Kool-Aid Radish Growth or Failure?
Nora Vanden Bush, Cody Dey; Plants animals and You; 6th hour; Marion High school
Radishes, like any other plant needs specific things
to grow. They follow in the carbon cycle. They will
take in Carbon dioxide and water to convert into
energy. This process is called photosynthesis. During
photosynthesis, they also produce sugar. Sugars
provide the energy plants need to grow as well as
providing genetic triggers to begin growth and
development at the cellular level. We think that if
we add sugar to the water we give to the plant, it
will increase the growth of the plant.
Discussion and Conclusion
We thought that with us using Kool-Aid instead of
water, our plant would grow bigger and better. In
the end we were correct. Our plant with the KoolAid grew much taller than the one with plain old
water. There may have been flaws as in any other
experiment, so if you would want a more accurate
reading you could do this same experiment on a
larger scale.
Get all your materials together. You will need:
-2 pots for planting
-6 radish seeds
2. We are using three radish seeds. Incase, one seed does not
grow, so we plant three seeds in each pot.
3. Put a reasonable amount of soil in each of your pots,
depending on the size of your pot.
4. Push three radish seeds in your soil about a half inch in for
both pots.
5. Choose one pot for your control and one pot for your KoolAid.
6. Your control pot should receive enough water so the soil of
your plant on top is damp.
7. Your Kool-Aid pot should receive the same amount of fluid
but you should use Kool-Aid instead of water.
8. Watch everyday and record your data on a graph.
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4

Koolaid Raddish Growth or Failure?