• Sells Itself
• High Profit Margin at 100%
• High Repeat Sales
• No Middleman
• Happy Customers
Lively Motor Parts (UK Motor Factor).
"Our Best Selling Fuel Treatment…"
"Dipetane has become our best selling fuel treatment, with many of our
customers pleased with the results and insisting on Dipetane when they
repeat order fuel treatment.
This is unusual, with so many brands available, but in our experience
Dipetane builds a following which is impossible to resist".
Harry Wills
Business Development Manager
Lively Motorparts
London SW6
• Unique Worldwide
• Enhances Combustion
• Only Pre-Combustion Technology
• No Serious Competition
• Replaces All Additives
• Operate Post Combustion
• Contain Toxic Chemicals
• Come With a Hazard Warning
• Only Contains Hydrocarbons
• Cannot Alter Fuel Specs.
• Neutral Smell
• Zero Additives
• Totally Safe
• Poor Mileage
Higher Cost Of Motoring
• Incomplete Carbon Burn
• Clogged Components
• Emissions
• Fuel Freezing
Higher Risk of Failing the MOT
• Incomplete Carbon Burn
• Reduced Sulphur
• Added Biofuels
• Combustion Deposits
• Improved Engine Design
(Injectors, Valves, DPF’s)
Poor mpg
Lower Lubricity
Less Power
High Emissions
Wear & Tear
Peter Keogh & Sons Ltd.
“Since Using Dipetane We Have Not Had Any Problems”
“Our firm has been using Dipetane continuously in our diesel fuel since April 2009 in
3 John Deere Tractors, Model 7530 and in 4 diesel Jeeps in our Potato growing Farm.
Prior to using Dipetane we experienced many problems with injectors on our tractors
which had to be replaced often and cost €600 each.
These problems were brought about by carbon build up or poor combustion. Since
using Dipetane we have not had any problems.
In using Dipetane in our 4 jeeps we also noticed good improvements in our fuel
Derek Keogh
• Improving Combustion
• Improving Lubricity
• Reducing Fuel Use
• Saving Costs
• Lowering Smoke & Emissions
• Non Toxic
• Non Hazardous
• Adheres to Fuel Standards
• Maintains Engine Warranties
• 100% No Claims History
• Multiple IndependentScientific Tests
• Road Tests
• Motorist Testimonials
• Industry Testimonials
• 1 Unit of Air Contains 21 Units of
• This Oxygen fails to burn all of the
‘volatile’ Carbon Chains
• Un-burnt Fuel Left in Chamber
 Wasted Fuel
Smoke + Emissions
 Clogged Injectors, Valves & Filters
• No Additive Can Equal Dipetane
• Additives Work Post-Combustion
• Too Late in Cycle
• Dipetane Works Pre-Combustion
• This Enables Maximum Combustion
• Treats 200 Litres of Fuel
• = 4 Avg Car Tank Fills
• No Stirring Required
• Each Bottle Mark = 10 Litres
• 5 Marks = a Typical Full Fuel tank
• Up to 10%+ Fuel Saving
• Up to 50% Less Smoke
• Up to 25% Lower Greenhouse Gas Emissions
• Increased Injector, DPF, EGR Valve Life
• Longer Engine Life
Coca Cola Ireland
“Significant Fuel savings”
"After 16 years of continuous use I am pleased to state that Dipetane
treated fuels contribute to a significant net saving in fuel and
maintenance and ensure that our environmental objectives are met".
I have always monitored our MPG most carefully and continue to do
so especially in today's high-priced fuel markets. My ongoing
monitoring of MPG proves to me that the initial significant fuel
savings are still being achieved due to the use of Dipetane.
Pat Slattery
Coca Cola Ireland Transport Manager
Irish 1 Litre Sales Graph
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James Kelly
Operations Director
Virginia Fan
Marketing Support
Virginia Fan
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