IFLA Update
CDNL Meeting – Gothenburg,
12 August 2010
Ellen Tise
IFLA President
• Vision:
IFLA is the trusted global voice of the
library and information community,
and drives equitable access to
information and knowledge for all.
Strategic Directions 20102015
• Empowering libraries to enable their user
communities to have equitable access to
Equitable access to information is basic
right for everyone. Libraries are the
organisations in society that assist
citizens to exercise their right to
information. IFLA builds the capacity of
libraries to fulfill this function.
Strategic Directions 20102015
• Building the strategic capacity of IFLA
and that of its members
IFLA’s membership is essential in
building the strategic capacity of IFLA
and that of its members to strengthen the
role of libraries and library associations
in the knowledge society worldwide.
Strategic Directions 20102015
• Transforming the profile and the standing
of the profession
To sustain and to strengthen the role of
libraries in the knowledge society/digital
age IFLA works continuously on
transforming the profile and the standing
of the profession.
Strategic Directions 20102015
• Representing the interests of IFLA’s
members and their users throughout the
IFLA exists through and for its members
and their users and acts as the global
voice of libraries and library associations.
Global Arena
Building capacity and sustainability
• Broadening geographic membership to ensure
IFLA is representational;
• Increasing language content for key
• New ALP structure and focus;
• New partnerships/funding;
• BSLA – 3 x 3
• Haitian Blue Shield project
• CLM progress on the WIPO exceptions and
limitations with it now high on the agenda;
• Close watch on ACTA;
• Preparing workshops – such as copyright for
library associations;
• IPA and IFRRO partnerships
• Evidence-based research projects
• Focus on policy and guidelines and developing
workshops from these, such as Transparency
in governance, internet manifesto;
• Strategic focus for workshops (delivered
through ALP);
• Evidence-based research;
• Palestine
• Strengthening credibility and building
- endorsed policy grounded in evidence;
- Membership is truly representational;
- Strategic partners;
• CDNL one of our key partners
- Joint initiatives
- Collaboration our strength – let’s build on it!
- Look forward to working together with you over
the next year

Report from IFLA President Ellen Tise