Our collections…
A range of prestige tours and safaris created for discerning travellers who expect the
highest level of personalisation, service and attention to detail. After all, we are not just
providing a luxury tour, we have a greater role: we are introducing your guests to Dubai.
From our selection of the legendary Mercedes G-Wagon, the level of service from our
Safari Guides, the fine dining experience and the breath-taking private desert setting
inside the grounds of a royal desert retreat; this will be a once in a lifetime experience.
These elements form the foundation of our Platinum Collection.
Our collections…
From our private collection of museum quality Land Rover vehicles to our Bedouin camp
using natural wood and stone, nestled inside the privacy of a royal desert retreat.
We will prepare Emirati dishes using traditional recipes, demonstrate heritage
entertainment and will explore the wildlife and the natural habitat of the Conservation
Reserve. These elements form the foundation of our Heritage Collection.
Platinum Heritage
Our Fleet - Mercedes G-Wagon and classic 1950’s Land Rovers
Platinum Heritage
Our Tours
Platinum (Mercedes G-Wagon)
Wildlife Drive
Safari & Breakfast with a Bedoiun
Dinner Safari (Private camp)
Royal Falcon Experience
Morning Mercedes Chauffeur Drive
Heritage (Land Rover)
Wildlife Drive
Safari & Breakfast with a Bedoiun
Dinner Safari (Heritage camp)
The Art of Falconry
Heritage Land Rover City Drive
Platinum Heritage
Wildlife Drive through the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve
Platinum Heritage
Group and Private Falconry
Platinum Heritage

platinum collection