The greatest changes visible in Dublin are in
the areas of industrial, residential and
commercial land use.
Throughout history different areas became
associated with one/two or more
functions…but….times change and so do
the uses of each area.
Rundown slum tenement housing has been redeveloped and renewed.
Example: Smithfield
Suburban villages now are new towns…
Example: Tallaght and Lucan
Run down areas along the quays were rebuilt with blocks, offices,
Example: Gasworks in Ringsend
Old dockyards near Custom House Quay….now IFSC
Jervis Street Shopping Centre………used to be a hospital
Stephens Green Shopping Centre……used to be a flea market
Loss of greenbelts to urban sprawl…..
La Defense…from old
factories and ports to
new commercial and
residential areas.
Parc de la Vilette…from
a large abbatoir to a new
science park.
1990’s inner city
• High
• Derelict land and
• Rundown
• Closed businesses
• Crime
Smithfield & Historic Area Rejuvenation Project
The aim of the Historic Area Rejuvenation Project
(HARP) is to enhance the quality of life for
residents, business and visitors around the
Smithfield and Henry Street areas of Dublin.
This project was started in 1996.
Objectives of HARP
• To create a better quality of life for all
residents and workers in the area
• To create business and residential areas
• To increase investment in housing and
• To create a mixture of house ownership
• To improve the image of the area and
attract new investment
• To create recreational spaces for all
Results of HARP so far….
Special tax-incentive scheme has attracted many
commercial, residential and mixed-use developments.
Revitalised community spirit among all residents.
The price of land in a city is based on
how much money can be earned from
that site.
The price people are prepared to pay for a
site is called Bid Rent.
Land values increase
towards the city centre
because the demand is
……..Grafton Street has consolidated its status as one of
the most expensive streets on the planet.
This week, global property consultancy Collier's
International reported it as the sixth dearest for
commercial rents -- putting it ahead of such notoriously
pricey cities as Hong Kong and Tokyo.
And despite a downturn in the economy, rents are set to
increase even further. It was reported earlier this year that
Bewley's Café is facing a rent rise of 93pc from €750,000 to
almost €1,475,000 a year, while McDonald's is facing a
staggered increase of 120pc -- from €520,000 to more
than €1.1
Strata = layers…..
Layers of society or grouping of people
People of the same
education or economic
background tend to live in
the same part of the city.

Land use change in Dublin