By Jamin Stewart
Fatigue is a general lack of
alertness and degradation in mental
and physical performance.
Fatigue in aviation
Fatigue causes a pilot to fall asleep
while in flight or it can affect
alertness during takeoff and landing.
The Federal Aviation
Administration (FAA ) and the
National Transportation Safety
Board (NTSB) have proposed
sweeping changes to ensure the
safety of pilots, crew members and
passengers so accidents like this will
not happen.
NTSB (National
Safety Board)
The National Transportation Safety
Board (NTSB) is an independent
federal accident investigation
agency. Since its creation
in 1967, the Safety Board’s mission
has been to determine the
probable cause of transportation
accidents and to formulate
safety recommendations to improve
transportation safety.
The Safety Board’s mission is to determine the
probable cause of:
all U.S. civil aviation accidents and certain
public-use aircraft accidents;
selected highway accidents;
railroad accidents involving passenger trains or
selected freight train accidents that result in
fatalities or significant property damage;
major marine accidents and any marine accident
involving both a public and a nonpublic vessel;
pipeline accidents involving fatalities, substantial
property damage, or significant environmental
selected accidents resulting in the release of
hazardous materials in any mode of
transportation; and
selected transportation accidents that involve
problems of a recurring nature or are
The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
is responsible for ensuring the safety of
civil aviation; it is functions as agency
within the US Department of
The Federal Aviation Act of 1958 created
the Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) and
gave it broad authority to combat aviation
hazards as well broad rulemaking power.
In addition, the FAA has sole
responsibility for developing and
maintaining a common civil-military
system of air navigation and air traffic
control. In 1968, Congress gave the FAA
the power to set aircraft noise standards.
Today, the agency's mission is "to provide
the safest, most efficient aerospace
system in the world."
Mrs. Christina Reale for letting me get an behind the
scenes look at Syracuse International Airport and
everyone else that
Charles Everett for getting me the behind the scenes
access to Syracuse John Hancock International Airport
My mom and dad for driving me all the way up to
Syracuse, New York
Miss Kim for helping me with this project
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