Pacific Futures: Building Our Local Communities
Port Moresby, May 19-23, 2014
Improving Local
Service Delivery
Presented by
National Capital District Commission
PO Box 7270, Boroko
Presentation Outline
Brief on NCD as a province and NCDC
as a City Authority.
 Status of NCD as a province
 Challenges
 Improving Local Service Delivery
 The Way forward
Brief on NCD and NCDC
Land area of 250km2
Population: 340,000
Census 2022 (NCDC est:
22,000 land parcels.
Over 700km roads
Increase of illegal
MKA: only recognised
A province within Central
Dual role as Provincial
Govt and a City
Staff of over 500.
Operational budget of
K280 million.
Operates under
Has 11 Board
Status of NCD as a Province
NCD case is quite unique.
 NCD was setup by Section 4 of
Constitutional Act
 NCD is a province within a province.
 Surrounded by Central Province as seen
in the maps in the next slide.
 NCD is an URBAN province as
compared to other provinces
NCD vs Central Province
NCD as a province – cont’d
A Regional member and three (3) Open
members represent the City Residents
within the city.
 NCDC covers the city boundaries which
are the same areas covered by the
elected members.
 Only Motu Koita Villages are a recognized
LLG with elected councilors.
 Other 3 electorates have appointed
councilors by the Governor
Despite the whole city limits covered by
both NCDC and local politicians, there
are challenges:
◦ Influx of rural-urban migration placing high
demand for services.
◦ Unplanned settlements that affect our city
planning process.
◦ Duplication or overlapping of activities unless
projects are planned.
Challenges cont…
◦ Urban Planning :
 Local Development Plans not finalised yet.
◦ No proper city governance system
 No proper representation of people through Ward
systems and on NCDC Board.
NSP Southern Regional Workshop ......June
25-26, 2013
Improving Local Service Delivery
City is well covered by the city
authorities as well as the elected
members to the parliament.
 City Council is working closely with the
Open Members to facilitate services to
the city residents.
 Ensure that there is no duplication on
projects and services to the people.
Improving Local Service Delivery
Each open member is allocated K10
million in the first year of being elected
and decreases thereafter.
 Regional member gets K15 million in the
first year and decreases thereafter.
 The amount of K45 million is now
reflected in NCDC Annual budgets.
 To assist Local MPs, counterpart funding
from both parties are necessary
Sample Counterpart Fund Projects
Rehabilitation of Roads within the all
three electorates such as Pari Road in
Moresby South.
 Classroom constructions such as at
Sacred Heart in Moresby North West.
 Market construction such as Sabama
Market in Moresby South.
 TVET scholarships by Governor , Open
Members and NCDC.
The way forward….
Working closely with DPLLGA to develop
a new NCDC Organic Law which will
clearly define our existent as a Municipal
Authority or a Provincial Government.
 Maintain our Urban Safety programs
currently in progress.
Safe City Initiatives (Youths)
World Bank funded Youth program called
the “Urban Youth Employment
◦ A five year program that will provide at least
17,500 youths with basic training and life
◦ 2 major components that the youths will go
◦ Pilot projects have been trialled in Boroko
and Hanuabada areas.
Safe City Initiatives (Youths)
Yumi Lukautim Mosbi (YLM)
◦ Formerly an AusAID funded project but now
a NCDC owned project looking at involving
youths in sports, acquiring a life skill such as a
tradesman and safe meri ples for victims of
domestic violence.
◦ Supported by POM Chamber of Commerce
and Gini Goada Vocational School.
Safe City Initiatives (Youths)
TVET Scholarships
◦ Sponsoring school leavers to:
 vocational training school to learn a tradesman skill.
 Business training colleges or institutions to learn
basic clerical courses
 Complete secondary or tertiary schooling.
Adult Literary courses.
NSP Southern Regional Workshop ......June
25-26, 2013
Safe City Initiatives (Enforcement)
NCDC Reserve Police/Enforcement
◦ Address petty crimes in public places.
◦ Enforce planning and building eviction and
demolition notices.
◦ Enforce the ban on buai ban in public places.
◦ Enforce Health inspections in relations to hygiene,
food handling and cleanliness of shop fronts.
◦ Continuous awareness of littering and
implementation of the litter law.
NSP Southern Regional Workshop ......June
25-26, 2013
Safe City Initiatives (Women programs)
Safe Cities –UN Women Program
◦ Scoping study shows multiple forms of
violence against violence especially in market
◦ Initial scope to address safety for women
vendors but has extended to facilities
development and creating a safe environment
for all venders including men.
◦ Two interventions programs looking at
Gerehu and Gordons markets.
Thank you.
National Capital
District Commission
PO Box 7270