Basic Services Fund –
Interim Arrangement (BSF-IA)
Kick-off Meeting
15th and 16th July 2010
BMB Mott MacDonald
Welcome and Introduction
• BSF-IA team – Juba, Southern Sudan
• Kate Louwes (Team Leader)
• Allard Jansen (Financial manager)
• Wim Groenendijk (Monitor Health)
• Geerte van der Meijden (Monitor WATSAN)
• Nicholas Ramsden (Monitor Education)
• Sarah Baba Lasuba (Office manager)
• Clarissa Mulders – WATSAN (short term consultant)
• John James – HEALTH (short term consultant)
• BSF-IA team – Arnhem, The Netherlands
• Ivo Gijsberts (Project Director)
• Erik Holtus (Project Controller)
BMB Mott MacDonald
1. BSF: What is the BSF/ BSF-IA?
• Goal and Purpose
• Organisational structure
• Website
2. Start-up of new BSF-IA projects: things to know about
• General Conditions
• Financial Reporting and Forecast
• Procurement
• Audit
• Asset management and handing over
• Security
• Monitoring and Evaluation
• Visibility
3. Technical guidelines
• Health / Education
BMB Mott MacDonald
BSF: What is the BSF/BSF-IA?
• Established by the Government of Southern
Sudan (GoSS) and the Department for
International Development of the United
Kingdom (DFID) in 2005, shortly after signing of
the CPA.
• Goal: to support the GoSS in expanding primary
education, primary health and water & sanitation
services to communities recovering from conflict
• Purpose: to expand coverage and usage of
these services in Southern Sudan.
BMB Mott MacDonald
BSF: What is the BSF/BSF-IA?
Millennium Development Indicators and BSF:
BMB Mott MacDonald
Net enrollment ratio in primary education
Ratio of girls to boys in primary education
Under-five mortality rate
Maternal mortality ratio
Proportion of births attended by skilled health
Proportion of population with sustainable
access to improved water sources
Proportion of population with sustainable
access to improved sanitation
BSF: What is the BSF/BSF-IA?
1st Round
6 NGOs, 8 million GBP (DFID)
January 2007 – BMB MottMacDonald was contracted by DFID to
manage the fund from Juba (BSF Secretariat)
2nd Round
8 NGOs, 9 million GBP (DFID)
3rd Round
24 NGOs, 21.1 million GBP (DFID plus
Governments of The Netherlands,
Norway and Canada)
March 2010 – BMB MottMacDonald was awarded a new contract to
manage the BSF-IA fund from Juba (BSF-IA Secretariat)
4th Round
BMB Mott MacDonald
33 NGOs, 30.5 million GBP (DFID,
Netherlands, Norway, Sweden)
BSF-IA: Organogramme and website
Donors: DFID Lead Donor +
Netherlands, Norway, Sweden
Government of Southern Sudan:
Steering Committee
BSF Secretariat
(BMB Mott MacDonald)
BSF-IA Grant Recipients
BMB Mott MacDonald
Start up new Projects:
Contract & General Conditions
• Update Contract:
Contracts are issued in duplicate
hard copy from Arnhem
All contracts start 1st July 2010 and
end 31st December 2011
Contracts include Project Proposal,
Proposal Addendum, Budget,
Logframe and Target Tables
• General Conditions available on
BMB Mott MacDonald
Start up new Projects:
Financial reporting
• Financial reporting:
- Reporting is on a monthly basis and
Cover letter + “Form B”+ transaction list
Invoice Cover note format.doc
BSF Form B_300101_0 revised.xls
transaction list example.xls
exchange rates inforeuro june 10 2.xlsx
-Soft and hard copies to be sent to the
BSF Secretariat Juba Office or the
Arnhem HQ by the 10th of each month
-- Please note that Form B budget lines
should be the same as in the contract
BMB Mott MacDonald
Start up new Projects –
Financial reporting
• Financial reporting:
- Budget revisions are possible throughout
the grant period, and may be proposed by
the BSF Secretariat or the Grant Recipient
-budget revision.xls
-Spending forecasts are required each
-Quarterly Forecast Form 0909.xls
-- Asset registration to be kept throughout
the grant period and documentation of asset
transfer submitted at the close of the period
Copy of Annex 3 BSF Assets exceeding GBP 1000.xls
BMB Mott MacDonald
Start up new Projects –
Financial reporting
- Interim audit after 9 to 12 months, only
the management letter required
- Tripartite meeting to develop action
plan on the management letter
- Final audit by 31st January 2012
(3 hard copies)
- Audit ToR being revised – will be on
the BSF website by September 2010
BMB Mott MacDonald
Start up new Projects:
Monitoring & Evaluation
- Each Grant Recipient is assigned a sector-specific
BSF Lead Monitor and a Second BSF Monitor
- All correspondence with the BSF Secretariat
should be through these 2 monitors (contact details
are included at the end)
- Your BSF Monitor(s) will conduct periodic
monitoring visits to your implementation sites
- BSF will organise workshops from time to time
where Grant Recipients can report on and share
lessons learnt
BMB Mott MacDonald
Start up new Projects:
Monitoring & Evaluation
Quarterly Progress Reports (QPRs)
These will be submitted electronically by each Grant
Recipient to their BSF Monitors by the 15th of each
month following each quarter.
