Solar Powered Air Compressor
Green Air
Clean Air
Courtesy of
Jennifer B. Helmly
What is a Solar Powered
Air Compressor?
An easily accessible free air
compressor that is used to
inflate car and bike tires,
powered by a solar generator.
Tire Pressure 101
• Not many people know it, but it is important to
check tire pressure at least once a month.
• Low tire pressure creates heat and friction on
the road, which creates a drag, and forces
vehicle to work harder.
• Not properly inflating
tires can be costly for
the environment, and
your wallet.
Why is Tire Inflation Important?
• Cuts down on CO2 emissions by 1.5
tons a year
• Saves Money
• Decreases risk of car accident
Filling your tires once a month can save you:
3% on Fuel
Consumption a Year
10 Cents a Gallon
A Carnegie Mellon University study showed
Americans drive roughly 12,242 miles a year at
22.5 miles a gallon, and pay an average of $3 a
Proper tire inflation can save you 3% on gas a
year...about $432.
Solar Powered Air
Simple Sketch
of proposed
Easy Implementation
–Low Cost
–Small Project Size
–Easy Construction
–No major change to infrastructure or
• Project is of a fairly small scale and one unit
could be completed and installed within
roughly one week by a private contractor.
• Will need to order pre-fabricated stainless
steal base pieces.
• Level Concrete Base will need to be poured.
Basic Materials Used
Solar Panel Kit
Air Compressor
Galvanized Pole
Stainless steel sheet metal
SPAC Benefits JCCC
• Keeping proper tire pressure dramatically decreases
CO2 emissions.
• Free air for inflating vehicle/bike tires.
• Provides more of an incentive for campus goers to
ride a bicycle to JCCC.
• Awareness of importance of tire pressure to save
money, emissions and prevent accidents.
SPAC Benefits JCCC
-Bike Share Program
Currently Riding
Bicycles to Campus
Survey of 20 Students
When asked if they would use SPAC
Don't Care
• In less populated parking areas of selected
parking lots.
• Near bike racks.
• Frequently traveled areas of campus.
Proposed Campus Locations
Proposed Campus Locations
• Sports Parking Lot
• Galileo Parking Lot
• Clock East Parking Lot
• Parking to the east of East Parking Garage
• Commons Courtyard
• Courtyard between Carlson Center and Library
Living Walls
The Exterior of the base will be
made out of a stainless steel
“mesh” that will hold a living
Benefits of Living Wall
• Foliage pulls CO2 out of air creating cleaner air to breathe
• Aesthetically Pleasing
• Increases bee activity which
promotes pollination
• Will use indigenous plants
that use naturally supplied
Courtesy of Center for Ecology and Hydrology
Awareness Campaign
• SPAC/Tire Inflation Awareness Ad’s on
Campus Televisions.
– Free Air
– Importance of checking air pressure once a
– Potential savings from having proper air pressure
– Safety
– Decrease CO2 emission
– Locations
Estimated Budget
G-2000-Pi SolG-2000-Pi Solar Generator $2000
Estimated Budget
Rolair JC10 Air Compressor $300
Estimated Budget
• Galvanized Pole
• Sheet Metal
• Miscellaneous Expenses
• Labor
Estimated Budget Total
• $4000 Per SPAC Unit
• 6 Units at $4000 a piece =
Pro’s of SPAC and Proper Tire Inflation
• Can decrease CO2 emissions by 1.5 tons per
vehicle a year by reducing consumption of
• Can save roughly $400 a year.
• Safer Driving
• Living Wall
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