Financial Coaching for
Training for Frontline Staff
Diana Dollar
Burst for Prosperity, Associate Director
Burst for Prosperity a research and policy initiative that develops innovative strategies for addressing
The Vision:
Building the capacity of frontline
staff to empower clients/customers to
take charge of their financial stability
The Issue:
Eliminating / Decreasing the need for
clients/customers to return for public
Shifting the nature of social service
from entitlement to empowerment
The “Solution”:
Building the skill set of frontline staff
(and agency competency) to integrate
a financial empowerment approach
The Training:
Learning Objective
Demonstrating skills that empower
clients to see their own potential to
create, build, maintain, and protect
their assets, regardless of their current
life situation
The Approach:
Asset Creation + Asset Management
+ Asset Protection
(Asset Trio©)
The Program:
• 6 full days
• 6 follow up sessions
• Certified by International Coach Federation
The Curriculum:
• Being a Coach:
professional coaching skills, strategies to integrate
coaching from a financial education perspective
• Financial Management:
controlling money, behavioral economics, financial
wheel of life, tracking spending, income generation,
financial planning, career planning…
The (Early) Results:
• Financial security = a multi-step process
• Financial goal setting + accountability critical
• Coaching unlocks fear and anxiety
• Increased success of financial tools w/coaching
• Agency structures impact integration of FC
• Income generation essential, but not always goal
The Benefits:
Burst developing a Financial Coaching Service
Delivery Model (includes training-the-trainer
and supervisory training)

Financial Coaching for Prosperity: Training for Frontline Staff