Meaning of life for Young African adults living in Ireland.
Evelyn Oboh (1208550), Supervisor Name: Dr.Anna Wolniak.
This study will establish what life means for young African
adults between the ages of 18-21 living in Ireland. It will try to
understand how they adjust to culture with different cultural
norms and values as well as how they view and understand the
Irish community and their place within it. Using a Qualitative
method which involves interviewing 4 females and 4 males this
study will focus on what life means to them in the context of
living in Ireland. The transcribed data was analysed using
thematic analysis. The research gives the participants an
opportunity and voice to express their experiences, different
challenges they face in their host community and methods
utilized to adjust to these challenges.
The study looked at issues which gave meanings to the
participants lives and the following topics were covered.
Arrival, education, friendship, views of the community,
family, cultural background and future plans.
. The reason for investigating this issue is the fact that before
Ireland has not experienced multiculturalism, which is a
term used to describe the changes that are taking place in Irish
society as a result of immigration. In recent times Ireland has
become one of the countries in the world that has embraced
migrants, asylum seekers and refugees from all walks of life.
African community is one of the new communities which have
emerged in Ireland in the recent Celtic Tiger era. Following
arrival in a new country, African children have to face what is
probably be their biggest challenge, and an obstacle to their
integration; language barrier and general culture and social
Qualitative research method was used in this study. This design
was chosen because qualitative research provides an approach
which describes the meaning individuals and groups give their
social and human world (Creswell, 2009, pp.4.).
This study found that many factors contributes to the
meaning of life for the participants such as maintaining
their original cultures, friendship with their Irish peers,
less discrimination in their education and achieving their
future plans. Research has shown that sources of meaning
of life were, participating in personal relationships, leisure
activities, personal growth and meeting basic and certain
cultural factors also relates to meaning of life. (Pan et el,
2008, pp.222). Most of the participant seemed to have
adapted a strategy as they live in the Irish community at
the same time still attached to their cultural backgrounds .
The aim is to establish what life means for young African
adults living in Ireland and in order to get an understanding of
their views the chosen method should be able to produce a rich
data of their perceptions. Semi-structured interviews were
utilized to make sure the interviews cover specific areas.
The sample for the research study consist of 8 African young
adults living in Ireland, 4males and 4 females. The interview
was recorded using mp3 digital recorder. Nvivo 9 software
package was used as part of the analysis process to organise
research data collected, code them and put them into different
themes for analysis. Participants were interviewed individually.
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Gill& Macmillan Ltd.

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