FNS SNAP Retailer
NOVEMBER 7, 2013
Food and Nutrition Service
Mission Statement: FNS
works with our partners to
get nutritious food to
people in need.
Regional Operations and
Support (ROS)
Office of the
Nutrition Education Advisor
Supplemental Nutrition
Assistance Program
Retailer Policy and
Management Division
Retailer Operations
SNAP, Retailer Policy and Management Division
Andrea Gold, Director
[email protected]
Retailer Administration
(Includes Intake Center*)
Shelly Pierce, Chief
[email protected]
•responsible for ensuring
that business processes are
effective , provides systems
and data support .
Retailer Management and
Issuance Branch
Shanta Swezy, Chief
[email protected]
•provides direction, policy
guidance, coordination, and
assistance in the areas of
retailer management policy
and EBT issuance .
Retailer Quality Assurance
Dan Wilusz, Chief
[email protected]
* responsible for evaluating the
quality of processes,
procedures, and actions within
retailer management; oversight
role over the effectiveness of
retailer systems, operations ,
policy, and personnel.
The Retailer Policy and Management Division is responsible for
managing the policy framework within which SNAP retailers participate
(i.e. - legislation, regulations , internal and external policy guidance), for
electronic benefit transfer (EBT), and SNAP benefit redemption.
Administrative Review Branch
Vicky Robinson, Chief
[email protected]
•provides the final Agency
administrative review of
retailer sanctions, State claims,
Quality Control arbitration.
ROS, Retailer Operations Division (ROD)
Neva Terry, Director
[email protected]
Retailer Operations Branch
Ron Gwinn, Chief
[email protected]
•Manages all authorization
/reauthorization functions
Retailer Case Screening Branch
Irene Fuoco, Chief
[email protected]
*Centralized clearing house for
reviewing and prioritizing all
stores identified as potential
The Retailer Operations Division handles operational
aspects of SNAP retailer management including
authorization, reauthorization, administration and
compliance activities/actions.
Retailer Investigative Analysis
Andrew Furbee, Chief
[email protected]
•Responsible for working all
investigative analysis cases
Retailer Investigations Branch
Keith Jabati, Chief
[email protected]
•Responsible for conducting all
undercover investigations of
stores suspected of program