By: Emily C., Mariana D., Edward S., &
Nick W.
By: Emily, Nick, & Edward
Human Environment Interaction is how the
word affects us and how we affect the world.
Environment in Cuba is mountain, beach, and flat
elsewhere. Humans in Cuba have adapted to the
environment by using rivers to fish and get water.
Humans modified the Cuban environment by building
dams out of mud to store water. Cubans depend on the
environment by getting the medicine out of plants to
cure people. Effects of changes in the environment are
the moving of the meadow animals.
By: Mariana D.
By: Emily C.
Cuba has human and physical characteristics like
any other place in the world. Human characteristics are
how is the land used? The land is mostly used for
farming like citrus fruits and wheat. Also what is the
population of Cuba? There are about 11,224,761
people in Cuba recorded this year. Physical
characteristics are what type of landforms are there?
There are oceans, flat farm land, and mountains.
Another physical characteristic is climate. The climate in
Cuba is tropical. It’s always hot with temperatures of 22
degrees Celsius through 27 degrees Celsius. Those are
the human and physical characteristics of place.