British and Italian
Official Fellow of Nuffield College (on leave), Professor
of Social Theory, European University Institute
Married, two children
Ph.D in Social and Political Sciences, University of Cambridge, U.K.
Laurea in Philosophy and Social Sciences, University of Turin, Italy
Maturità classica, Liceo Classico Cesare Balbo, Chieri (TO), Italy
Chair in Social Theory, European University Institute, Florence, Italy
Official Fellow, Nuffield College, Oxford (on leave from September 2012)
1995-03 Reader in Sociology, University of Oxford, and Fellow of All Souls College
1992-95 University Lecturer in Sociology, University of Oxford, and Tutorial Fellow
of St.Anne’s College
1988-91 Senior Research Fellow, King's College, Cambridge
1984-88 Junior Research Fellow, King's College, Cambridge
1978-84 Civil Servant, Regional Administration of Piedmont, Italy
1976-77 Research Officer, Institute of Sociology, University of Turin, Italy
Niklas Luhmann Distinguished Visiting Chair in Social Theory, University of
Bielefeld (two months, dates to be decided)
Global Visiting Professorship, New York University Law School (one
semester, dates to be decided)
Humanities Center-FSI International Scholar, Stanford University (one month)
Visiting Professor, Science Po, Paris (one month)
Visiting Professor, ETH, Zurich (one week)
Professeur invité, Collège de France, Paris (one month)
Visiting professor, Science Po, Paris (two months)
Elected a Fellow, Centre for Advanced Study in the Behavioral
Sciences, Stanford University (nine months, position not taken)
Gambetta, Curriculum Vitae
Inaugural Fellow, The Italian Academy for Advanced Studies, Columbia
University, New York (ten months)
Visiting Professor in Social Organisation, Graduate School of Business
and, Department of Sociology, University of Chicago (four months)
International Fellow for the study of Southern Italy, FORMEZ
Professor of Sociology in Recognition of Distinction, University of Oxford
British Academy Research Reader
2000 -
Fellow of the British Academy
Founding Fellow, European Academy of Sociology
Ad hominem Reader, University of Oxford
Codes of the Underworld, 2010 Dorothy Lee Award for Outstanding Scholarship in
the Ecology of Culture Sponsored by the Media Ecology Association
Codes of the Underworld, 2009 PROSE Award of the American Publishers Awards
for Professional and Scholarly Excellence, Sociology & Social Work
Codes of the Underworld, listed in the New Scientist "The best books of 2009"
‘Paolo Borsellino’ Award for the Human Sciences, Accademia di Studi
Mediterranei, Agrigento, Italy
Premio Iglesias for La mafia siciliana
European Research Council, project on ‘Cooperation among strangers’
(collaborator, Principal Applicant Marco Casari)
ESRC, project on “People’s trust: A survey-based experiment” (co-applicant
John Ermisch)
Russell Sage Foundation, project on “Signalling and mimicking trustworthiness.
Taxi drivers and their customers in dangerous cities” (co-applicant Michael
Economic and Social Research Council, project on “Framing, salience and product
images” (co-applicant Michael Bacharach)
British Academy, one-year grant for a full time research assistant
ESRC, one-year grant for a full-time research assistant
Archive Européennes de Sociologie (Comité d’Honneur)
University of Michigan Press, series on ‘Economics, cognition and society’
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Rationality and Society
Journal of Modern Italian Studies
The European Sociological Review
The British Journal of Sociology
Lectures at Oxford: Introduction to sociology, Human Sciences Prelims till
1995; Sociological theory, 3rd year PPE, Human Sciences Honour School
Graduate Classes at Oxford: Sociological analysis, Decision Theory,
Trust and information, Signalling theory, Threshold models
European Science Days, Steyr, Austria – Scientific organiser of Summer
School on ‘Economics, Extra-legal Protection and Organised Crime’
European Science Days, Steyr, Austria – Scientific organiser of Summer
School on ‘Signalling theory’
Graduate classes in Advanced Research Methods, and Explanatory social
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Pavan Mamidi, Caste signalling and mimicry. University of Oxford DPhil, January 2012
Aron Szekely, The Middle Shout Loudest? Signalling and Countersignalling in Society, started
October 2010
Johanna Gereke, Social Emotions and International Labor Migration: Why individuals accept risky
employment offers?, started October 2012
Davide Morisi, The Polarizing Effect of Media Choice. How Exposure to Information Affects Opinion
and Political Preferences, started October 2012
Max Schaub, War and pro-sociality (started October 2012)
Philipp Chapkovski, Multi-agent corrupt arrangements: colleсtive bribers, hierarchical bribees, and price
setters (started October 2012)
Gambetta, Curriculum Vitae
Library Committee (12/13)
Member of selection committee, Chair in Applied Economics (2013)
Responsible Webpage (13-)
Nuffield College:
Chair of Sociology Group, Nuffield College (2008-10)
Members of various College Committees (2003 onward)
Board of electors, 3 University Lectureships and Professorship of Sociology
(2004; 2008; 2009; 2012)
Oxford Sociology Department:
Course coordinator, Master of Sociology (2002-3)
Course coordinator, Introduction to sociology (1992-7)
Examiner, MSc-MPhil course (1993-6)
Chairman, Graduate Studies Committee (1995-6)
Chairman of Examiners, MSc and MPhil in Sociology (1995-6)
Assessor, PPE Honour School Examination, Sociological Theory
Graduate Studies Committee, Sociology (1992-03)
University of Oxford:
Standing Committee, Degree in Human Sciences (1993-99)
Management Committee, Centre for Criminological Research (1993-99)
University Review Committee for Sociology (1998)
Board of the Faculty of Social studies (1995-99)
Sociology Review Committee (1998)
Board of Electors in the following: University Lectureship of Sociology (1998)
Professorship of Sociology (1999), Professorship of Criminology (2002)
Professorship of Society and the Internet (2004)
Other colleges:
Moral tutor; College advisor, St. Anne’s College (1992-95)
Academic Purposes Committee, All Souls College (1998-02)
Board of Fellowship Electors, King's College, Cambridge (1988-90)
Acting Director of Studies in Social & Political Science (1986)
American Journal of Sociology, British Journal of Sociology, European Sociological
Review, American Political Science Review, American Sociological Review, Journal of
Law and Economics, Journal of Organisation and Economic Behaviour, Rationality and
Society, National Science Foundation, PNAS, various University Presses.
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