CV Henkjan Honing [DRAFT 20141215] Name: Henkjan HONING Current Appointment: Professor of Music Cognition School: University of Amsterdam, Faculty of Humanities and Faculty of Sciences Researcher unique identifier DAI: 096739525 Date of Birth: 15 May 1959 (Hilversum, The Netherlands) Citizenship: Netherlands URL for web site: Career 2014 – … 2012 – 2014 2010-­‐2013 2007-­‐2010 1992-­‐2007 1997-­‐2003 1992-­‐1997 1988-­‐1990 Professor of Music Cognition, Faculty of Humanities and Faculty of Sciences, University of Amsterdam, NL Strategic Professor of Cognitive and Computational Musicology, Faculty of Humanities and Faculty of Sciences, University of Amsterdam, NL KNAW-­‐Muller Professor, University of Amsterdam, NL Associate Professor, University of Amsterdam, NL Senior Researcher, University of Amsterdam, NL Research Coordinator, NICI, Radboud University, Nijmegen, NL Research Fellow of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW), ILLC, University of Amsterdam, NL Research Fellow, City University, London, UK Education 1988-­‐1991 2000-­‐2001 1984 1981-­‐1984 Ph.D. Music department, City University, London, UK Management, academic leadership and coaching, Radboud University, Nijmegen, NL Composition, psychoacoustics and programming languages, Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA), Stanford University, US Composition, sound synthesis and generation, Institute of Sonology, Utrecht University, NL Fellowships and Awards 2013 – 2014 2010 – 2012 1992 – 1997 Distinguished Lorentz Fellowship, a prize granted by the Lorentz Center for the Sciences and the Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study in the Humanities and Social Sciences Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW), KNAW-­‐Muller Professorship Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW), Academy research fellowship Page 1 (of 4) Editorships I am very active as a reviewer, reviewing for journals including Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B, Topics in Cognitive Science, Cognition, Cognitive Science, PLOS ONE, Frontiers in Neuroscience, Computer Music Journal, Behaviour & Information Technology, Experimental Brain Research, Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, Leonardo and Music Theory Spectrum. I am a corresponding editor of Music Perception and Empirical Musicology Review, and an advisory editor of the Journal of New Music Research. Advisory boards I have served in several review committees of interdisciplinary research of the Dutch Science Foundation (NWO) as well as in a number of steering committees from Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW), such as the Program Committee Computational Humanities. I’m a board member of the Amsterdam Brain and Cognition initiative and prospective advisory board member of the Meertens institute (KNAW). Furthermore, I was Vice-­‐
President Elect of the European Society for the Cognitive Sciences of Music (ESCOM) from 2007 to 2009. I also serve(d) in advisory boards of several public institutions promoting music and music education, including Muziek Telt!, Papageno and the Dutch Organisation for Music Therapy (NVvMT). Finally, I have reviewed grants for most of the major funding bodies in the Netherlands, Europe, the US and Canada (NL NWO and KNAW, EU FP7 and ESF, US NSF and NIH, Canada NSERC, UK EPSRC). Representative publications I published over 150 articles in international peer-­‐reviewed journals in domains reaching from music perception, cognitive and computational musicology and music theory to experimental psychology, neuroscience and neurobiology, using a variety of theoretical, empirical and computational methods. Peer-­‐reviewed Journals (selection) Merchant, H. & Honing, H. (2014). Are non-­‐human primates capable of rhythmic entrainment? Evidence for the gradual audiomotor evolution hypothesis. Frontiers in Neuroscience, 7(274) 1-­‐8. Honing, H., Merchant, H., Háden, G.P., Prado, L. & Bartolo, R. (2012). Rhesus monkeys (Macaca mulatta) detect rhythmic groups in music, but not the beat. PLoS ONE, 7(12): e51369. Honing, H. (2012). Without it no music: beat induction as a fundamental musical trait. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, 1252, 85–91. Honing, H., & Ploeger, A. (2012). Cognition and the Evolution of Music: Pitfalls and Prospects. Topics in Cognitive Science (TopiCS) 4, 513-­‐524. Honing, H. (2006). On the growing role of observation, formalization and experimental method in musicology. Empirical Musicology Review, 1(1), 2-­‐5. Honing, H. (2006). Computational modeling of music cognition: a case study on model selection. Music Perception. 23 (5), 365-­‐376. Winkler, I., Haden, G., Ladinig, O., Sziller, I., & Honing, H. (2009). Newborn infants detect the beat in music. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 106, 2468-­‐2471. Page 2 (of 4) Books and book chapters (selection) nd
