Central Kitsap Treatment Plant &
Kingston Treatment Plant
Planned Improvements
Commissioner Josh Brown
April 5, 2012
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Kitsap County Sewer Utility
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Central Kitsap Treatment Plant
•Built in 1979
•Treats flows from Poulsbo, Bangor, Keyport,
Silverdale, Central Kitsap UGA
•Capacity of 6.0 Million Gallons per Day
•2011 Average flow was 3.7 Million Gallons
per Day
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Central Kitsap Treatment Plant
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Central Kitsap Treatment Plant
•Plan to produce Class A water by 2016
•Joint Project with Silverdale Water to
install reclaimed water main from plant
toward Silverdale/Central Kitsap
•Purchased 40 Acres North of plant - 2011
•Wetland augmentation
•Water Distribution Infrastructure
•Greatly Reduce Nitrogen and other
chemical discharge to Puget Sound
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Kingston Treatment Plant
•Built in 2005
•Treats flows from Kingston UGA
•Capacity of 292,000 Gallons per Day
•2011 Average flow was 108,000
Gallons per Day
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Kingston Treatment Plant
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Kingston Treatment Plant
•2010 Environmental Feasibility Study
•Potential uses of Class A water near plant
•Use as irrigation water
•Adjacent undeveloped residential plat
•Adjacent Golf Course
•Augment Grover Creek via wetlands
•2011 Lab Analyses showed no or low
Endocrine Disruptors that harm aquatic
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Partnership Opportunities
•Central Kitsap Treatment Plant Customers
receive water from:
•Silverdale Water District
•North Perry Water District
•Public Utility District
•US Navy
•Several Smaller Districts
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Partnership Opportunities
•Manchester Treatment Plant –
•Manchester Water District
•Suquamish Treatment Plant
•Suquamish Tribe
•Public Utility District
•Kingston Treatment Plant
•Suquamish Tribe
•Public Utility District
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