Understanding our
personality, mental and
emotional health
A self analysis tool!
Created in His Image?
God has a personality and so
He created us with a personality
as well.
God has a mind and so He
created us with a mind too!
God has a emotions, He loves,
weeps, and experiences anger,
and so He made us with
emotions as well.
You are the genius of
God’s creation…!!!
The Bible says that we are
fearfully and wonderfully made.
Psalm 119 verse 73….“Thy
hands made me and fashioned
Ecclesiastes 7 verse 29…. “God
made men upright.”
Psalm 139 verse 14…. “I am
fearfully and wonderfully made.”
The diversity of human gender,
physiology, personality etc.
Short, tall, big,
small, blonde,
black, blue, grey,
green, brown.
- language,
writing, oral,
pictographic etc.
- male, female etc.
 Race
- Asiatic, Arab,
European, Latino,
What is your personality like?
Are you the popular Sanguine?
Or the perfect Melancholy?
Or the powerful Choleric?
Or the Peaceful Phlegmatic?
 Your
Personality Profile?
Please complete the questions
sheets that develop your personality
profile and complete a quick selfexamination of who you are?
What do these terms mean?
The Popular Sanguine?
The Perfect Melancholy?
The Powerful Choleric?
The Peaceful Phlegmatic?
These terms describe a style/type of
personality and you may be one, two
or even part of three of these styles.
They help us understand ourselves
and others we know and live or work
The Popular Sanguine
An appealing personality
Talkative storyteller
Enthusiastic and Expressive
Volunteers for jobs
Inspires and charms others
Makes friends easily
The Perfect Melancholy
Deep, thoughtful, analytical
Serious and purposeful
Genius, intelligent
Talented and creative
Likes detail, charts, graphs etc
Organised, neat and tidy
Deep compassion and concern
The Powerful Choleric
Born leader, strong-willed and
Compulsive need for change
Goal oriented, organises and
delegates well
Thrives on opposition and
Usually right and has little need
for friends
The Peaceful Phlegmatic
Easy going personality
Calm, patient, well- balanced
Has administrative ability
Mediates problems
Easy to get on with
Has many friends
A good listener
Our mind and emotions have a
powerful affect on our personality!
Sometimes our emotions are so
strong they over-ride our mind and
cause us to react to people and
We need to have healthy minds and
emotions if we are going to be good
leaders and servants of Christ. Our
emotions and will need to be
submitted to Christ and His Spirit at
work in our lives.
Let’s evaluate our mental and
emotional health……?
A self-analysis exercise;
Use the sheet provided and answer the 25
Rate each question with a 1 – 5 rating. 1 being
Never and 5 being Always.
Add the total score for the 25 questions.
If your score is 65-94 that’s good but this exercise
has helped identify your low areas and to be more
holistic in your mind and emotions give attention to
these areas.
If your score is 95-114 your are an emerging leader,
well discipled and suitable as a leader/trainer of
The score 115-125 is excellent. You have a holistic
worldview and have been able to apply Biblical truth
to every area of your life.
If your scored 64 or below we will allow some time
for a personal interview to help you map a path of
Diversity in the Body of Christ
is its strength!
The Apostle Paul taught us in I Corinthians
12–14 that there are many parts to the
Body, many gifts, many ministries and
many leadership roles and styles. All are
needed, all are good.
We should view our trainee and slum
communities in the same way. Celebrate
the diversity. Male, female, mixed race,
many worldviews, religions personalities
God created diversity. God is flamboyantly
creative. It is man’s small mindedness that
seek uniformity.
Does our diversity of
personality have a purpose?
No member of the Body is complete
in themselves
We need each other
Our strengths compliment each
others strengths
This makes us into the Body of
Christ, just as the members of our
own body are diverse, but all are
Diversity makes the Church strong.
What is the goal of the
Church? A living community…
Greek word
meaning “the
mended nets”
loving, knit
relationships .
We are to knit
people together
in communities
that will love,
care, teach,
prosper etc.
To be the Bride of
To be an example
of godly, loving
community in
We need to live in
a community that
sharpens our
views, challenges
the way we do
things. A diverse
Body does that.
We sharpen one
another as we
appreciate our
The Acts Church – an example of
a strong community!
Acts 2: 41-47
Holy meals
Sincerity of heart
Sensed God’s
Sharing wealth
Great joy
Burden for souls
Evangelistic zeal
House based
Signs and
Apostolic leaders
Favor with the
The Acts Church learned to
value its diversity…..
The Acts Church started with a
mono-cultural group of people
but quickly became multicultural and that added great
strength to the early Church.
Africans, Middle Easterners,
Europeans, Asians all added
their strengths to the Body, all
became valued members.
Bringing people to maturity
Making disciples
obedience to
Developing a
motivation based
on “love”Jn13:34
Being fruitful –
John 15
leaders in the
Counting the
- Developing
healthy human
- Laying down
- Re-evaluating our
attachment to
The unified self is made in the
image of God – Genesis 1:27
We are like God with
relationships and responsibilities
over creation
- with God
- over creation
- with family
- control realms
- with others
- direct events
Trainers need these tools to
understand their trainees!
These personality, mental and
emotional health tools are helpful for
trainers to understand their
trainees/interns and help build them
into a healthy community.
When recruiting use these tools with
the potential new recruits, so your
can understand them and their
Become familiar with these tools, use
them among you family as a means
of practicing your skills.
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understanding our personality, mental and spiritual health