Honing, H. (2013). Musical Cognition. A Science of Listening, 2 edition. New Brunswick, N.J.: Transaction Publishers. Honing, H. (2013). The structure and interpretation of rhythm in music. In Deutsch, D. (ed.), Psychology of Music, 3rd edition (pp. 369-­‐404). London: Academic Press. Thompson-­‐Schill, S., Hagoort, P., Honing, H., Koelsch, S., Lerdahl, F., Steedman, M., Levinson, S.C., Ladd, D.R. & Dominey, P. F. (2013). Multiple Levels of Structure in Language and Music. In M. Arbib (Ed.), Language, Music, and The Brain: A Mysterious Relationship (Strüngmann Forum Reports, 10). Cambridge, MA.: MIT Press. Honing, H. (2012). Op zoek naar wat ons muzikale dieren maakt. Nieuw Amsterdam Uitgevers. Honing, H. (2011). The illiterate listener. On music cognition, musicality and methodology. Amsterdam University Press. Honing, H. (2009). Iedereen is muzikaal. Wat we weten over het luisteren naar muziek. Amsterdam: Nieuw Amsterdam Uitgevers. Desain, P., & Honing, H. (1992). Music, Mind and Machine. Studies in Computer Music, Music Cognition and Artificial Intelligence. Amsterdam: Thesis Publishers. For a complete overview see Representative Invited Presentations I have been an invited and keynote speaker at many symposia and conferences around the world. Examples include the International Conference on Music Perception and Cognition (Montréal 1996), Conference on Researching Musical Understanding (SEMPRE; Keele 2003), New Research Perspectives in Systematic and Comparative Musicology (Cologne 2005) Virtual Knowledge Studio, Royal Academy of Arts and Sciences (Amsterdam 2006), Symposium on Music, Neuroscience and Technology (Barcelona, 2007), Annual Meeting of the Experimental Psychology Society (York 2009), Montesorri conference (Rome 2012), Logic and Music Conference (Florence 2013), and the EvoMus Workshop (EvoLang, Vienna 2014), along with many other presentations at conferences and workshops in Europe and North America. Furthermore, I have served as an invited lecturer at a number of Summer Schools in, e.g., Barcelona, Plymouth and Leuven. A complete overview can be found at I have lectured to general audiences on music cognition and musicality in many different venues, including the Studium Generale program at the Universities of Utrecht, Groningen, Eindhoven, and Maastricht, and at a number of science festivals, including the Cheltenham, TEDx and World Science Festival. My work is frequently featured in the media, including national and international newspapers and magazines (NRC Handelsblad, Volkskrant, USA Today, the Guardian, Financial Times, Science News, New Scientist) and broadcast media including National Public Television and Public Radio. Several documentaries featuring my research have appeared on Dutch television. A complete overview of media attention to my research can be found at Funding Profile I received several prestigious grants in the last five years in collaboration with Leiden University (LU), Utrecht University (UU), and a consortium of KNAW research Institutes. In addition, I received several smaller grants in the Cognitive Sciences and Computational Humanities. Page 3 (of 4) Received grants (selection of the last ten years) 2013 NIAS-­‐Lorentz Center Distinguished Lorentz Fellow 2013/14; A prize granted by the Lorentz Center for the Sciences and the Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study in the Humanities and Social Sciences [one year replacement, international workshop, residential stay at NIAS, and personal prize] 2012 NWO Horizon Knowledge and Culture | New Methods for the Humanities: Empirical, Computational and Mathematical advances [With LU and consortium; PhD student and Postdoc; Total budget €2,000.000] 2011 NWO CATCH COgnition Guided Interoperability beTween Collections of musical Heritage (COGITCH) [With UU; Postdoc; Total budget €655.853] 2011 KNAW Computational Humanities Tales & Tunes: Modeling Oral Transmission [with Meertens and Fryske Academy; PhD student; Total budget €827.000] 2010 UvA-­‐CSCA The role of neural plasticity in conscious perception. CSCA-­‐consortium of Lamme, Pennartz, Smeulders & Honing (2010-­‐2013). [PhD student and Postdoc; Total budget €730.000] 2010 KNAW KNAW-­‐Hendrik Muller chair (2010-­‐2013) [Stipendium €22.500] 2007 NWO-­‐GW Music Matters: On music and the cognitive sciences (2008-­‐2009) [Stipendium €25.000] 2005 EU-­‐Fp6-­‐IST Emergent cognition through active perception (EmCAP), EU Sixth Framework – Information Society Technologies on Music Cognition (with a number of European research institutes). (2005-­‐2008.) [Postdoc and PhD student; Total budget €1,850.000] 2005 NWO-­‐GW Music as a social, psychological, and acoustical phenomenon: a cognitive revolution in musicology. NWO-­‐programme The fundamentals of the humanities. (2005-­‐
2007.) [0.8 fte; €158.000] A complete funding overview can be found at ¢¢¢ Page 4 (of 4) 

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