BMB Mott MacDonald
Start up new Projects:
Monitoring & Evaluation
The BSF Secretariat is still working on an updated QPR format that
will be distributed in September 2010.
The report will include details on the following, as applicable:
Construction progress and service delivery
Gender disaggregated beneficiary numbers
Trainings (GoSS category of training, numbers by gender trained,
days by gender trained, level of training attained, impact of
Policy and adherence to GoSS standards
Inclusion of government entities / ongoing government capacity
Participation in State and County meetings, fora, etc.
BMB Mott MacDonald
Start up new Projects:
Evaluation and donor visits
• Evaluation in March 2011 by DFID
Juba – Rachel Grant
• Donor visits:
Grant Recipients will be notified in
advance of any donor visits.
BMB Mott MacDonald
Technical guidelines:
In-service teacher training (ISTT):
GoSS-MoE curricula will be used – available in soft copy from
BSF Secretariat or from GoSS-MoE Department of Teacher
GoSS-MoE required training length for one ISTT Stage is 3
months training in every 12 month period
ISTT should be conducted in CECs where available
Selection of teachers and monitoring of training sessions will be
done together with the SMoEs and CEDs
Specific efforts will be used to ensure gender inclusivity
BMB Mott MacDonald
Technical guidelines:
Construction of primary schools:
All schools will include: 8 classrooms; offices; staff room; store;
separate latrines for boys (min. 4 stances), girls (min. 4
stances) and teachers (min. 2 stances); safe water point
Extra features that may be included: private washing facilities for
girls; fences; dormitories; teachers’ accommodation (esp. at
remote schools); access for special needs students; guttering
GoSS-MoE guideline drawings available on BSF website:
All contracted construction must be through documented
advertised tender, with min. 3 quotes required and 1 selected
Plan well in 18 months: geography, soil type, wet season,
BMB Mott MacDonald
Technical guidelines:
Target PTAs, Boards of Governors, payam officials and CED
staff for professional skills development for education
The SMoE and/or CED (as appropriate) should be included in
implementation “from conception to burial” – i.e. in planning,
selection, implementation, monitoring, capacity building,
exit/entry strategy and evaluation.
“Organic” capacity building: “learning by assisted doing” – e.g.
Grant Recipients should support GoSS-MoE at all levels,
especially in communications and material dissemination.
This instead of a “workshopized” training approach to
BMB Mott MacDonald
Technical guidelines:
Comprehensive health services (BPHS) delivery at
community, PHCU, PHCC and CHD levels.
Aim at County-wide coverage of health services
Capacity building of County Health Departments
Coordination with MoH at County and State levels
Strengthen governance structures (e.g. Village Health
Training (formal and in-service) of health workers;
Inclusion of supportive watsan (clean water,
sanitation etc.) at all health facilities / services.
BMB Mott MacDonald
Technical guidelines:
HEALTH – Service Standards
Comprehensive health services include:
• in- and outpatients care,
• EPI (static and outreach),
• antenatal , obstetrics- and neonatal care,
• family planning/reproductive health services,
• nutrition support,
• community malaria control (LLITN distribution etc.)
