Wesfarmers Arts, WA & national
– Bunnings community focus
– Many facilitated community programs
Responsible Sourcing
– food quality programs eg hormone free beef; palm
oil; cage free eggs;
– ethical sourcing programs - our focus & audit
– timber procurement;
– supplier relationships
– Phosphate rock –Western Sahara
Wesfarmers - Sustainability in Action
Achievements, opportunities & challenges
FY12 & beyond
• carbon caps, business growth & energy efficiency
• ethical sourcing & supply chains
• water in supply chains
• continuous safety improvements
• more effective community partnerships
• transparent reporting & the growth in requests
and approaches
• greenhouse emission reduction
• community attitudes to sustainable practice
• gaming and liquor
• Australian “Sustainable Company of the Year” 2011
Wesfarmers - Sustainability in Action
• structured approach based on
principles with responsibility in the
• capacity for small improvements to be
leveraged across the Group
• understanding & reporting openly on
our footprints including supply chains
• opportunities in the future are
significant, but the challenges become
more complex
• will continue to engage effectively with
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Wesfarmers- Sustainability in Action