Congo River (Zaire River)
By: Dongin Oh
• It is located in Democratic Republic of
Congo. It flows through following
countries, they are: Zaire, Angola, Zambia,
Cameroon and Tanzania. Congo river
flows through these major cities they are
Novobirsk, Barnaul, Mogochin and
• Estuary of Congo is located in Matadi
which is in Democratic Republic of
Congo. There are mangrove forests abut
the outer estuary. The shallow inner
estuarine region is dissected into
channels with associated islands and
swamps. Congo river flows to Atlantic to
Atlantic ocean
• Congo river is 2920 miles long, it is tenth
longest river in the world. It is also
deepest river in the world. Length affects
to transportation because it is long river.
People transportation for both good and
Key Features
• River flows for the most part of equator,
the area around is vey hot. Much of land
surrounding the river is rainforest. In
addition, insects such as mosquitoes and
gnats are prevalent in hot, humid
• Congo river is home to hundreds of
animals including hippos, manatees,
water snakes, crocodiles, tortoises, pigs,
elephants and over 200 kinds of fish. So
me parts of the surrounding land are full
of long grass called "barnyard grass." Ma
ny animals graze in this tall grass, includi
ng buffalo, antelopes, zebras, gazelles, an
d giraffes.
Pictures of animals
• Aruwimi river, Kasai river, Lomami river, Lualaba
river and Ubangi are tributaries of Congo river.
Aruwimi river is located in Central Africa,
Lomami river is located in Democratic Republic
of Congo, Lualaba river is located in Democratic
Republic of Congo and Ubangi river is located in
Central Africa. Shape of tributaries is interesting
because Congo looks like trunk of the tree and
tributaries look like branches. Tributaries provide
the Congo basin with an overall stability against
variations in rainfall.
Dams, meanders, bridges and
• In Congo river there are four following dams they
are: Inga 1, Inga 2, Inga 3 and Grand Inga. Meanders
flows through Central Africa and slides down again.
There is one famous bridge is called Matadi bridge.
There are 30 waterfalls, one of famous waterfall is
called Inga falls. Grand Inga and Matadi bridge is
important. Grand Inga is important because it is
most powerful power generating dam ever. It
generates nearly twice as more than Three Gorges
Dam. Matadi is a suspension bridge in part of
Matadi, Democratic Republic of Congo. It has a main
span of 520m, crossing the Congo river. It links the
parts of Boma and Banana.
How river is used
• River is used for transportation, tourist
attraction, watering plants and fishing. It
affects people’s daily lives by watering
plants everyday, raising money from
attracting tourists.
Health of the river
• Source of the river is polluted and main river is
polluted. Source pollution is derived from soil
erosion and municipal wastes. Main river is
polluted because of transportation. Fishes in the
river are affected because in the river there are
some oil inside which is by the boats. People are
affected by polluted air and dirty water. Pollution
is caused by boats for transportation, but they
need to transport because there aren’t many
roads in Zaire so most of travelling is done on
Congo river. Actually Congo river is Africa’s main
navigational system.
Special facts
• Congo river is unique because shape of the
river looks like a “n”. It is different from
other rivers in the word because river forms
most of the border between Zaire and
Democratic Republic of Congo. River drains
more than 1,600,000 square miles of the
land. The river has a width in a range of 0.5
to 10 miles. It is also the deepest river in th
e world, with measured depths in excess of
230 m (750 ft).
Q1: How does shape of cong river looks like?
Answer: It looks like a “n”
Q2: How wide is Congo river?
Answer: It is width in a range of 0.5 to 10 miles
Q3: What is other name for Congo river
Answer: Zaire river
Q4: Where is mouth of Congo river is located?
Answer: Matadi
Q5: Into what ocean it flows to?
Answer: Atlantic Ocean
Q6(extension): How long is Congo river in km?(one mile is
about 1.6km and Congo river is 2920 miles long)
• Answer: 4672km
The end
• Thank you for listening my presentation
and I hope you learn lots of facts about
Congo river!

Congo River (Zaire River)