Global Warming and
Polar Bears
By: Bonnie Wylie
Table of Contents
How much has the earth warmed?
CO2=Life on Earth
What threatens Polar Bears
Global Warmers Propaganda
Is Global Warming harmful?
Is Global Warming melting the Ice Caps?
Is Global Warming affecting the polar
How much has the Earth Warmed?
The Earth has warmed by about 1.8ºF over the past 100 to 150
How can a one-degree increase in the global temperature
possibly gain acceptance as the source of recent weather and
translate into unlikely claims about future catastrophes and
the demise of polar bears?
“CO2 is in fact the most important airborne fertilizer in the
world, and without it there would be no green plants at
all. Even a doubling of CO2 would produce a rise in plant
productivity. It’s terrible that millions are being wasted
on a problem that doesn’t exist- money that could have
been used in better ways: fighting world hunger,
providing clean water or creating jobs.”
-David Bellamy, Botany Professor
Global Warmers claim polar bears
are being threatened by:
Air Pollution
Ice Caps Melting
Sea Level Rise
Global Temperature Rise
Polar Bears are Threatened by:
Arctic Storms, Natural Climate
Oil Spills
Toxic Chemicals
In the book "Cool It: the Skeptical
Environmentalist's Guide to Global Warming by
Bjorn Lomborg", the Danish professor states the
declining population in Canada's western Hudson
Bay, fell by 22% from 1194 in 1987 to 935 in 2004
and suggests the decline is due to hunting. Fifty
polar bears are shot each year.
• In 2005, the US Geological Survey of the Arctic
Refuge Coastal plain reported there are 19 polar
bear populations. Ten of them are near historic
• Biologist Mitchell Taylor of the Arctic community,
who tracks polar bears, says they are stable and
Global Warmers
• Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth allegedly provides evidence
that global warming is harmful and will cause major
• President Obama is committed to passing economically
devastating legislation that will do little to nothing to stop
global warming.
“The consequences of listing the polar bear on the
endangered species list will have widespread social
and economic impacts without providing any more
protection for the bears.”
- Sarah Palin, Alaska Governor
Not a week goes
by without some
news outlet
obsessing over
the devastating
effects of global
Global Warming Scare Tactics
Extreme Weather
Biodiversity Loss
Rising Seas
Threat to human health
Hurricane Katrina was just
one of a series of
devastating hurricanes in
2005, and the media
reported non stop about
how that was a glimpse of
things to come if humans
didn’t stop driving SUVs and
using air conditioners.
But then we didn’t hear
much when there were no
land-falling hurricanes in
“What changed in the United States with
Hurricane Katrina was a feeling that we have
entered a period of consequences.”
“There are no scientific studies that show a
conclusive link between global warming and
observed hurricane frequency and intensity.”
-Dr. Christopher Landsea
Research Meteorologist at the
National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration
“We live in the midst of alarms; anxiety
beclouds the future; we expect some new
disaster with each newspaper we read.”
-Abraham Lincoln
“All across the world, in every kind of environment and
region known to man, increasingly dangerous weather
patterns and devastating storms are abruptly putting an
end to the long-running debate over whether or not
climate change is real. Not only is it real, it's here, and
its effects are giving rise to a frighteningly new global
phenomenon: the man-made natural disaster.”
-Barack Obama
“There are many who still do not believe that global
warming is a problem at all. And it's no wonder:
because they are the targets of a massive and wellorganized campaign of disinformation lavishly
funded by polluters who are determined to prevent
any action to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions
that cause global warming out of a fear that their
profits might be affected if they had to stop
dumping so much pollution into the atmosphere.”
-Al Gore
For the amount of
carbon and gasoline
that Al Gore emits from
his private jet, the
average family could
travel back and forth
from Nashville to San
Francisco in a Station
Wagon 30 times, just to
equal Al Gores "damage
to the Planet" in one
April 1st, 2010
"It turns out that all that data was all fabricated out of thin air by Al Gore. I
am deeply ashamed for having unwittingly perpetuated such a massive
fraud on the governments of the world. I suppose that we should have
instituted some sort of peer-review process before publishing such
alarming conclusions.”
-Rajendra Pachauri, UN Climate Panel's Chair
How it all got started…
Al Gore’s Movie Inconvenient Truth Claimed:
• There is less ice and polar bears are drowning.
• Sea levels will rise 20 feet due to melting ice sheets.
• Four polar bears died during an Arctic storm and Gore
used this as “evidence” that global warming was killing
polar bears.
Al Gore Answers Questions
"Their habitat is melting... beautiful animals,
literally being forced off the planet. They're
in trouble, got nowhere else to go.”
-Al Gore
an Icon
for Global
Al Gore and the media use photos like these to
spread their propaganda to make money.
People Care
They Sell
Global Warming Commercial
Nissan Car Commercial
Is Global Warming affecting the
Polar Bears?
