Pursuing Sustainable Energy
Saint Lucia
Neranda Maurice
Sustainable Development & Environment Officer
Ministry of Physical Development & the
Government of Saint Lucia
Presentation Outline
 Policy & legislative context
 Main Policy tenets
 Major achievements to date
 Realities & Challenges
 Opportunities for investment- clean technology
 Ethanol Plant Expansion
 Street lighting using clean technology
 Solar cooling Public Building e.g. HIA
Policy & Legislative Context
 1999- Cabinet conclusion promoting use of Renewables
 2009- Drafting instruction for Review of Electricity Supply Act
 2009- Blueprint for the establishment of a regulatory authority
 2010- National Energy Policy endorsed by Cabinet
 2010 & ongoing- Review of the Electricity Supply Act
Main Policy Tenets
 Energy security and reliability;
 Diversification of the energy base;
 Exploitation of indigenous renewable energy resources;
 Higher efficiency in energy production, conversion and use of
energy with the overall objective of reducing energy intensity;
 Reduction of adverse environmental effects and pollution;
Major achievements to date
 Power utility & Government collaboration to develop a wind farm
 Agreement with Qualibou Inc. pursue geothermal
 Utility & Qualibou Inc. Term Sheet
 Photovoltaic penetration
 Emerging ESCOs/Energy Consulting firms
 Industry technicians trained in
energy audits
 Reviewing draft Geothermal Bill
 Growing public awareness & demand
for EE and RE technologies
 PV net metering demonstration
Realities & Challenges
 Delays in the establishment of a wind farm
 Land dispute
 Delays in geothermal development
 Recently re-negotiated TORs with Qualibou Inc.
 Extended policy process
 Limited financing to carry out energy education and awareness
activities on a continuous basis
 Initial challenge with getting utility to embrace unconventional
 Limited capacity to assess emerging technologies.
 Financing for initial capital outlay for RE & EE retrofits
 Access to EE technologies locally
Opportunities for investmentClean Technology
10Kw grid connected photovoltaic system
at National Trust Building, Pigeon island
 Applied Renewables Caribbean Inc.
 IDEAS Energy innovation US$200,000
 Raw material: waste bananas
 Pilot phase
 Investment to move project beyond
pilot phase.
Street Lighting
 Clean energy street lighting project
 Conceptual phase
 Justification: To reduce electricity bill of the Government of Saint Lucia by
reducing the amount paid for street lighting. And to increase RE penetration.
Solar Cooling
•Solar cooling project HIA & other public building
•Project in conceptual phase, efforts to secure funding for feasibility study
 Justification: To demonstrate the use of large scale solar cooling

Pursuing Sustainable Energy in St. Lucia