Geography Project
Topic: Market Gardening
Teacher :Kalpana
Market Gardening is the growing of fruit and
vegetable for sale in the local market
What is Intensive Farming ?
 Intensive Farming is the farming on a small
piece of land using high inputs of labour and
capital to produce high output per hectare.
 The
Natural Input Of
Market Gardening Are
Light / Heat ,Rainwater ,Soil and Land
The Human Input Of Market
Workers ,Seeds ,Irrigation ,Fertilisers
,Pesticides, Machineries and Capital
 Output Of Farm are
Rice, Vegetables And Fruits
Can Get Good Prices For Crops
 Can Get Many Type Of Crops
 Farmer Has Good Steady Income Throughout
The Year
High Wages To Be To Foreign Workers
 It Did Not Attract Locals To Work In The
 Farmer Need To Buy Expensive Fertilizers
 Farmer Need To Buy Expensive Pesticides To
Protect Crops.
Crops Will Wilt Quickly Due To High Temperature
There are Two Types Of Market
Gardening in Brunei:
-Hydroponics Farming
-Traditional Market Gardening
High Wages are need to paid to foreign workers
High Expenses? Why
It is because Farmers need to buy expensive
fertilizer and pesticides
Solution To The Problems :
Encourages Family Members to involve in marker
gardening ,therefore ,it can reduce high payment of
wages to foreign workers
Use of Natural Fertilizers from animal waste
,example Chicken Dung and Cow Dung
Use Pest Trap To Trap Insects
Use Net to Cover To Protect From The Receiving
Direct Sunlight