A system for enhancing yourself in all
area of life
Fundamental law
Karma & Vastu
• Home is a place where all the family members
have to live out their Karma. Hence the
constructions of a home needs very great
attention and detailed control.
• Vastu accounts for 33% of our existence. Now
it is very popular and most people believe in
its powerful effects.
Earth Energies
• Mother earth sustains us, all types of animals,
plants and vegetation and everything that
exists on it.
• The earth has both: “Life giving” as well as
“destructive energies” in varying intensities.
Some places are suitable for humans to live
• The earth has varying
ground energies, in
ancient times people
would build their home
at places where their
cattle grazed. It was
considered a positive
Compatibility with the land
• A piece of land suitable for one person need
not be suitable for another. Hence within the
same family too, people suffer.
• Compatibility of land with the owner or even a
builder is a must. We specialize in this area.
• We conduct 24 checks before concluding
about the compatibility.
Excessive construction distorts the earth’s
natural magnetic forces
Power of Magnetism
• The body’s magnetism is one billionth of
earth’s magnetic field of 0.5 gauss, hence one
can imagine the effect of a small change in
magnetic intensity on us.
• Astrologer calculate the effect of nakshatras
on the human beings and how they change
our life in every way.
Star constellations thousands of light years away
affect us magnetically.
Vastu primarily deals in
unseen energies.
• Sages have spoken of 32
different energies
entering a home.
• All the energies have
different qualities, some
of these are useful and
others harmful.
Vastu primarily deals in
unseen energies.
• The energies coming
from below the earth
and the cosmos above
are also to be included.
• The 5 great elements
play a big role both in
physical and cosmic
Other Energies Affecting Us
• Underground water, minerals, heat and
direction of movement of energy.
• Environmental energies.
• Distribution of air, water, fire, earth and space
elements in cosmic form.
• The geometry of the construction and the
Effect on the body
• When the energy of the earth is lower than that of
the human body, it absorbs, sucks and lowers a
persons energy level.
• A person living or working in low energy
environment becomes tired and easily irritated.
Underground water is another source
of disturbance to the body
Direction of flow is important.
It creates unhealthy resonance
with the human body
Underground streams / wells
Their effect on human bio-field
Long exposure effects
• The initial disturbance is
electromagnetic in
nature which ultimately
lowers the immune
system and the
communication system
of the body, resulting in
What we do?
• Firstly the place under consideration is
analyzed for:
• All the 32 energies entering a place as per
vastu rules.
• Then 24 checks are carried out for various
types of ground energies for their good and
harmful effects.
• The Hartman and curry grids are measured.
What we do?
• Check for presence and
effect of underground
water streams.
• Ley lines
• Imbalance of elements
The Tools
• Measurements are done with the help of
Lecher antenna, dowsing rods, Laser, Gauss
meter and Bovis scale.
The Process
• Earth Healing is done by converting negative
earth energy to positive. This is a patented
• Positive energy is amplified and brought up to
49,500 Bovis.
• Gem stones as used where required.
The Process
• Special Pyramids are used to block the flow of
negative energy from the south.
• These pyramids unlike other pyramids are
designed to cancel the horizontal component
of negative green which is harmful to human
The Process
• Special devices are used to push the negative
energy out of the place with full force.
• All the elements are balanced in suitable
proportions as shown in our presentation
“Vastu and the Golden Ratio”
• Suitable metals are used depending on the
requirement of the land.
• The energy is made to move in a clockwise
Result of corrections
Balanced place with a balanced mind.
Children able to concentrate & focus better.
Body is continuously healed by the earth.
Healed earth creates a balanced and a strong
personal electromagnetic field which protects us
from psychic attacks.
• Makes a Kavach around the people. Good for all
people residing or working in that place.
• Improvement in dynamic energy & digestion.
• Peace of mind.
Result of corrections
• In offices one can expect good command
and control.
• Possible to create a dominating position for
• Better and faster decision making.
• Better financial results.
Areas of specialization
• Compatibility of land / house or office with the
owner/ Managing Director / Chairman
• Check the compatibility of the land with the person
constructing the building.
• Check the land with respect to all the partners. [For
small JV projects]
• Healing the earth and countering the bad effects of
all types of harmful underground energies.
Areas of specialization
• Special solutions to cancel the
electromagnetic radiations of cell towers,
electrical gadgets, microwave ovens and
other harmful EM radiations from wi-fi
devices etc.
Testing the results of Earth Healing with Kinesiology
Testing the results with Gas Discharge
Visualisation technique of Dr. Kortokov Russia
Aura of a person seen as reduced
& weakened in a stressed place.
Weakened Aura becomes normal
after earth healing
We thus create a healthy living space
for a better tomorrow
You are now on correct road leading to
your destination
Mr. Ashok Sachdev.
• Mr. Ashok Sachdev is an
electrical engineer
• He specializes in unseen
energies of the earth and
the human aura.
• He has been working in
this area since the last 17
• The products designed for
vastu corrections are in line
Mr. Ashok Sachdev. with the mathematical
harmony observed in nature.
• The amazingly powerful
products act strongly on the
cosmic forces thus producing
the desired results.
• Contact at : 9820001660
• Email :
[email protected]