• HIV/AIDS control (VCT etc.),
• strengthen Health Management Information Systems
• structured supervision (with check-lists)
• human resources deployment and –development
BMB Mott MacDonald
Technical guidelines:
HEALTH - Principles
• Recognition of MoH (or civil society partner if agreed) as owner
of facilities and services.
• Facilitate health information flow from/to facilities to/from CHD.
• Adhere to MoH reporting formats.
• Participate in coordination meetings of MoH at County and
State levels; and in NGO health forum.
• Consult with MoH at CHD and State for construction of health
facilities; ensuring minimum service norms.
• Equip Boma/Village Health Committees for facility governance
• Capacity building of County Health Departments (in some
cases also Civil Society partners) preparing for handover.
BMB Mott MacDonald
Technical guidelines:
WATSAN – New Water Points
• Preparation and contracting
– Hydro geological map available on the website
(including saline aquifers)
– Independent geophysical survey everywhere (in
basement area geo-electrical profiling for at least 750
meters, 10 metre interval, and 3 electrical soundings).
– Small field report on water quality issues
– Geophysical survey report and field report to be handed
in at BSF secretariat, before drilling starts.
– BSF also pays for dry boreholes (lower unit prices)
– Open tender procedure (in case below GBP 100,000; 3
quotations is also sufficient)
– Example contract on website
– BoQ versus unit prices, BoQ encouraged
BMB Mott MacDonald
Technical guidelines: WATSAN
– New Water Points
• Community involvement (for all new water points)
– Establishment/ training WMC before construction starts
– Involvement of women (focus group discussions, etc)
– Agreement before drilling starts on maintenance (fencing)
and cost recovery. Include in these discussions local
leaders and county officials.
– Pump mechanics appointed before drilling starts
• Construction
– MoWRI/ UNICEF technical guidelines are on our website
(also for haffir, RWH, latrines, etc)
– Independent supervision!! BSF secretariat will organize a
drilling supervision course in September.
– Drilling process should include 3 hours of pump testing.
– Keep drilling log while drilling
BMB Mott MacDonald
Technical guidelines: WATSAN
– New Water Points
• Water quality (also for rehab)
– MoWRI/ UNICEF guidelines are available on the
website. We strongly recommend to test all parameters.
– BSF secretariat pays for bad water quality borehole,
however not for pump, and need to look for alternative
• Reporting (County, State, GoSS, BSF)
BMB Mott MacDonald
Geophysical survey report
Water quality field report
Drilling log form (see website)
Pump test graph and data
Water quality form (see website)
QPR and training table
Rehabilitation field report
Technical guidelines:
WATSAN – Rehab & Hygiene
• Rehab water points
– Field report beforehand
– Rehab. should include flushing and pump testing
– Otherwise repair (report then on repair)
• Hygiene promotion
– Easy to focus on hardware
– However behavioral change needs time, therefore
start with intensive program from the beginning
– Include women and youth (or have separate
meetings/ sessions)
– Consider the different backgrounds and therefore
needs (IDPs, indigenous, etc)
– Follow up visits and monitor on this
BMB Mott MacDonald
Keep BSF informed of main (in)security facts and
risks impacting your project. BSF can then justify
changes in your targets and budget, if necessary.
In the case of serious insecurity risks to your project:
BSF informs the Steering Committee, DFID and the
Joint Donor Office.
Scenario planning based on different security
prospects (e.g. the planned Referendum Jan. 2010)
gives points for discussion with BSF if the need to
change implementation plans arises.
BMB Mott MacDonald
BMB Mott MacDonald
Any other business
• Questions?
BMB Mott MacDonald
• Team Leader: Kate Louwes
0955 150 343 [email protected]
• Finance Manager: Allard Jansen
0955 150 344 [email protected]
• Primary Health: Wim Groenendijk
0955 018 818 [email protected]
• Primary Education: Nicholas Ramsden
0910 470 357 [email protected]
• WATSAN: Geerte van der Meijden
0955 012 680 [email protected]
BMB Mott MacDonald

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