Israel and Palestine
Current Issues
Key issues :
mutual recognition
water rights
control of Jerusalem
Israeli settlements
Palestinian freedom of movement
Mutual Recognition: Two State Solution
• A majority of Palestinians and Israelis view the
West Bank and Gaza Strip as an acceptable
location of the hypothetical Palestinian state in a
two-state solution.
Palestinian Government
• The Palestinian National Authority is split
between Fatah in the West Bank, and Hamas in
the Gaza Strip
• Result: reduction of strength of the Palestinian
National Authority and their ability to negotiate
Israeli Settlements
• In 1980, Israel annexed East Jerusalem
• 2009- Israel ordered a 10-month halt in permits
for new settlement homes in the West Bank. It
did not apply to East Jerusalem (which is not
recognized as being Israeli property)
• Palestinian officials refused to rejoin peace talks
unless a total building halt was imposed,
including in East Jerusalem.
Violent Response
• Thirteen Palestinian militant groups led by
Hamas initiated a violent campaign to disrupt
peace talks between Israel and the Palestinian
• The UN said that attacks on Palestinians by
Jewish extremists had nearly tripled during the
last two years.
• The Israeli government constructed a security
barrier in the northern part of the green-line
between Israel and the West Bank following
suicide bombings and terrorist attacks in July
• Terrorist acts have declined by more than
Border Disputes
• Occupied Palestinian Territory is the UN term
referring to the West Bank, East Jerusalem and
the Gaza Strip—territories captured by Israel
during the 1967 Six-Day War
• Disputed Territories is the Israeli government ‘s
term of the same territories
• Less Palestinian violence and growing economic
and security cooperation between Israel and the
Palestinian Authority resulted in the removal of
Israeli military check points and plans on
disengaging from major Palestinian population
• The Palestinian Authority has petitioned the
Israeli military to allow Jewish tourists to visit
West Bank cities to improve the Palestinian
• Mutual recognition- The Oslo peace process was
based upon Israel ceding authority to the
Palestinians to run their own political and economic
• It was also agreed that Palestinians would promote
peaceful co-existence, renounce violence and
promote recognition of Israel among their own
• Despite the Palestinian authority’s official
renunciation of terrorism and recognition of Israel,
some Palestinian groups continue to practice
violence and do not recognize Israel