Continuation of Daniel 10 and 11
Vs 1 At that time – Which part of the Statue of
Daniel 2 are we currently in?
Vs 2 One to Everlasting Righteousness and one
to everlasting contempt.
Time, times and half a time
Time = 1 year or 360 days
 Times = 2 years or 720 days
 Half a time = Half a year or 180 days
 360 +720+180=1260.
First introduced to us in Daniel 7:25, regarding
Papal Romes Reign which started in 538AD to
1798 AD.
Therefore the time of the end started in 1798.
Vs 11 1290 days is 1290 years.
Is 1798 is the time of the end as mentioned in this
chapter. Taking 1290 from 1798 would bring us to
508 AD.
So what happened in 508 AD that relates to the
Abomination of Desolation and the taking away of
the Daily Sacrifice.
The Pope was Symmachus and he decreed that
“Gloria in excelsis Deo” will now be recited on
every Sunday as the opening hymn for the New
Eucharist rite.
This was to commemorate the restoring of the
Papal power under his rule. The Church in 496 AD
underwent the Laurentian Schism, which divided
the power of the church between Symmachus and
the priest Laurentius. The Schism was over the
control and patronage of church property.
Laurentius was the candidate supported by
Theodoric the Ostrogoth King and who wanted
control of church property to stay within the
control of the civil government.