The 5 Themes of Geography for
BY: Rachel Lindquist, Kit Linger, Ryan Zink,
Michael Purdon, and Raina Rindani
The location of Egypt is 30 Degrees N, 30
degrees E. That is also the location exact of
one the tips of the three pyramids. The
continent that Egypt is in is Africa. Egypt is in
the north-eastern hemisphere. The countries
that border Egypt are Libya, Chad, Sudan and
Israel. Egypt is south of the Mediterranean sea
and is bordered by the Red Sea. Those are the
locations of Egypt.
Egypt is located in Africa. The
Egyptians speak Arabic. Egypt has
many customs. One is when invited to
another person’s house, salting food is
rude and asking for seconds is a
compliment. The population of Egypt is
82,999,393. The Egyptian religion is
Muslim. Egypt has the Nile River
running through it.
Humans have affected Egypt’s environment in
both positive and negative ways. The Egyptian
environment consists of deserts, dry land and the
River Nile. Some ways humans have adapted include
farming and irrigating land along the Nile. Humans
depend on the river as it is their source of water
used for bathing, cooking, drinking and irrigation. It
also provides them fish to eat. Humans have modified
the land by dumping their sewage into the water, and
have caused severe pollution. The Egyptians had built
the Aswan Dam in the 1960’s to prevent the annual
flooding of the Nile River. But after the completion
of the dam, the soil was lacking essential nutrients
causing people to use fertilizers spreading harmful
Description of place
The landforms in Egypt are
Deserts such as The Blue Desert,
The Eastern Desert, Rivers such as
The Nile River, Seas such as the
Mediterrainian sea, and The Red
Sea. The Climate is hot and dry. The
Land is used for farming and lots
of other stuff. The population is
80,999,393 people.
Egyptian Movement
Egypt imports corn, phones and weapons from the US . Egypt exports natural gas, cement,
cotton and fertilizer. Egyptians travel using boats, automobiles, rail roads and a subway. They
communicate using newspapers, mail, radio’s, TV’s, phones and the Internet (NILE ONLINE).
They dress in dress’s and robes and use kohl eyeliner.