Neponset River Estuary
Lynn Ficarra
General Characteristics
From Walter Baker Dam to Dorchester Bay1
7 km long2
25-250 m wide at low tide, up to 1 km at high tide2
Depth ranges from <2-4 m at low tide2
3 m tidal range3
Large portion of water in estuary
exchanged at each tide3
• Surface area 0.88 km2 at low tide,
2.17 km2 at high tide2
• River flow through dam 0.6-3.1 m3/s
Neponset River Estuary1
Tidally dominant2
Probably well-mixed
Vertical salinity
stratification unknown
• Total volume of water in
estuary unknown
• Bottom topography
Salt marsh4
– Was dominated by native Smooth cordgrass (Spartina
alterniflora) and Saltmeadow cordgrass (Spartina patens)
– Now invasive Common reed (Phragmites australis)
Spartina alterniflora
Spartina patens
Phragmites australis
– Past dredging, loss of natives, opportunity for invasives to
move in5
Habitats cont.
• Mud flats2
• Intertidal: 29% non-vegetated2
Habitat cont.
• In 1991, estuary had 311.64 acres of wetlands5
– 25.92 acres of non-vegetated wetland
– 265.67 acres of salt marsh
– 20.05 acres of common reed marsh
• But what about today?
– All remaining salt marshes degraded7
• Sediment characters unknown
• Anadromous fisheries4
– Rainbow smelt
American shad
– Herring
– American shad
• River dams shortened runs4 and pollution lead to declining
fish populations6
• Nursery4
• Hunting grounds4
Rainbow smelt
Residence Time2
• ≤1 day
Nutrient Limitation7
• Nitrogen limited
• A lot of missing data
• Outdated information
• Projects
– Remove dam to improve
fish populations
– Restore salt marshes
• Will eelgrass and oysters help?
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