Lycoming Landfill
Lycoming Landfill Trash
•Municipal Waste Management Services pick up garbage
•Transported to Lycoming Landfill
 Located on Route 15
 9 miles south of Williamsport
 25 miles north of Sunbury
Aerial View of Lycoming Landfill
•The left side of Route 15 is currently in the process of being filled
•The landfill will start dumping trash on the right side of the road
after the left side is filled
•The lower left corner is the Cogeneration Plant
 Landfill opened in 1978
 179.9 acres of permitted land
 Receives trash from Montour, Lycoming, Northumberland,
Columbia, and Union Counties
 Landfill receives about 1,100 tons per day
Double-lined Lagoon
 A lagoon system is located at the bottom of a landfill, which
collects garbage fluid called leachate
 Lycoming Landfill uses a double-lined lagoon
 Lagoon system has municipal waste, dirt and rocks placed on
top of it
 Government has very strict regulations because of potential
groundwater contamination
 Leachate is the fluid that collects at the bottom of the landfill
 Leachate is collected and pumped to Montgomery Sewage
Treatment Plant, which is pictured below
 Leachate poses a threat to the environment
 Groundwater is monitored regularly to check for
Landfill Gas
 Garbage produces 50% methane gas and 50% CO2
 Started flaring gas in 1988
 Produces energy
 Landfill
 Surrounding community
Cogeneration Plant
Transfer Station
 Sunbury has transfer stations that collect residential waste,
tires, drywall, construction and scrap metal
 Waste is transferred directly to the Lycoming Landfill
 Here is a transfer station in Northumberland County
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