Adult Protection is not a
bad word…
Prince Edward Island’s
collaborative approach
to abuse and neglect
of its older adults
Jackie Doran-MacLeod, MSW,RSW
Adult Protection Consultant
PEI Department of Health
Our Service
9 designated Adult Protection Workers on PEI
• Based out of Homecare Offices
• 50% of role is Adult Protection
• Staff Profile
• 80% Social Workers
• 20% Registered Nurses
• PEI Population is 135,850 (Stats Can 2006 Census Data)
Role of the Provincial Adult Protection Consultant
•Consultation / support
•Attend complex home visits, case conferences and court proceedings
•Establish protocols and policies
•Training of frontline staff, management, and the public
•Monthly team meetings per county
•Quarterly Provincial Adult Protection Meetings
PEI – Has an aging population
Third highest proportion of seniors (65 +) in the Country
1. Nova Scotia 15.4%
2. New Brunswick 15.2%
3. PEI 15.1%
Islanders age 50+ comprise 36% of total population
PEI – Adult Protection Statistics
•140 to 150 referrals per year
•60 to 70% are over the age of 65
•40 to 50% of referrals are for self neglect
•Reminder are – financial abuse
- caregiver abuse/neglect
- emotional/verbal abuse
- physical and sexual abuse
•Our legislation also covers institutional abuse allegations
Adult Protection Act (1988)
• Protects vulnerable adults who are unable to protect themselves from
abuse and neglect
• Guiding Principles
•Least intrusive intervention
•Right to refuse assistance
•Assistance must be in the best interest of the person
• Voluntary reporting
• Confidential referrals
Adult Protection Act (1988)
Highlights cont
• Majority of cases – provide assistance to eliminate/reduce risk factors
• Rare cases go to court
•Protection Intervention Order
•Emergency Order
• Last case to court was 3 years ago
• 8 Emergency Orders in the past 18 months
• All EOs settled without a court hearing
Case examples
Helen’s Team
• AP worker and Consultant
• Family
• Community hospital/ family doctor
• Nursing home staff/ management
Other team members in PEI
• Provincial Geriatric Program
Do joint home visits with AP workers!
• Geriatric Psychiatry
Do office visits!
Other team members
• Public Trustees
• Public Guardian
• Friends and neigbours
• Senior Peer Helper Program
• Band Chiefs and Councils
Other team members
• Hospitals
• Community Mental Health Outreach Workers
• Home Care
Community based solutions
court applications
is our GOAL
Collaboration/ good relationships/ communication is key

Adult Protection is not a bad word - Mms