Delivering Tele-mental Health
Services in Scotland
Dr Stella Anne Clark
Clinical Lead for Mental Health Services
Tony McLaren, National Co-ordinator
NHS 24
“Success is a science; if you have the
conditions you get the result”
Oscar Wilde
• Background
• Present services
• Where we aim to be in 2015
NHS 24
• Access to unscheduled care
• Improving Health
• Improving access to services
the person
Mental Health National Learning
11th October 2012
Doreen Watson
Joint Improvement Team
Action Group - Telecare
 Almost 44,000 people
received a telecare service as
a result of TDP, over 4,000
people with dementia
 Evaluation identified that
 Supported 2500 hospital
 Avoided 8700 unplanned
 Avoided 3800 care home
 Estimated 162,000 people
with telecare / community
alarm service at March 2011
Telecare Training – NHS
North Lanarkshire Dementia Demonstrator Site
One of 3 Demonstrator Sites funded by Scottish
Improving partnership working and testing
opportunities for single system working
Partnership working with NHS Lanarkshire, North
and South Lanarkshire Councils, Tynetec, Supra UK
and the Joint Improvement Team
Kitting out the OT Department with assistive
technology and Telecare equipment
Developing a one day training session with Dementia
Champions (equipment, pathways and response to
Planning on-going buzz sessions to raise awareness
in clinical teams
Support clinical decision making and discharge
Telecare Training – NHS Education
• Post Diagnostic Support in Dementia
• Pilot Programme designed and delivered by
Alzheimer Scotland in Feb/March 2012 on
behalf of NHS Education for Scotland and
• The programme was designed on the basis of
recommendations from the Scottish Government
funded ‘Facing Dementia Together Project’ in East
Renfrewshire and Renfrewshire (2009-11), specifically
the ‘5 pillar’ model of post diagnostic support –
Understanding the illness and managing symptoms
Supporting community connections
Peer support
Planning for future care
Planning for future decision-making
Contact Details
Doreen Watson
Joint Improvement Team
Action Group - Telecare
[email protected]
Unscheduled care
Breathing Space
Unscheduled care
• mental health calls
• Suicide thoughts
• Anxiety /depression
• Dementia?
• LD?
Unscheduled Care
• Training for staff
• Information for service users
• Mental health staff
Breathing Space
• Free, anonymous, national
• Available 6pm-2am Mon – Thurs
6pm Fri until 6am Mon
• Funded by Scottish Gov & NHS 24
• Listen, advise, support and signpost
• Non-intervention but empowering
• Calls average 20 mins
Men’s 10k June 2009
• BSL Deaf Service
• Formal Partnerships
-Scottish Huntington's
-Princess Royal Trust for Carers
-MacMillan Cancer Support
-Veterans 1st point
-Glasgow’s Helping Heroes
-Motherwell FC
Breathing Space Website
•Launched October 3rd 2005
•600,000 hits Oct 05 to April
•Circa 9,000 a month
•Alternative first stop service
•Available 24/7
•BSL contact via website
Improving Access to services
• Telephone Guided
Self help (tGSH)
• Telephone CBT
• Video conference
Guided Self Help
• Nationally funded
• Self referral accepted, GP notified
• Trained coaches
• Defined model
• External and internal supervision
• 2-4 sessions per individual
CBT service
• provided by telephone
• Prof Williams’ materials
• Currently available to
-7 Health Boards
• GP and self referrals
• External Evaluation in 2010
Improving access to services
• Video conference clinics
-General Psychiatry
-Psychotherapy for Eating Disorders
-Forensic psychiatry clinics in prison
NHS 24 Mental Health Program
Improving Access to Information
• Web based information
• Digital TV
On line and digital TV
• NHS Inform website
• Digital TV
Virgin media-most common
• Alcohol brief Interventions
on line and digital TV
Conditions for success
Political Support
Vision of Clinical Leaders and academics
Telehealth Organisation established
Accessing EU funds
Expected benefits embedded into national
strategies and delivery plans
“Success is a science; if you have the
conditions you get the result”
Oscar Wilde

Workshop E - Quality Improvement Hub