Avoiding Communication Pitfalls
That Sabotage Quality & Regulatory Goals
Dr. Manijeh Motaghy, PsyD. OMC
Organization Development Consultant
& Employee Trainer
Area of Emphasis: Mindfulness
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What is a Communication Pitfall?
Failure to send and receive messages appropriately
Ineffective, causing misunderstandings:
Mixing up Communication Functions
Lack of /Clear and shared Purpose and Goal
Inappropriate media
Lack of Mindfulness
Responding to one's own feelings instead
Lack of awareness of underlying emotional factors
Trying to stop the discomfort instead of responding
Responding to assumed agendas
Failure to obtain satisfaction
Communication Pitfalls
Responding to One's Own Feelings:
Recognition via Memory
Feeling Tone
Push Away
Killer of Happiness
Happiness Depends on It
Wrong Perception
Process of Perceiving
“Number Talk”
Process of Perceiving
What is Mindfulness?
“Mindfulness Awareness is the moment-by-moment process
of actively and openly observing one's physical, mental,
and emotional experiences.
Mindful Awareness has scientific support as a means to
reduce stress, improve attention, boost the immune
system, reduce emotional reactivity, and promote a general
sense of health and well-being.”
(UCLA, Mindful Awareness Research Center)
Mindfulness Can Be Cultivated Through Meditation
& Other Mindfulness Activities.
Mindfulness In Communication
This is what the Experts say about Mindfulness:
Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn,
Stop whatever you are doing, whether talking, planning,
trying to calm someone, worrying, feeling anxiety,
Take a breath - bring your attention to your breath,
inhale, exhale for a few seconds
Observe what is present - whether it is judgment,
chaos, a feeling of rush, anxiety, fear, sadness,
physical pain, etc. Stay with what is present and
Proceed - Giving your attention to what is present, most
symptoms of anxiety and chaos slowly disappear.
Proceed from a place of detached, neutral &
Mindfulness Meditation
Prevent Misunderstandings
Understand & use the Appropriate Communication
First, the Function of Information in communication:
Gathering data
Processing data
Communicating data
- Second, the Function of Control in Communication:
Controlling Behavior and/or Outcomes
 Creating detailed guidelines
 Clearly articulated boundaries and
 Clarifying purpose & practicality
Four Communication Functions
Third is the Function of Express Emotions in Communication:
Create a safe space for team members to express their thoughts
& emotions,(frustrations, fears, anxiety, etc.)
Cultivate the ability to see feelings & emotions behind your
statements – what does this mean?
Acknowledging feelings & emotions often helps them to quickly
Four Communication Functions
Fourth, the Function of Motivation in
Foster motivation by clarifying what needs to be
done to improve performance or process
Include a Goal setting process
Provide Feedback on progress towards goals
Model the type of behavior you are seeking
Human mind is capable of learning by watching
It helps to see what it looks like and what it feels
Four Communication Functions
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Before We Move On?
Effective Business Communication Tips:
Choose the media or tool carefully
I.e. face-to-face, phone, text, email, skype,
facebook, etc.
Understand the Population Segments
How does each segment gets its information?
What is the best mode they respond to?
i.e. using power point for this class
Be Specific – the more specific the more it meets the needs
of the audience
Business Communication 101
Be Accurate:
Inaccurate information loses its credibility
The sender of the information also loses
Watch for simple things that include grammar,
spelling and punctuation
Be Timely:
Inform the right people at the right time
Too soon or too late can be detrimental or
Business Communication 101
Be Frequent
Communicate frequently to ensure all have received it
Update information
Some leave, new team mates join and others transfer
from one role to another
Use Multi-Channel
Send through a broad variety of channels
Traditional (print, bulletin boards, meetings) to more modern
(email, blogs, social media sites, text, etc.)
Face to face is still the best mode if possible
Alternatives are video conferencing, skype, etc.
Business Communication 101
Make it Two Way
Others need to give feedback
Feedback is essential in
Incorporate Mindfulness in your messages:
Check to see if you are responding to your
feelings or the actual event – then ask:
Is it true? if yes continue – if not stop
Is it beneficial? if yes continue – if not stop
Is it timely? continue if the answer is yes to all
Business Communication 101
Mindfulness in Communication
Communication Skills for Students in Bio Science
The most valued and least emphasized in many programs.
Students should have:
Variety of writing experiences, not limited to laboratory reports.
The ability to synthesize information from a variety of sources in a clear and
organized manner
Skills to use a scientifically appropriate writing style. i.e. APA
Skills in presenting material orally
Opportunities to receive critical feedback on oral or written communications.
Note: Grad school does not teach English or writing anymore – learn it now.
Communication Skills
Communication Barriers
More on Communication
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Avoiding Communication Pitfalls