It is widely thought that the polar ice caps are melting, causing
sea levels to rise, which will result in the loss of cities along the
coast, as well as the majority of polar bears.
However, a study by Dr. David Legates, director of the
University of Delaware's Center for Climatic Research and
state climatologist, examines the claim that global warming
threatens to cause polar bear extinction and finds little basis
for fear. By and large, the study finds that polar bear
populations are in good shape.
Amanda Byrd, Australian marine biology student
took this photo on a field trip.
It was taken in August when the fringes of the
Arctic are suppose to melt, regardless of global
“They didn’t appear to be in any danger.”.
More and more countries around the
world that incorporate Arctic landscape
like the United States, Russia, Canada,
and Greenland, are pledging to work to
preserve the polar bear populations.
According to the US National Biological
Service, polar bear populations are thriving.
Numbers have more than tripled since 1950.
Polar Bears on Thin Ice: Not Really!
According to fossil records, there have been
polar bears on this planet for over
200,000 years. During that time period
there have been many periods where
temperatures were higher and Arctic ice
significantly declined (far below what the
UN IPCC is predicting for the next 100
years due to "global warming").
Arctic Temperature
From 1920 to 1940, the Arctic temps skyrocketed, warming by 4°C
in two decades ... about twice as much as the current rise since
1960, and in less time, and all without the benefit of CO2
What it all means….
• During the period of record 1880-present,
Arctic temperatures generally:
Rose for 60 years, to 1940.
Fell for 25 years, to 1965.
Rose for 40 years, to the present.
Were higher in the 30's and 40's than they are
Polar Bears have Survived:
The Medieval Warming
The Roman Warming
The Minoan Warming
And many other periods where the
temperatures were higher than
If the ice distribution changes, polar
bears move.
Height: 8 to 10 feet
Weight: Adult males 550-1700 lbs
Females: 200-700 lbs
Lifespan: 20 - 25 years
The long neck and narrow skull of the polar
bear aid in streamlining the animal in the
water, and the front feet are large, flat and oar
like. Studies, carried out in the Beaufort Sea,
show polar bears are excellent swimmers and
have been seen in open Arctic waters as far as
200 miles from land.
Sea Level Rising Rate
“In the past 150 years, the sea level has risen at a rate of 7
inches per century and is apparently not accelerating.”
-John Christy, Alabama State Climatologist, May 13th, 2003
Reasons for Sea Level Change:
Presence or absence of ice caps
Shape of continents
Shape of the sea level floor
Temperature of the Oceans
Molten Rocks to the sea floor
Ice Caps are Thickening
Dark green is in 2008
Bright green is in 2010
Reid Bryson: “The Father Of Scientific
Climatology” and the “Most Cited
“You can go outside and spit and have the same
effect as doubling carbon dioxide.”
“All this argument is the temperature going up or
not, it’s absurd. Of course it’s going up. It has gone
up since the early 1800’s before the Industrial
Revolution, because we’re coming out of the Little
Ice Age, not because we’re putting more carbon
dioxide into the air.”
65 Million Years Ago
15,000 Years Ago
This warming is one of
many kinds of climate
change that the Earth
has gone through in the
past and will continue to
go through in the future.
Climate Change
• The climate, just like the weather, changes.
• Climate has changed continually during the
last 4.6 billion years, since the age of the
• The Earth has been warming, with ups and
downs since the little ice age.
live on
2% of
land on
How is 2%
climate of
the other
“Humans on earth are
like a bug on a sequoia
tree, the bug is very
small and new in
comparison to a very
large and old tree.”
The “facts” behind Global Warming and
Polar Bear Hysteria:
•There is scientific consensus of global warming and the harm it’s
having on polar bears and their habitat : False
•The global warming we are experiencing is not natural. People are
causing it and it will have devastating consequences: False
•Glaciers and Ice Caps are melting and are the main contributor to
sea-level rise: False
•Global warming is causing Polar Bears to starve and drown: False
• Polar Bear populations won't be able to adapt to rapid climate
change: False, climate change isn’t rapid, it’s natural and comes in
Global Warming Scare
Contrary to what is heard in the media, by Al Gore or
by President Obama, there is overwhelming evidence
that the warming we are experiencing is natural, with
maybe a small amount contributed by man’s
activities. The polar bears are healthy and thriving
and like humans, they will continue to grow and
adapt to the environment in which they live.
• Plimer, Ian., 2009, Heaven and Earth, 198-199 pp.
• Hoffman, Doug., Simmons, Allen., The Resilient Earth, 1-30pp.
• Karlstrom, Eric., Catastrophic Man-Made Global Warming,
Power Point.
• How many polar bears are there estimated to
be alive at the present time??
• Where is the one place that has been studied
to have a decline in polar bear populations?
And what is the reason for the decline??
The End