DCWS Background Information
• Animal welfare is a complex issue
• Growing concern for animal agriculture
• Symposium an opportunity to highlight
Canada as a leader in dairy welfare
research and education
• DCWS will be targeted towards:
Dairy Producers
International Researchers
Equipment and Animal Health Industry Personnel
DCWS Agenda
• 3 day symposium
• A variety of nationally and
internationally recognized speakers
• Submitted oral and poster
presentations on new innovative
• Hands on demonstrations on a variety of
welfare issues
• Interactive approach
• Live Webinar available
DCWS Topics
• Assessment and Guidelines for dairy
cattle welfare
• Public awareness of dairy cattle welfare
• Welfare related to dairy calf feeding,
housing and health
DCWS Topics
• Welfare implications of dairy cattle
housing management
• Welfare implications of dairy cattle
feeding management
• Management of lameness and other
health problems for dairy cattle
• Detection and management
of pain in dairy cattle
DCWS Location
• Delta Hotel in Guelph
• OMAFRA -1 Stone Road
• Clinical Skills Building
– Univ. of Guelph
DCWS Organizing Committee
Ken Leslie -University of Guelph
Trevor DeVries - University of Guelph
Amy Stanton - University of Guelph
Derek Haley - University of Guelph
Neil Anderson - OMAFRA
Marina (Nina) von Keyserlingk - UBC
Dan Weary - UBC
Ian Rumbles - CanWest DHI
Brian Lang - OMAFRA
Harold House - OMAFRA
Penny Lawlis - OMAFRA
Tina Widowski - Campbell Centre for the Study
of Animal Welfare
DCWS Partners
Contact Us
• Email: [email protected]
• Website: to be launched by Nov 30, 2011
• On Facebook

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