Fairtrade &
Fairmined Gold
Uniqueness of
Fairtrade & Fairmined Gold
Fairtrade and Fairmined certified Gold is the world’s
first independent certification system for gold and
associated precious metals
Guarantee of a product which has been responsibly
Exclusively available from artisanal small-scale miners
Clearly defined set of standards
Chain of custody system
Consumer certification mark
Artisanal and small-scale mining accounts for
90% of labour employed in gold extraction
Globally over 100 million people depend directly
or indirectly on ASM
A poverty driven livelihood (less than $2/day)
ASM is marginalized within the value chainreceiving only 15% of revenue generated
Ignored by all major policy makers, economists,
environmentalists and development theorists
Impact and benefits
Transparency & traceability in the supply chain
Progressive environmental responsibility- management of
toxic substances
Greater access to mineral wealth for miners
The minimum price limits exploitation by disreputable
traders and companies
Improved gender equality for women
Elimination of child labour
Standards for labour conditions
Health and Safety improvements
Premium payments direct to communities for their
development priorities
Targets for growth and
market share
February 2011 – launch of Fairtrade & Fairmined Gold
and Associated Precious Metals
Fairtrade and Fairmined 15 year vision- to capture 5%
of the gold jewellery market (approx 25 tonnes of
Target volume can be met from the projected supply of
certified ASM gold.
Key North American & European Markets
UK industry leading the global market in ethical
Benefits for Businesses
Transparent and traceable supply chain
Growing awareness of the FAIRTRADE Mark- 74% of
public recognise the Mark*
70% of consumers believe independent certification is
best way to verify a product’s ethical claims**
Added value- Buying jewellery for a special occasion
holds greater value and significance if it carries the
Fairtrade and Fairmined Marks***.
Access to growing ‘ethical’ consumer base
UK leading innovation- all sectors of the industry
The best ‘gold story’ in the world
* Kantar,Omnibus, March 2010
** Globescan, January 2010
*** Globescan, January 2010
The numbers
10% - Fairtrade and Fairmined gold
15% - Fairtrade and Fairmined ecological gold
Fairtrade minimum price
95% of LBMA daily fix
License fee 1.7% on wholesale value finished
Nine co-ops equalling 350+ Kilos per annum
Please contact the Fairtrade Foundation for specific details on registration and certification
Products that can carry the
dual mark
Gold Jewellery (9 cts or above, all colours)
Commemorative coins
Trophies and medals
Religious artefacts
Dual stamp
Maker’s mark
Assay mark
How to get involved
Victoria Waugh – gold account manager
[email protected]
0207 405 5942