Curriculum Vitae
Dr. Johan Fredrik Rye
(Revised Januar 2015)
Professor. Dept. of Sociology and Political Science, Norwegian University of Science and
Technology (since 2010)
Work address: University Centre, Dragvoll, N-7491 Trondheim, Norway
Email: [email protected]
Tel.: + 47 99 27 30 88
Adjunct professorships
2013- present: Trondheim Business School, Sør-Trøndelag University College.
2008-2012: Centre for Rural Research, Norway.
Previous permanent positions
2008 -2010: Associate Professor. Dept. of Sociology and Political Science, Norwegian
University of Science and Technology.
1999-2012: Research Assistant, Researcher, and Senior Researcher. Centre for Rural
Research, Norway.
2006: Dr. polit. (Sociology), Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Thesis:
Geographic and Social Mobility: Youth's Rural-to-Urban Migration in Norway.
1999: Cand. polit. (Sociology), Norwegian University of Science and Technology.
1995: Cand. mag. (Sociology, Pedagogics, Nordic Literature, Economic-Administrative
Language), Norwegian University of Science and Technology.
Research interests
Mobilities and migration (domestic and international); Social class and ineqeuality; Sociology
of welfare; Rural sociology; Sociology of agriculture; Methodology and methods (qualitiative
and quantitative Methods)
Papers currently in review
Rye, J.F. (in print) Rural Mobilities: The Case of Second Home Visitors Becoming Permanent
Residents. Submitted to Norwegian Journal of Geography.
Rye, J.F. (in review) Transnational Labour and Precarious Work: The Informalisation and
Reformalisation of Industrial Relations in Norway’s Agricultural Industry, 2004–2014.
Submitted to Population, Space and Place.
Articles (peer reviewed)
Rye, J.F. (2014) The Western European Countryside from the Eastern European Migrant
Worker Perspective. Submitted to European Countryside 6, pp. 327-346.
Rye, J.F. (2014) Konsistente karakterer? En undersøkelse av sensor-reliabilitet i
sosiologifagetSubmitted to UNIPED 37, pp 63-77..
Rye, J.F. and F.E. Holm (2013) Utenlandsk arbeidskraft som avviklings- eller
opptrappingsstrategi? Søkelys på arbeidsmarkedet 30(3), pp. 251-271.
Rye, J.F. (2013) Mead, Berger og Luckmann og ”de signifikante andre”. Sosiologisk tidsskrift
21(2), pp. 169-189.
Farstad, M. and J.F. Rye (2013) Second Home Owners, Locals and their Perspectives on
Rural Development. Journal of Rural Studies 30(1), pp. 41-51.
Rye, J.F. (2012) En egalitær norsk hyttetradisjon? Utmark 2012(2)(unpaginated).
Andrzejewska, J. and J.F. Rye (2012) Lost in Transnational Space? Migrants Farm Workers
in Rural Districts. Mobilities 7(2), pp. 247-268.
1 Rye, J.F. (2012) ”Jeg tror jeg er tilfreds” Østeuropeiske arbeidsinnvandreres vurdering av
norske lønns- og arbeidsforhold. Søkelys på arbeidslivet 29(1-2), pp. 56-75.
Bachke, N.F. and J.F. Rye (2011) Hytteliv og arbeidsliv. Utmark 2011(1&2) (unpaginated).
Rye, S.A. and J.F. Rye (2011) Ungdom, Internett og samfunnsengasjement. Tidsskrift for
ungdomsforskning 11(2), pp. 25-47.
Rye, J.F. and N.G. Berg (2011) The second home phenomenon and Norwegian rurality. Norsk
Geografisk Tidsskrift 65(3), pp. 126-136.
Rye, J.F. (2011) Conflicts and contestations. Rural populations' perspectives on the second
homes phenomenon. Journal of Rural Studies 27(3), pp. 263-274.
Rye, J.F. (2011) Youth Migration, Ruralities and Class. A Bourdieusian Approach. European
Urban and Regional Studie 18(2), pp. 170-183.
Auken, P.V. and J.F. Rye (2011) Amenities, Affluence, and Ideology: Comparing Rural
Restructuring Processes in the U.S. and Norway. Landscape Research 36(1), pp. 63-84.
Rye, J.F. and J. Andrzejewska (2010) The Structural Disempowerment of Eastern European
Migrant Farm Workers in Norwegian Agriculture. Journal of Rural Studies 26(1), pp. 41-51.
Frisvoll, S. and J.F. Rye (2009) Elite discourses of regional identity in a new regionalism
development scheme: The case of the Mountain Region in Norway. Norwegian Journal of
Geography 63(3), pp. 175-190.
Rye, J.F. (2007) Nyetablering av sekundære arbeidsmarkeder: Arbeidsinnvandring i
landbruket. Søkelys på arbeidslivet 24(2), pp. 39-53.
Rye, J.F. (2007) Kjønnsperspektiv på flytteforskning om ungdom. BARN 2007(1), pp. 81-101.
Rye, J.F. and Arild Blekesaune (2007) The Class Structure of Rural-to-Urban Migration. The
Case of Norway. YOUNG 15(2), pp. 169-191.
Rye, J.F. (2006) Leaving the Countryside. An Analysis of Rural-to-Urban Migration and
Long-Term Capital Accumulation. Acta Sociologica 49(1), pp. 47-65.
