True or False: The participants
in Philip Zimbardo’s prison
study became so involved in
their role-playing that the study
had to be discontinued.
Foot-in-the-door technique
When a salesperson visits your home and
asks you to try a free sample of a cleaning
fluid, you agree. When he returns the
following week and asks you to purchase
an assortment of expensive cleaning
products, you make the purchase. The
salesperson appears to have made
effective use of what phenomenon?
Just-world phenomenon
Jimmy’s belief that most
unemployed people are to blame
for their own misfortune best
illustrates a potential consequence
of what psychological
Physical appearance
What most impacts our first
impressions of other people?
Chameleon effect
If a cluster of people stand
gazing upward, passersby will
often pause to do likewise.
This best illustrates what
psychological phenomenon?
Solomon Asch asked people to
identify which of three comparison
lines was identical to a standard
line. His research was designed to
study what psychological
Carissa insists that her boyfriend’s
car accident resulted from his
carelessness. According to
attribution theory, her explanation
for the accident attributes his
behavior to what?
True or False: Milgram’s study
showed that even ordinary people,
who are not usually hostile, can
become agents of destruction.
They will be even more convinced the
death penalty should be abolished
Individuals who believe that the
death penalty should be abolished
meet to discuss the issue.
Research on group interaction
suggests that what will happen to
the individuals’ opinions after
discussing them with each other.
Solving a crossword puzzle
On which of the following tasks would
the presence of observers be LEAST
likely to lead to better and faster
performance: raking leaves, washing
dishes, bicycle racing, reciting the
alphabet, solving a crossword puzzle
Social loafing
Blindfolded subjects were observed to
clap louder when they thought they
were clapping alone than when they
thought they were clapping with
others. This best illustrates what
psychological phenomenon?
Ingroup bias
Six-year-old Ezra believes boys are
better than girls, while 5-year-old
Arlette believes girls are better
than boys. What phenomenon do
their beliefs most clearly
The murder of Kitty Genovese
stimulated social psychological
research on what?
The situation
Caitlin concluded that her
husband was late for dinner
because he was caught in
heavy traffic. To what has
Caitlin attributed her husband’s
How we think about, influence
and relate to each other
Social psychology is
defined in terms of what
three things?
A business leader who welcomes a
variety of opinions from
subordinates and invites experts’
critiques of her company’s
developing plans is most likely to
inhibit what?
Felipe is very talkative, intelligent, assertive
and politically conservative. Research
suggests that he would be most likely to
develop a close friendship with who:
Tom, who is talkative and assertive
Thor, who is quiet and passive
Calvin, who is politically liberal and talkative
Fabio, who is talkative but insecure
Implicit prejudice
In one experiment, White respondents
typically took longer to identify words
such as paradise as “good” when the
words were associated with Blacksounding names rather than Whitesounding names. This best illustrates
what type of prejudice?
Cognitive dissonance
During a test, Abe impulsively copied
several answers from a nearby student’s
paper. He felt very uncomfortable about
having done this until he convinced himself
that copying answers is not wrong if
classmates are careless enough to expose
their test sheets. Which theory best
explains why Abe adopted this new
Administer a “shock” to another
What were participants in
Stanley Milgram’s
experiments ordered to do?
Scapegoat theory
Following 9/11, some outraged
people lashed out at innocent
Arab-Americans. This venting of
hostility can best be explained in
terms of what theory?
The other-race effect
The tendency to recall faces of
one’s own race more
accurately than faces of other
races is called what?
When New York University women
were dressed in Ku Klux Klan-style
hoods, they demonstrated
significantly more aggression. This
finding is best explained in terms
of what psychological
We explain others’ behavior in terms of
disposition and our own in terms of situation
According to the fundamental
attribution error, how does our
explanation of strangers’
behavior differ from that of our
own behavior?
Mere-exposure effect
When Mitch first heard the hit
song, “Gotta Love It,” he wasn’t at
all sure he liked it. The more often
he heard it played, however, the
more he enjoyed it. Mitch’s
reaction illustrates what
Social facilitation
Kevin Durant made 71% of his free
throw shots when alone, but he
made 80% when he was watched
by his teammates. What
psychological phenomenon does
this illustrate?
True or False: Opposites
The bystander effect
People are less likely to give aid if
an emergency occurs in the
presence of many observers. This
is known as what?
List three conditions under which
obedience was highest in
Milgram’s studies.
Person giving orders was close by and
perceived to be a legit authority figure.
Authority was from a prestigious
Victim was depersonalized or at a distance.
There were no role models for defiance.
Identify four circumstances in
which a person is most likely to
offer help during an emergency.
Person appears to need and deserve help.
Person is in some way like us.
We have just observed someone else being
We aren’t in a hurry.
We are in a small town/rural area.
We are feeling guilty.
We aren’t preoccupied.
We are in a good mood.
Give three ways in which a
group can negatively influence
an individual’s behavior.
Social facilitation (if you’re bad at
Social loafing
Group polarization