Reducing the Effects of
Global Warming
Jennifer Smith
Political Science and History Major
College of Arts and Sciences
What is Global Warming?
What causes Global Warming?
Effects of Global Warming
Tropical Storm Debby
Water Shortages
 crop damage
 drought
Health Effects
 Air Pollution
 wildfire smoke
 Extreme Heat
 Infectious Diseases
 Dengue Fever
 Lyme Disease
 West Nile virus
Politics of Global Warming
 88% of Democrats, 59% of Independents and 61% of
liberal/moderate Republicans think global warming is
happening, compared to only 28% of conservative
 82% of Democrats and 65% of liberal/moderate
Republicans support strict carbon dioxide emission
limits on existing coal-fired power plants to reduce
global warming and improve public health, compared to
only 31% of conservative Republicans
Politics of Global Warming
Mitigation Basics
 politicians
 limit water waste
 trade offs between public and private
 global level
How to reduce the problem
The 5 Step Plan
1. Set Limits on Global Warming Pollution
2. Invest in Green Jobs and Clean Energy
3. Drive Smarter Cars
4. Create Green Homes and Buildings
5. Build Better Communities and Transportation
Set Limits on Global Warming Pollution
practical, feasible limits
Clean Air Act
cuts oil imports
improves health
Invest in Green Jobs and Clean Energy
millions of JOBS
wind, solar energy
less oil imports
Drive Smarter Cars
 hybrids and plugin hybrids
 reduce oil
 save on gas
 cut pollution
Create Green Homes and Buildings
 make buildings and appliances more
energy efficient
 40% U.S. energy use, ⅓ global warming
 new energy efficient standards for new
 retrofit existing buildings
Create Green Homes and Buildings
Build Better Communities &
Transportation Networks
 more walkable, near transportation hubs
 invest in public transit
 less driving=
less pollution
=less gas money=
healthier and friendlier
Key Points
Global Warming causes many health and environmental
Invest in long-term improvements, not short-term
Encourage politicians to pass laws limiting global warming
The 5 Step Plan

Mitigation of Global Warming