Rye, J.F. (2006) Rural Youths’ Images of the Rural. Journal of Rural Studies 22(4), pp. 409421.
Rye, J.F. (2006) Lokal kapital og arvelig bofasthet. Rurale ungdommers bostedspreferanser.
Tidsskrift for ungdomsforskning 6(1), pp. 3-24. (English translation available on request)
Rye, J.F. (2006) Heading for the cities? Gender and lifestyle patterns in rural youth’s
residential preferences. Norwegian Journal of Geography 60(3), pp. 199-208.
Other publications (selection)
Rye, J.F. (2012) De nasjonale sosiologiske tidsskriftene i Norden: En kartlegging av status,
utfordringer og strategier. ISS-report 1/2012. Trondheim, ISS.
Rye, J.F. and M. Farstad (2011) Idyll i hyttebygda? Lokalbefolkningens perspektiver. In M.S.
Haugen and E.P. Stræte (eds.): Rurale brytninger, Tapir, Trondheim, pp. 141-160.
Almås, R., M.S. Haugen, J.F. Rye and M. Villa (eds.) (2008) Den nye bygda. Trondheim:
Rye, J.F. (2008) Sosial dumping eller sosial jumping? Utenlandsk arbeidskraft i norsk
landbruk. In R. Almås, M. Haugen, J.F. Rye and M. Villa (eds.): Den nye bygda, Tapir,
Trondheim, pp. 225-244.
Rye, J.F. (2007) 'De blir nesten som familiemedlemmer'. In Integreringskartet 2007:
Arbeidsinnvandring - en kunnskapsstatus. IMDI-report no 9-2007. Oslo: The Directorate of
Integration and Diversity, pp. 91- 97.
Rye, J.F. and A. Iversen (2005) Det 'norske’ i Amerika, Samtiden 1/2005, pp. 76-84.
Rye, J.F. (2002) Heltid eller deltid? En gjennomgang av bøndenes preferanser»
Landbruksøkonomisk Forum 4/2002, pp. 5-16.
2 Rye, J.F. (2001) Nordmenns matvarevalg: Billig og/eller bra?, Landbruksøkonomisk Forum
3/2001, pp. 5-16.
Rye, J.F. (2001) Maktkamp i melkesektoren: Hva skjedde da Finland ble medlem i EU?,
Landbruksøkonomisk Forum 1/2001, pp. 19-32.
Rye, J.F. (2000) Økonomiens betydning i landbruksbefolkningens hverdag, Landbruksøkonomisk Forum 3/2000, pp. 37-45.
In addition about 40 other shorter, non-peer reviewd papers (reports in internal series, articles,
book chapters,book reviews etc. - full list of publications available on demand).
Research projects
Currently involved in several projects on labour migration (focusing on agriculture and
fisheries), second homes, and rural development, e.g.:
Rural Mobility, Motility and Migration. Financed by NTNU. (Lead Researcher 2009-.)
The transnational local community: Exclusion or inclusion of immigrants in rural
districts? (2012-) Financed by Norwegian research council. (Project team member,
project led by Norwegian Institute for Urban and Regional Research)
Editorial experiences: Editor Member of Journal of Youth Research (Norway) (2013-2014);
Co-Editor (with Aksel H. Tjora) of Norwegian Journal of Sociology (2012), Guest Editor
(with Nina G. Berg) of Norwegian Journal of Geography’s special issue on second homes
External reviewer for 20+ journals: Acta Sociologica, ASABE, Barn, British Journal of
Sociology, Culture Unbound, Environment and Planning A, European Urban and Regional
Studies, International Journal of Social Welfare, Journal of Agricultural Science and Technology
Journal of Contemporary Family Studies, Journal of Environment Planning and
Management, Journal of Hospitality Management and Tourism, Journal of Rural Studies,
Land, Land Use Policy, Norsk Geografisk Tidsskrift, Open Social Science Journal,
Population Research and Policy Review, Rural Sociology, Scandinavian Journal of
Hospitality and Tourism, Sosiologisk tidsskrift, Southern Rural Sociology, Søkelys på
arbeidslivet, Tidsskrift for samfunnsforskning, Utmark, and Young.
External reviewer of reserach proposals for Nordic Research Councils for the Humanities and
the Social Sciences, and the Netherlands’ Organisation for Scientific Research.
External grader: University of Bergen, University of Tromsø, Norwegian University of Life
Sciences, Nord-Trøndelag University College. Member of various evaluation committees.
Board member of Norwegian Sociology Association (2009-2010) and Nordic Sociological
Association (2009-2010)
Participation (with paper) at 30+ research domestic and international conferences and
Active dissemination of research to non-academic audiences, including 45+ editorials in
Norwegian newspapers and magazines and talks for NGOs, politicians and lay audiencies.
International educational and research stays
Visiting Scholar, University of Wisconsin-Madison (2004, 2012, 2013), and University of
California-Berkeley (2012).
Summer courses in social science methods at University of Essex (1996, 2000, 2001).
Studies in Sociology at University of East London. Erasmus programme (1996-1997).
3 Currently teaching courses in social/sociological theory and research methods. Previously
thought courses in different fields, e.g. philosophy of social sciences; class and inequality;
welfare policies; policy analysis.
Currently supervising two phd-candidates and several master students. Previously supervised
10+ completed master students.