Cambridgeshire & Peterborough CCG
Commissioning Intentions
for 2014-15
Commissioning Intentions 2014-15
• Anticipate National priorities – due out later this month
• Service developments do we want to implement for 201415 to meet the needs of our communities
• The changes we want to make to contracts?
Commissioning Intentions 2014-15
Local CCG commissioning intentions informed by:
• Health & Wellbeing Strategy x4
• CCG Strategic Priorities x3 (Older People/EoL/CHD
• JSNAs for Cambridgeshire & Peterborough
• Local Commissioning Group Plans x8
Commissioning Intentions 2014-15
Demographic and financial context means we must seek a more radical commissioning
strategy in order to live within our allocation and continue to deliver improved access to
high quality, safe and sustainable health services for the people of Cambridgeshire and
Peterborough and North Hertfordshire during 2014-15.
- North Hertfordshire – 8.7% population growth over last 10 years (and continuing)
- increase in our older population 2010-2016
Allocation for 2014-15 and beyond yet to be finalised. Financial Baseline for Royston
Practices £25.7m for 2013/14.
We are assuming we will need to maximise our savings across all contracts in order to
meet existing needs and cope with increasing elderly population and people with long term
care conditions.
Learning from 2013/14 Initiatives
• We are currently reviewing our 2013/14 pilots and
initiatives to determine those we will continue and
mainstream in 2014/15
• For example these investments have been aimed and
preventing unnecessary hospital admissions by providing
responsive and high quality services to our older
• Multi-Disciplinary Team Working
• Acute Geriatric Intervention Service
• Intensive Nursing Support
• Intermediate Care
Commissioning Intentions 2014-15
• Commissioning Intentions issued at the end of September
• CCG Strategy letter & Trust specific letters to be sent to
• Local Commissioning Groups – to draft plans and service
developments – by the end of August
• Quality review – CQC/Regulators/Local Quality Standards
• Financial review – National funding formula
unknown/money to Las – social care
• Informatics review – significant issue for CCG planning
and contracting
Commissioning Intentions 2014-15
• Integrated Older Peoples Pathway and Adult Community
Services procurement
• Children’s services – developing strategy and potentially
joint commissioning
• Developing primary care services – the ‘primary care
• Review of pathways – for example, Musculo-skeletal
services and ophthalmology
• Integrating health and social care services – from the
patient/service user perspective
Older People Programme
• Outcome based contract
• Prevention and early support for the over 65 s
• Cohesive social and health care services – strong
integration between health provider and Hertfordshire CC
• Patients are seen and treated by the most appropriate
professional to meet their clinical needs

Cambridgeshire & Peterborough CCG