The use of land rights and intermediate
technology solutions
What problems do Action aid claim to exist in
Take notes on how land rights have helped
people in Chemakolli
Take notes on how small scale enterprises and
intermediate technology help in Kukri Mukri
Locate both places on a map
Your case study from your book is Kukri Mukri - a small
island in the Ganges delta of Bangladesh. This is a rice
farming subsistence area with poor access to local markets.
Action Aid worked with these people on many ways, but
one of those was to provide classes in literacy, duck
breeding, introducing new crops and intermediate
technology pumps. This involved drilling tube wells for
villages that did not have access to fresh water. Once the
wells were drilled down to unpolluted ground water layers
the technology t raise the water is simple and robust. The
pump can be run without expensive water supplies and
maintenence can be done by local people. Spares are cheap.
I think this is really useful
Which do you prefer? For where? Which
startegy for raising food production is best for
the environment? For producing food? For
sustainability? For local people? For the global
food production markets?

Non-high tech solutions to food supply problems