About Rethink
• Campaigning membership charity with over 8,300
• 30 year history
• Over 130 local support groups for carers and people who
use mental health services
• The largest national voluntary sector provider of mental
health services
• Information, Research, Policy Development &
• User & Carer Involvement
Rethink Community Services in
the Royal Borough of Windsor
& Maidenhead
A holistic model that supports:
• A person-centred approach
• Social Inclusion
• Recovery
• Accessible Services
• Service user involvement
• Strong Partnerships
Rethink Community Support Services
A model that provides:
• A range of opportunities for those using services
• Focuses on individual need in areas in which people
live rather than having a building based focus
• Provides support to service users to achieve
identified goals and improved quality of life
• Provide support in activities linked to leisure, social
life, faith, culture, education, vocational skills and
The Rethink model in RBWM
Providing a range of support options which are
responsive and flexible to meet changing needs and
aspirations as individuals gain confidence and skills.
One-to-One Work
Group Work
Peer Support Groups
One-to-One Work
• Generally short term goal focused work
• Supporting individuals and small groups with identified shared
goals to achieve aims identified in their Care Plans and
Individual Recovery Plans
• Use of community resources and participation in mainstream
• Tapered withdrawal in relation to individual review and
Dependent on client interest & choice
Physical activities linking with local leisure centres
Developing skills through workshops and education
in stepped venues
Used as a stepping stone to accessing community
Peer Support Groups
• Opportunities to meet with peers and gain
mutual support in welcoming and nonstigmatising setting
• Facilitation by Rethink staff or volunteers
• Also serving to signpost and linking individuals
into wider service provision and mainstream
• Offers individuals a volunteer befriender
• Increases opportunities for social involvement
through regular contact and mutually agreed
• Befrienders can support individuals to become
more confident socially by supporting them to
access local facilities
Service User Involvement,
User Led Activities & Volunteering
• Service User Involvement
Support to enable self-determination and decision making
Involvement in decision making about service
Providing feedback and reviewing service
Service Advisory Group
• User Led Activities
– Rethink encourages user led groups and activities
– Rethink will support service users to establish move on to user led
groups as appropriate
• Volunteering
– Befriending, support with group, individual work
– Volunteer Agreements, Supervision, Training
Programme (provisional)
• Peer Support Groups/
Group Work
• Maidenhead, Windsor
• Individual & Small
• RBWM All areas
• Befriending
• RBWM All areas
Underpinning Our Practice
• Individual Recovery Plans
• Community Mapping
• Rethink Policy & Procedures
– Robust referral and risk assessment
– Individual Planning
– Service User Involvement
• Rethink Quality Assurance
Managing the Transition
• Stakeholders & Partners
– Information & Consultation
– Transition Workshops
• Staff
– TUPE Arrangements
– Transition Meetings
– Linking with Rethink and Rethink peers
• That individuals will have enjoyed access to a broader range
of social, educational and life opportunities within their local
• That the specific goals of people accessing the service, as
identified in their Care Plans (CPA), will be met
• Improved quality of life for individuals
• Improved equality of access
• Reduction in stigma and discrimination

Rethink - Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead