Making Water flow
from the Sun
ROTOSOL: Optimum Solar Pumping
solutions by ROTOMAG
The ROTOSOL Advantage
1. Technology : Ultra High efficiency BLDC & PMDC motors
1. Experience : 15 years in solar pumping
2. Capacity : 50,000 units of surface & submersible pumps/year
3. Support : 200+ Service Partners
4. Goal : High Quality Solar Pumping Installations
Technology: Why BLDC is better ?
Efficiency comparison of AC & DC motors
Premium efficiency- Atleast 10% higher
* AC motor efficiency is as per IS:12615 for 3 HP 4P motor
Physical comparison of AC and DC pumps
Leading AC Submersible
70% lower weight, 50% lower
temperature, 300% higher
weight to torque ratio
Rotomag DC Submersible
• Height : 1120 mm
• Height : 740 mm
• Total Weight : 52 Kgs
• Total Weight : 18 Kgs
• Difficult to handle
• Easy to handle and install
• Susceptible to damage
• 300% higher torque to
weight ratio
• Efficiency : 81% (EFF2)
• 96,000 LPD @ 30 M
• Efficiency: 92%
• 105,000 LPD @ 30 M
Advantage of BLDC over AC
Early Start
• DC pumps use power directly from modules
• Start at low irradiance levels
• Inverting DC to AC causes losses
• DC pumps start early and work till late
Higher Starting Torque- reduced
chances of clogging of pump in
muddy/sandy water
• Starting torque in AC motors is 2 times
the rated torque
• Starting torque in BLDC/PMDC is 5-6
• AC pumps will stall in sandy/muddy water
• DC pumps have sufficient reserve torque
to clear the debris
Advantages of BLDC Technology
Fully encapsulated winding- cannot fail
AC Motors
• Exposed Windings
• Sand and water ingress cause damage
• Weak insulation causing drop in performance
• Considerably reduced life
Rotomag BLDC Motor
• Totally Encapsulated windings
• No effect of debris or water on winding
• Consistent performance
• Long life
Sealed Rotor- Life time Guarantee. 200% higher
torque for operation in sandy/muddy water
AC Motor
• Steel Laminations with AL rotor
• Susceptible to oxidation due to moisture
• Heavy construction
• Higher moment of inertia
• Late start early stop
• Drop in performance over time
Rotomag BLDC Motor
• SS Shaft with rare earth magnets
• No effect of moisture
• Life long guarantee of performance
• Lower weight – lower moment of inertia
• Early start late stop
Long Life Bearings. No replacement for 5 years
AC Motor
• Standard ball bearings used
• No Dampening of axial thrust
• Axial thrust causes damage
• Reduced efficiency
• Higher noise and vibration
• Contamination due to debris
• Reduced water discharge once damaged
Rotomag BLDC Motor
• Ceramic Carbon Thrust bearings used
• Effective dampening of axial thrust
• Lower noise and vibration
• Increased efficiency
• Higher resistance to contamination
• Higher MTBF
• Consistent performance
Dedicated to Solar pumping for 15 years:
How does it help ?
Rotomag’s journey in solar pumping
Vast exposure enables us to build different pumping solutions
Development and
installation of 1
HP Surface pumps
Introduction of
motors for export
and JV for AC
Installation of 2 HP
Surface pumps
4500 Nos
BLDC pumps
developed and
approved by EQDC
Development of
BLDC submersible
pumps begins
2000 Surface
pumps and 250
pumps installed
Designed for 10 years
Top Quality SS components. Premium
quality parts
Example: Submersible pumps
Range : 1 – 5 HP
Head : 100 meters
• High efficiency BLDC motor
• Encapsulated winding with Thermal protection
• SS 304 parts for long life and corrosion resistance
• Laser welded impellers for high discharge
• Thrust bearing ensures dampening of axial forces
• Compact and light weight
• Made in India – servicing and repairs possible
Ability to withstand tough usage
Designed for extreme conditions and user ignorance
Example: BLDC controllers
• IP 65 protection
• Problem conditions shown with LED’s
Sensorless dry running protection
• 250C IGBT’s used as power stage
• Overvoltage/Thermal overload protection
• To be tested as per IEC 60068-2*
Products suited for Rural India
Fail proof, no electronics
Example: Surface pumps
Range : 1, 2 & 3 HP
Head : 25 meters
•Simple 2 wire design. No controller required
• Easy to install and maintain
• High Discharge suitable for flood irrigation
• Designed for harsh Indian conditions
• More than 5000 pumps installed till date
Installations and End user training are the key
Improper foundation
Pump without foundation
Poor Installation of pump
Pump stuck in ground
Capacity: Can we meet the
market demand?
Factory capacity: 50 K pumps per year
Two plants: 1.6 lacs sq feet built up factory area
Capacity : 28000 motors & 5000 pumps/month
Semi Automatic production lines
Sophisticated test equipment
Manufacturing capability
World Class processes
Monthly Production Capacity :
PMDC Motors
AC motors & Geared motors
Surface pumps
Submersible pumps
: 8,000 units
: 20,000 units
: 2,000 units
: 3,000 units
Inhouse R & D and quality assurance
Pump testing set up
Sophisticated testing facilities for Solar pumps
Automatic testing and plotting of
pump performance curves
Solar PV simulator for
automatic computation of water
Global reach of Rotomag products
Quality validated by
TOP European
h, China,
d,UK, Italy,
Over 70% of export
revenue comes from
Germany, Switzerland &
Support: Being close to the users
Training and Service support
Professional and prompt after sales support
• Total 200 Sales cum installation and service partners to be appointed
• Regular training being provided to partners for quality installations
• Standard work instructions and training manuals provided
• Field service centers appointed to attend complaints in villages & towns
• Master service centers appointed in major cities for repair / replacement
of faulty parts
• Inhouse dedicated team for audit and supervision of installations
and Service
‘Jalmitra’ sales cum support partners
Support Partner Training Programme
Equipping ‘Jalmitras’ to solve problems
Regular training programmes being conducted to qualify ‘Jalmitras’.
Installations: Precise, Standardized and
built to last
Standardised installation process
Site Survey
Material Supply
System Installation
Site Audit
Training & Handover
•Determine the source & depth of Water
•Mark the location of PV Array
•Calculate the water requirement and system suitability with micro irrigation system
•Ensure that chosen pump and array combination is suitable for the site
• Take site pictures for record
• Schedule material supply based on the site availability
• Ensure proper packing and send material to the site with appropriate checklist
•Confirm material receipt at site and verify that all components are available
• Schedule installation based on the availability of resources & site
• Lay foundations and do the erection of structure as per WI
• Take appropriate pictures during various stages of installation
• Let the foundation cure for 3 days before mounting the PV modules
• After 3 days, mount the modules and connect the array as per WI
• Lower the pump in the bore and do the necessary connections as per WI
•Check pump operation and ensure all the functions are operating normally
•Check structure rigidity and alignment
•Check the all the connections and ensure there are no open joints
• Connect the pumping system to micro irrigation system and record the output
• Incase of flood irrigation record water output by filling a standard container
• Take site pictures for records
•Conduct a training program for the beneficiary to explain the basic operation and
features of the pumping system.
•Explain the do’s and don’ts to ensure trouble free operation
•Give information about warranty & service policy
•Hand over the instruction manuals and details of local field service center
•Complete the audit checklist and take final pictures of the site with the beneficiary
High Quality Installations
Starting point for a lifelong relationship
High Quality Installations
Water that will change their lives